How Does A Strong, Successful Man Behave? How He Chooses Women

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How Does A Strong, Successful Man Behave? How He Chooses Women
How Does A Strong, Successful Man Behave? How He Chooses Women
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strong successful man
strong successful man

No girl wants to strike up a relationship with a whiner or mama's boy. Next to the beautiful representative of the weaker sex there should be a strong successful man, with whom it is not scary to build a serious relationship and family. Both are invested in relationships, so even strong women choose partners to match. What traits does the dream man have, and what kind of girl does he want to see next to him? After analyzing the information published by psychologists by specialists in the field of family relations in Russia and America, one can answer this question.

The content of the article

  • 1 Character of a strong man
  • 2 Self-sufficiency
  • 3 Independence
  • 4 Firmness of personal opinion
  • 5 Interest only in your life
  • 6 Self-confidence
  • 7 "Sober" attitude towards women
  • 8 Female Traits That Are Attracted To Successful Men
  • 9 How to inspire a man to new achievements?

Character of a strong man

Strong is not the one who bangs his fist on the table and says: "It will be so!" In order to get the title of "successful and strong", you need to develop other traits. Psychologists of the famous magazine Cosmopolitan have identified the main qualities.


This quality has been formed since school. Parents who give their son more freedom and independence give him the opportunity to gain his own experience. He learns to find a way out of the situations that have developed in his life, and develops the ability to rely only on himself, and not on the connections of parents and other people's decisions. An adult man, if he is strong enough, solves problems (both personal and family), relying on his capabilities.


From mom, addictions, someone else's help, etc. An independent person is able to influence what happens in his life, and does not give in to this influence. Such a man asks for help only in extreme cases, because he is able to solve most of the problems himself.

Personal firmness4

A successful man cannot bend under the opinion of the public or close people, if it does not coincide with his personal. He does not make friends with influential people if they are unpleasant to him. He will not be able to work in a hated position, live with an unloved woman. A strong young man has his own opinion on everything, formed as a result of gaining life experience. You can’t call such a guy “patient”.

Strong successful man
Strong successful man

Interest only in your life5

That is, a successful representative of the stronger sex will not compare himself with anyone who is cooler, earns more or rests more. He tends to analyze his own shortcomings and get rid of them, becoming even more successful, and not think: "Why is he better?" Men who think in this way never rise high.

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Yes, successful men are always confident in their appearance. They accept themselves with flaws that they are unable to solve (for example, short stature), and they know how to emphasize their virtues.

"Sober" attitude towards women7

An accomplished man will not run after the fairer sex, even if he really likes her, humiliating his dignity. We are talking about situations when a girl clearly rejects a young man, and he compulsively offers his candidacy. A man, if he is successful and is looking for a worthy companion for himself, will choose the one who will reciprocate, but will not immediately start hanging around his neck. And then he will begin to seek her location.

These traits are inherent in all men who have achieved success in business, politics and other industries. Among men with this character, it is very rare to find those who suffer from a midlife crisis. Most often, the period of 35-40 years goes smoothly for them, or with the least manifestations of depression. Although statistics show that the crisis occurs in every second man in Russia.

Successful man
Successful man

Woman traits that attract successful men8

An accomplished guy is responsible for choosing a life partner. The main qualities that appeal to successful guys:

  1. Self-confidence.
  2. Optimism and a sense of humor.
  3. Femininity.
  4. Well-groomed.
  5. Ability to trust.
  6. Caring and kind.
  7. Manifestations of character.

A man who is confident in himself and his future cannot choose an insecure companion. Subconsciously, he will perceive this quality in his own direction, because how can a woman be confident in her man, if she is not even confident in herself? Therefore, a girl should be open and courageous, without unnecessary complexes and stiffness.

Successful young people often build a business, see prospects in career advancement. To do this, you need to think positively. When a man decides on a relationship with a girl, he is looking for an optimist who will believe in the future and learn positive lessons from negative situations. This will inspire and support him for new achievements. A sense of humor is also important in this - being on the same wavelength with a companion, it will be much easier to sail through life.

What kind of girls do successful men like?
What kind of girls do successful men like?

Such a trait as femininity attracts all men, without exception. It manifests itself not in heels and a skirt, but in behavior, gestures, manners and conversation. In appearance, a man is not the main conformity to the parameters of the figure or face. Well-groomed is important for him. It is much more pleasant to go out with a neatly dressed and always combed girl. In addition, good skin, thick hair and a pleasant complexion indicate health, which makes a girl in the eyes of a man a good mother of future children.

A woman's willingness to trust a strong shoulder is an important moment for successful men. If she doubts him all the time, and prefers to solve most of the problems herself, the union will very soon fall apart, and the man's self-esteem will fall below the plinth.

A loving wife and mother of children is a kind and caring woman. She has a sensitive heart, she is a good housewife. A successful man in business is not always as successful in everyday life. The other half will close this "hole" in his life and do everything for mutual comfort. In addition, due to his duty, he often has to meet with uncompromising people with a tough character. Therefore, a woman should be soft and affectionate, kind.

But, despite its gentleness, it is necessary to remain a person and be able to show character at the right times. Not a single young man can withstand an eternally assenting companion for a long time. A strong, successful man will appreciate it if his other half is sometimes persistent, strict, or disagreeable. Only this should be done femininely, not hysterically.

How to inspire a man to new achievements? 9

The first is a woman's strength in her weakness. This proverb, like: "A man is a head, and a woman is a neck", did not arise by chance. It is necessary to give a man the opportunity to demonstrate his strengths - physical strength, intelligence, prudence, logic. By allowing a guy to become a leader in a relationship, a girl gains freedom from having to decide something on her own and strengthens his sense of self-importance.

How to win a successful man
How to win a successful man

The second is to remain a woman. Life, cooking and cleaning are certainly important in family life, but not paramount. The priority should be the quality of the relationship with the partner. This includes communication, sex, support, mutual help, flirting. A girl needs to remain desirable for a man so that he admires her and gets everything he needs.

The third is praise and gratitude. A strong successful man will choose the one who is able to appreciate his actions. Not only with words, but also with concrete actions. And in difficult moments, she will find something to praise him for. This will inspire your partner, and he will be ready for new achievements, becoming even better.

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