5 Reasons Why People Return To Their Ex

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5 Reasons Why People Return To Their Ex
5 Reasons Why People Return To Their Ex

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Cheating for many people is a very painful topic, as it took place in their lives. Cheating with the former is more painful, since the person who has been changed already considers himself a part of the life of his beloved. And he, in turn, decides to return to the previous path of relations. Or not to return, but just once again plunge into the memories of the past. And now the person is already asking the question - "why cheat with the former", because I am better, smarter, kinder, richer. What then is the reason?

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  • 1 Sex goodbye
  • 2 “I'm not guilty. He came himself "
  • 3 "My revenge will be terrible"
  • 4 "Come back, I will forgive everything"
  • 5 "It was two thousand one hundred and first day …"

Cheating with your ex is like a time machine. It will allow you to plunge into hateful feelings and return to your former passion. The main thing is not to be too painful or offensive in the morning. After all, the feeling "you have been used" goes along with treason.

Goodbye sex

A common reason for cheating. It seems that they parted, everything seemed to be settled, a new relationship had already begun, but then the former flashed somewhere. In the store, on the bus, in the feed of social networks. You close your eyes and you smell it next to you. Yes, there seems to be an understatement, or dislike. You can catch up, especially the latter. The reason is real feelings, or maybe just not cooled to the end. This is normal for our country. Many do not consider this to be treason.

"I'm not guilty. He came himself "2

But there are such "unfortunate" moments when only he alone (even if abandoned by her) can comfort and pat on the head exactly the way she loves and wants. Only he is the only one.

The reason is the partners' sensuality. The couple breaks up, but the sensual connection remains between them forever. They do not communicate for years, and then they meet with unexpected glances - and she realizes that heaven itself sent him.

Well, you can entertain yourself with such illusions or justify an emotional breakdown. But the fact will remain the fact - things done in the heat of the moment often torment the conscience for many years. If there is no guilt, everything can be done correctly. But this is only in relation to itself. For an existing partner, this will always be considered cheating.


The male scenario for the development of such events is typical for creative people who keep the images of people and attach the experienced vivid emotions to them.

"My revenge will be terrible" 3

Men know how to be offended, they accumulate offense deep in their souls. Most often, from such grievances, plans of revenge are born, which work 100%. And they seem to have parted without a scandal, the relationship is not spoiled, the feelings of guilt have passed. The girl thinks that everything is fine, she does not owe anything to anyone. And at this time, the offended partner is waiting for the personal life of the offender who abandoned him to improve.

And then, sprinkling her with compliments and offering a friendly meeting, he fulfills his plan of revenge in life. Moreover, he can humiliate, offend and hurt, trying to explain how he felt when parting. Of course, the reason for such a betrayal is one's own imprudence. Either the parting carried in itself an understatement, or the previous partner was not entirely adequate.

Cheating with exes for revenge
Cheating with exes for revenge

In women, such plans for revenge appear in the head less often. On the contrary, they are trying to prove that it will be better and cooler than with the previous partner. But it also happens that a plan of revenge appears in a cunning head and is executed according to the same scenario. And in the morning even male complexes can bring humiliation. Men do not tolerate being compared, and not in the best light.

"Come back, I will forgive everything" 4

A desperate attempt to get a relationship back. The former can prove that he is better than the current choice. All arguments are used, the first, of course, is sex. Moreover, he will surely be at the highest level and with a romantic beginning, maybe even better than the candy-bouquet period of the past relationship.

The reason for such a betrayal is the unquenchable feelings of a partner, attempts to return a loved one. The couple had a reason for parting, and if it is not eliminated, then it will be "the same rake, only in profile."

There is also a downside to this story. When provoking an ex to have sex. A girl, for example, starting a new relationship, comes to the conclusion that the ex was better. And how else will he apologize so that everything becomes clear. Or will they not apologize, but just once again have a good comparison and weigh all the pros and cons? This behavior is typical for both men and women. Everything is relative.

Exes talk about cheating
Exes talk about cheating

57% of women and 27% of men who cheated with an ex were in love with them. British Studies Polls.

"It was two thousand one hundred and first day …" 5

There is such a reason - everything is tired, worn down, boring. The couple have been together for many years, they already have children. And every year in the same place to rest. Every weekend at the same cafe. With friends we pretend that everything is fine. Houses crawled into their corners, not seeing or hearing each other. Breake down?

No, but what about the family, children. What will friends say? We remember the ex, who probably has the same story. We go to share grief with him, in an attempt to find joy. The reasons should be sought in oneself. We are looking for happiness there. Having understood yourself, by talking with your partner, you can find a way out of any situation. Cheating is a temporary pleasure, it is not an option.

Old feelings flooded
Old feelings flooded

Cheating covers up mistakes in relationships, in feelings. They are easy to justify without drawing conclusions about yourself. Why they cheat with their ex - the question is asked often, but they rarely look for a solution. It's easier to believe in "I missed you" or "I was drunk." The reasons are not only in the traitor, the reasons for all family strife are in both. After all, a family is two halves of one whole.

It happens that as a result of betrayal with the former, former relationships develop with renewed vigor. And over time they grow into strong and reliable families.

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