Who Is A Bitch Woman And How To Recognize Her True "bitchiness"?

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Who Is A Bitch Woman And How To Recognize Her True "bitchiness"?
Who Is A Bitch Woman And How To Recognize Her True "bitchiness"?

Video: Who Is A Bitch Woman And How To Recognize Her True "bitchiness"?

Video: Who Is A Bitch Woman And How To Recognize Her True "bitchiness"?
Video: Backstabbing, Gossip And Other 'Bitchy' Behavior Women Do [STUDY] 2023, March
Woman is a bitch
Woman is a bitch

Quite often you can hear a peculiar epithet "bitch" from the lips of men addressed to women. What does it matter in what hypostasis he is: husband, lover, boss, neighbor or friend. Someone is thrown, offended, disappointed and then a swarm of insults pours in. But who, in fact, is this woman - a bitch, why are they so admired and hated, wanting and abandoning, looking and not finding?

The content of the article

  • 1 How bitches are formed
  • 2 SDS syndrome
  • 3 Modification "Bitch"
  • 4 Mod "Fool"
  • 5 Modification "Bitch"
  • 6 Attention, danger!

How bitches are formed

Bitches are not born, they become. There is not a single woman who was born with the knowledge and skill of a bitch. Only after passing a certain stage of life, a woman becomes a real bitch. And many factors from outside contribute to this. Someone was disliked in childhood, someone was offended in youth, someone had an unsuccessful marriage, etc.

Men's wine

But, in addition to negative experience, the formation of bitchiness in women is greatly helped by men themselves. Many of them constantly talk about the beauty of the soul, but at the same time they look exactly at the glamorous chicks who can shake the fifth point in front of them.

No matter how they say that the main thing in a woman is her inner beauty, they themselves choose beauties from the covers of magazines. For a beautiful woman, they will give everything they have. Gifts, clubs, parties, shopping - everything rushes at the feet of the bitch.

Because a normal girl will not ask to take her urgently to the Maldives or buy her an iPhone of the latest model. A normal girl will appreciate the soul in you, the very one that you, men, seem to be looking for, but for some reason it is not there.

More useful facts about girls and relationships with them in the article at the link.

You want a beautiful, slender doe next to you, but you don't want to even think about where it came from. Any girl can become a stunning beauty, you put a lot of money in her. Therefore, when you see that in front of you is a well-groomed stylish thing, you should know that it consists of a lot of money. And this is not necessarily plastic, even a simple visit to a beautician is expensive.

Hair, makeup, clothing, shoes, lingerie and accessories all cost money. And if a girl is young, but does not have a rich dad behind her back, then where else can she get funds for her beloved. That is, it turns out that you yourself are to blame for this cycle. Demanding cool external data from a girl, comparing them constantly with women from glossy magazines, you yourself push them to this.

And yes, they become bitches, the kind of female bitch who constantly demands and demands. And how can she not demand, if you yourself have already imposed standards on her. You accustomed her to your wallet. And if you remember, we are all responsible for those we have tamed.

female bitch
female bitch

Who asked for equality

Men are outraged now and then by the equality that gave women the opportunity to become bosses, wear men's clothes, and work with them on the same level. At the same time, they never recognize the norm if a woman changes men like gloves and immediately rewards her with the title of "bitch" (bitch). Although they themselves can.

A stereotypical society allows men to have sexual partners before marriage, and no one counts how many there were, rather the opposite, the more the better. A woman cannot do this, she automatically turns into a whore. And who is a whore, that's right, a woman bitch. However, this is the position of men.

And what about the continuation of the human race. For some reason, no one tells the man that he took the child up. And such claims to a woman are quite common. But a man knows very well that there is such a thing called a condom, with which he can protect himself and her.

But no, he is lazy or the effect is not the same. And then, when a woman, left alone, brings up his child and begins to demand alimony, he shouts "bitch" how can she demand something from me. And there are millions of such examples. And yes, women become bitches and bitches because you, dear men, made them that way.

No faith in humanity

Cheating, another component of a future female bitch. The guy changed, it doesn't matter, you can forgive. Well, which of them does not go to the left, they have it in their blood, men are all like that, etc., etc. But wait a second, it's worth catching a girl cheating, and voila - she's a bitch.

female bitch
female bitch

And how does it happen, why is everything to some, and nothing to others. As a result of the fact that the husband, after a series of betrayals left the family, does not the woman's heart undergo changes? Some more. And of course, she becomes a tough, cold, calculating, selfish female bitch. Yes, probably not all of them are like that, but there are definitely a lot of them.

SDS2 syndrome

In fairness, it is worth noting that not only those women who are "forced" by fate become bitches. It's not just a sad experience in marriage that transforms a woman into a kind of villainess. There are quite a few very young girls who have chosen the path of bitches.

Today the word bitch - a bitch addressed to a woman does not sound like an insult, but rather like a compliment. You can often hear from her how she herself proudly says - I'm a Bitch. Of these, we can say that they are sick. They have SDS syndrome - a bitch, a fool, a bitch.

There is even a certain type of women who find it difficult to live happily with men, which you can read about in our article further down the link.

Modification "Bitch" 3

BITCH. - Bitch. Skillful. Seem. An angel. Who said it is unknown, but it was noticed very correctly.

As a rule, this is a beautiful, self-confident girl who is angelically charming until she starts “destroying” the object. The main goal of the bitch is humiliation. With his help, she rises herself, forcing the man to doubt herself.

female bitch
female bitch

A female bitch behaves like that.

  1. Taunts everything related to men.
  2. He constantly jokes about all his statements, and the jokes carry a very negative meaning.
  3. It gives doubt to all men's words and deeds.
  4. Sarcasm and evil irony accompanies every word spoken by a man.
  5. Even when surrounded by women, she behaves like a queen, putting her self above everyone else.

