How To Prepare For Your First Date: 18 Rules For Her And For Him

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How To Prepare For Your First Date: 18 Rules For Her And For Him
How To Prepare For Your First Date: 18 Rules For Her And For Him

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The secret to a successful date
The secret to a successful date

The young people met and made a first date. Romantic wonderful event! The guy and the girl are worried and carefully prepared for the appointed date. Each of them wants to make a good impression, fall in love with a partner, have a good time.

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The secret to a successful date is completing important points for both men and women. For a meeting to be successful, you should take it responsibly, but not overly worry. After all, this is a date! A great occasion to get to know each other better, have fun and relax.

He prepares for the meeting

Meeting point. This issue should be taken very seriously. No matter how important and cool the boy wants to seem, inviting a girl to a cafe with five hundred square meters in his pocket is extremely stupid. If you don't have a lot of finances, you can invite the young lady for a romantic walk in the park, feed them ice cream, buy cotton candy and feel like a kind of rich man

  • Punctuality. A man is obliged to come not only on time, but also in advance. Naturally, in the order of reason. Waiting for half an hour will cause fatigue and irritation of the enthusiastic suitor.
  • A neat look. No matter how an inveterate bachelor a man is, with his usual principles and views on appearance - for a date you need to shave, take a shower, use a pleasant perfume. Don't forget the importance of antiperspirant and fresh breath.
  • A healthy food lover should refrain from eating onions and garlic, brush your teeth before going out and use chewing gum. Boots polished, fresh shirts ironed, tie tied …
  • If a man takes a walk in the park or decides to visit a small cafe, do not dress up like a pretentious dandy. You need to choose a wardrobe in accordance with the destination.
  • Little surprise. A modest bunch of flowers will delight the girl and pleasantly surprise. A guy can present them with a smile and dignity, without bowing with honors, and without going into long explanations of how he wanted to please her and ran around the flower stalls.
  • Plus sociability, minus talkativeness. A man came to get to know a woman better, and this is what he should do on the first date: ask about her and talk about himself moderately.
  • The questions of the interlocutor should be given a fairly complete answer, without unnecessary details. Do not dwell on your childhood illnesses, or how in childhood he enthusiastically swallowed "goats", the stories should be funny, but decent and interesting. And what to talk about on the first date, we will tell you in the next article.
secrets of a successful date
secrets of a successful date
  • A smile is a look. The guy should smile and look his partner in the eyes, release worthy compliments, be respectful not only with the girl, but also with the people around him (waiters, janitors, children running around the park).
  • You should not let go of vulgar phrases about a magnificent bust or a lady's fifth point, even if they are enthusiastic. And, even more so, do not notice errors in the wardrobe or in appearance.
  • Control yourself. A man needs to behave with restraint, with the dignity of a prince. After all, it is the latter that the girl dreams of since childhood. The main rule for a guy on a first date is: "Don't pounce!" Not for food, not for a woman, not for pigeons with a stick running around the park.
  • No matter how seductive a lady is, a gentleman should restrain an animal impulse, calmly lead her home, and, if he is allowed, kiss her on the cheek or on the hand - this is ideal. "A cup of coffee" inevitably awaits in the future only those who behave correctly at the first meeting.
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She prepares for the meeting2

The secret of a successful date for a girl is also a few points that cannot be neglected.

Appearance. The girl must understand that she is going on a date. She should look great and not go too far. A sexy revealing outfit or a cute chintz floor-length dress and a daisy wreath are best left for another event. The wardrobe should be natural and with a touch of flavor

This rule applies to hair and make-up. Don't forget about perfume.

  • To come on time. Women love to talk about their right to be late. This rule is not spelled out in the human rights code, so the lady should come on time so as not to spoil the mood of the guy and herself.
  • Know the limits. Girls love treats so much! Being in an establishment with a generous little man, she becomes like Vovochka from the Far Away Kingdom: “I want a cake, I want ice cream …” A lady should be more modest. Best of all, the right to choose dishes is given to the man - he pays, he knows better what to count on. Also, do not include the excessive modesty of the Stepdaughter from "12 months": "Thank you, Your Majesty, I don't need anything."

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  • Monitor your speech. A guy in love likes to listen to his beloved. The girl can take advantage of this weakness and demonstrate an extensive vocabulary. With a large abundance of words, the guy will go out, as will the admiring sparkle in his eyes.
  • On the second side of the coin: the young lady modestly lowers her eyes, giving monosyllabic answers. Lord, girls have pity on the guy! Speak, but in moderation. Silly giggles and stinging remarks should be completely removed, even if a piece of parsley looks funny in your partner's teeth.
  • "No no". No matter how lonely and desperate bachelor a woman is, even if she is hungry for male attention and affection, it is not permissible to drag a guy to bed on the first date. The offer for tea should be gently rejected. Maximum intimacy at the first meeting - a passionate kiss.

Naturalness, decency, pleasant communication, charm are the secret of a successful date. With the right approach and behavior, romantic meetings smoothly move to the level of love relationships.

prepare for a date
prepare for a date

Details on how to behave on a date with a man can be found in our article below the link.

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