Is It Worth Dating An Ugly Girl Or Appearance Is Not The Main Thing

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Is It Worth Dating An Ugly Girl Or Appearance Is Not The Main Thing
Is It Worth Dating An Ugly Girl Or Appearance Is Not The Main Thing

Video: Is It Worth Dating An Ugly Girl Or Appearance Is Not The Main Thing

Video: Is It Worth Dating An Ugly Girl Or Appearance Is Not The Main Thing
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Many males are accustomed to choosing only a pretty woman as their partner, but would it be so awful if you start dating an ugly girl? In this article, we will try to understand this issue.

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  • 1 Who you really don't need to have anything to do with
  • 2 Silicone Lover
  • 3 The one who constantly dramatizes
  • 4 The "rich" spirit world
  • 5 Networker
  • 6 Why try it?

Who you really don't need to have anything to do with i

Dating an ugly girl isn't all that bad if you read the following list of people who are really awkward to be around.

Silicone Lover2

Surely you have met those whose lips and breasts enter the room much earlier than she herself. Such people like to modify their appearance in all possible ways, making the bust and lips more and more each time. It's never enough for them. And being in a society with such a person can be at least uncomfortable, and at most scary.

Suddenly, all these immense forms will explode, since this is exactly the impression that is created. Today, surgeons can do a really great job of making everyone more confident, changing the shape of every possible part of the body. But to our great regret, even the most highly qualified specialists are unable to refuse their client if she wants to make her fifth size sixth.

In addition, all these silicone lovers are the same and the chance that, after going to the toilet in the restaurant and returning to the hall, you will not be able to find the one with whom you came, since the abundance of the same as her will be huge.

The one who constantly dramatizes3

Nobody likes hysterical women. Imagine that you went to a restaurant and something didn't suit her. Be prepared for instant tantrums and scandal that will be demonstrated to everyone present. A kind of free circus on the road. You will be very offended for her and for yourself that you decided to contact her at all. In addition, few people will want to introduce this to their friends and relatives. Such people immediately show their true character already at the first meeting, so it will be easy to calculate such a brawler.

Relationship with an ugly girl
Relationship with an ugly girl

The "rich" spiritual world4

In the beginning, she will make herself smart, well-read and educated with all her might. However, if you start the conversation in a different direction and ask about something that she has not yet talked about, then you can drive the lady into a dead end. You could also do a little check by asking about the authors of the books she praises so much.

It is possible that you will not receive a satisfactory answer. All this is just a mask. Thus, she is simply trying to get your attention and show that she is not a simpleton. Truly smart and well-read will not show with all their appearance that they are. On the contrary, they are indistinguishable from the rest.


Today, on social networks, you can find an incredible number of women who are trying to sell cosmetics, dietary supplements and other products over the Internet. Why is it undesirable to have something to do with such? It is possible that she will invite you to meet you, since her job is to attract new clients.

Most likely, you are interested in her not because he is pleasant on the face, but because you can buy something from her. In addition, if you don't want to wake up every day and fall asleep while talking on the phone with memorized and repetitive phrases, help promote her Instagram with goods, then this union is definitely not for you.

Date ugly
Date ugly

Why try it? 6

Not very pretty can only be like that on the outside. It is important to learn to accept her internal factors, for example, such as: mind, soul, interests. It is highly likely that this charming girl will win you over from the beginning of the conversation, when you realize that she is an interesting person and completely suits you.

If you like a person, then why not form a couple with him, despite the external data? Dating an ugly girl is not shameful. It's terrible if you are ashamed of her every time, going out somewhere together. It's low. Understand that the person is not chosen. We are all born as we are. Some have the money to fix it with plastic, while others have learned to accept themselves.

It is necessary to evaluate a person by his personal qualities, and not by his beauty. Try to understand this.

Start your experience with such a woman just by meeting her on the street or on social networks. Chat, make friends and after a while you will understand whether you are ready to start building something with her or not. As they say - trying is not torture. It will be more difficult to overcome the generally accepted stereotype that one should enter into an alliance only with outwardly pretty people.

Do I need to start a relationship with an ugly girl
Do I need to start a relationship with an ugly girl

In addition, the beauties are accustomed to the fact that they have to take care of them for a long time and expensively, spend money on various gifts and entertainment. The unsympathetic are more down-to-earth and will be glad even for simple attention from your side. With them it is simple and very easy. This will not be clear to you until you dare to at least get to know and communicate. The difference between a pathological beauty and a not very pleasant outwardly is colossal. And very often it is in favor of the second young lady.

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