For example, a man says that he once played professional basketball. And this is what he hears in response from the bitch: “Who? You? Oh, don't make me laugh. Yeah, tell me. Where are you and where is basketball? " And stuff like that.

Or here's an example. A man somewhere at a party accidentally knocked over a glass. And this is what he can hear: “The armless idiot. I knew you were going to do something. You are always like this. You can never do anything worthwhile. Always you have everything through zh..u. " etc. etc.

Probably, this can be especially often heard in married couples, where, as they say, the wife nags her husband. Moreover, such a woman brings up her son in this style. That is, the symptoms of the bitch extend to her entire environment.

Such women watch the movie "Sex and the City" and learn how to be bitches using Samantha's example. After, having read a couple of books by Paolo Coelho, they consider themselves smart bitches. And then, after reading and seeing everything "smart", they begin to implement their new skills.

female bitch
female bitch

Dominating everyone is what they start doing right away. And as soon as it rolled around in the circle of girlfriends, the model of behavior goes to the circle of men. And the girlfriends just groan and gasp, enviously admiring how she "knocks out" another sucker. And, long live mutual responsibility, some seek to become the same.

However, a smart girl will laugh and remain smart. After some time, while the bitch girlfriend is still changing men, not finding a worthy one, she is already married and a mother of three children. And the bitch goes alone to the restaurant in search of another victim.

For only a truly wise girl understands that a man's pride, his manhood, can never be questioned. And men, who first strive to win the bitch, very soon turn their attention to a modest girlfriend, albeit not so beautiful, but caring, cozy and loving.

Mod "Fool" 4

In this case, we are not talking about those girls who do not know that Moscow is a city, not a country, although there are also such girls. No, it refers to those who have absolutely no developed self-criticism, the ability to analyze, a sound perception of situations and a sense of humor.

As a rule, the modification "fool" is the least dangerous and tragic. In principle, everyone should such girls, regardless of "why". This is their royal opinion. She will not laugh like a horse over your anecdotes. But getting out a mirror every 5 minutes to touch up your makeup, yes.

But a woman is a fool, not always a woman is a bitch, so a romantic relationship may well develop with her, without the participation of a wallet as a priority. And if you are a prince on a white horse plus a masochist, then you should go to her.

Modification "Bitch" 5

"Bitches are never fools" - I. Allegrova.

Absolutely. A bitch is a tough, self-confident, ruthless, cynical, demanding, well-groomed girl or woman. This will go over corpses if she needs something. Tears, complaints, pleas will not stop her. It makes absolutely no difference to her what a man will have to do to give her what she wants, the main thing is to do, to give it to her.

female bitch
female bitch

Girls are bitches prudent, smart and dangerous, and men like them madly. True, for the time being. They are afraid of such people, they want them, they want them. But when the time comes, they run from them to docile and calm girls. It is very difficult to start a family with a bitch and, as a rule, she will not exist for long. Only a complete nutcase can tolerate and tame her.

A woman is a bitch and a woman is a bitch, it's almost the same thing. Only the bitch twists the man, knowing that he is a "goat", and often reminds him of this. The bitch pretends that he is cool, but turns it around so that he himself does not suspect that he has become a puppet in the wrong hands.

The bitch can sleep for her own benefit or just like that with her brother or the best friend of her man or her girlfriend. The bitch will not do this, she will go in a more cunning way. A whore can be the number one bitch and bitch, but a bitch will never be a whore.

The bitch is the commander. She will demand everything, always and everywhere. The feeling of constant "something must" will accompany a man throughout the entire period of the relationship. They do not know how to love, only to use themselves for their own good.

Even in bed, the bitch only demands. She never gives anything in return. This is a vampire who may not feed on blood, but on energy, wallet and feelings for sure. Finding weak points in a partner, no matter a husband or a friend, she presses them with all her might, manipulating their life completely.

female bitch
female bitch

A woman - a bitch - a bitch brings up ideal henpecked. And so, you look at this shot called a man, and he has the look of a beaten dog, but he is "happy" because there is such a woman nearby.

Besides, the bitch is also a woman - a mystery. They say that bitches also cry, thump with grief, scream into silence and howl into the pillow. But no one has seen this yet and cannot prove it. The bitch can do anything.

Warning, danger! 6

How can a man quickly figure out the danger in the form of a woman with complete SDS syndrome or with one of these modifications? Nothing complicated.

  1. Bitch - ironic, doubts, humiliates, teaches life, mocks a man.
  2. Fool - naughty, offended, demands, asks, crushes.
  3. Bitch - requirements, requirements, requirements. Commands and demands again.

It is a big mistake to think that she is a bitch only in relation to others, and with you she is sweet and affectionate. No, over time, you will feel its shift in full force on yourself.

Meeting such ladies, you urgently need to run in the opposite direction. Men who choose outright bitches and bitches as their spouses look very strange and even funny, then begin to complain about life. Honey, you knew who you were ringing. Did you really think that you would become the one and only on the planet who could curb the bitch.

female bitch
female bitch

Only a truly wise, self-sufficient and morally strong man can be in a relationship with a bitch. Again, not for life. As soon as he feels that her bitchiness goes beyond the boundaries, he will leave her and go to the one who will bake pies with potatoes in the morning and give a blowjob in bed in the evening.

When you ask a bitch who a female bitch is, what does she say? “She is a strong, self-confident, intelligent, purposeful woman who finds it very easy to find a life partner, as everyone likes her.” Seriously?

In fact, this is a description of just a strong personality who is not afraid to be herself, she is free. That is, even here, she manages to disguise her essence, superbly manipulating others. Therefore, men, be careful, danger is always near!

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