The Main Psychology Of Good Relationships Between Partners

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The Main Psychology Of Good Relationships Between Partners
The Main Psychology Of Good Relationships Between Partners
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the psychology of good relationships
the psychology of good relationships

A man and a woman who decided to live together and lead a common life, one way or another, will face a violation of the boundaries of their own freedom and opinion. No matter how strong the family is, there will always be room for mutual reproaches and quarrels. The psychology of a good relationship between a man and a woman is a complex science. It is especially difficult for couples to control anger and manage conflict situations when the woman is in charge of the relationship.

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  • 2 How to avoid quarrels

Why do couples conflict

  • Divergence of opinions. This is the most common reason why a lover has a fight. From a psychological point of view, a man and a woman are two completely different beings. Due to their gender difference, their opinions often differ.
  • Fatigue. It is human nature to get tired. Therefore, it is not surprising that a tired spouse rudely answers his wife's questions.
  • Anger or bad mood. The psychology of love and relationships tells that people tend to show aggression towards those closest to them. That is, at work we are able to calmly listen to the attacks of the boss and, gritting our teeth, restrain ourselves. But when we come home, we pour out all our anger on the family.

Men are inherently less prone to conflict. This is due to the fact that they have a more stable psyche. Women, on the other hand, are often looking for a reason to quarrel. And it doesn't matter with whom.

According to statistics, the largest number of quarrels in the family falls on the spouse's premenstrual period. This is due to a sharp change in hormonal levels. Therefore, men should not take to heart the words spoken by his partner these days.

How to avoid quarrels2

Any conflict can be prevented. How to do this, we will talk further. First of all, it is important to understand what is most important in a relationship.

psychology of ideal relationships
psychology of ideal relationships

Restrain your emotions. Control your anger. Tsarina Catherine, sensing the approach of anger, took water into her mouth. This simple way helped her cope with her own emotions. If a person is not able to get the best of their emotions, most likely, he needs a consultation with a neurologist. The specialist will prescribe the necessary studies and recommend drugs that gently put the nervous system in order.

Don't screw yourself over trifles. This advice applies more to the female half of the population. It is they who are able to make an elephant out of a fly. The expression "I think less - I laugh more" is very suitable for this situation. If you listen to your partner to the end, without interrupting him, you can hear the only correct version of what is happening. In this case, you will no longer have to think out for the interlocutor.

Choose the right time to talk. Very often conflicts occur from scratch. The person flashes like a match. This is due to the fact that the timing of the serious conversation was not chosen correctly. For example, a wife should not start a conversation with her husband about the lack of money as soon as he comes home from work. Better to wait for a better moment. For more proven advice on the psychology of love, check out our article.

relationship behavior
relationship behavior

Don't insult each other. No matter how serious the quarrel is, and no matter how offensive you are now, never stoop to insulting each other. Time will pass, you will make peace, but mutual insults will forever remain in your memory.

Don't gloss over your grievances. This also applies more to women. They tend to harbor a grudge against their other half with the hope of a quick revenge. These unspoken experiences accumulate. This does not mean that a woman remembers them all day and night. She may not recall past grievances for a long time, but at the first serious quarrel, she will lay out all her trump cards at once. It is at these moments that the loudest conflicts occur.

Solve problems as they arise. This means that there is no need to think ahead. Live for today.

Don't idealize each other. Everyone noticed that after marriage, his partner changes dramatically for the worse. In fact, this is not the case. This illusion of change is due to the fact that a man in love idealizes his chosen one, he simply refuses to see the dark sides in him. And everyone has these sides. After several months of living together, when the first love subsided, we begin to look at what is happening without rose-colored glasses. Here all the flaws of a loved one are revealed.

creating a prosperous union
creating a prosperous union

Treat your partner with respect. Love is a fickle feeling. Today you are burning with passion and desire to be together, and tomorrow you wildly hate your partner. But these changes in your head shouldn't affect the feeling of respect. A careful attitude towards the chosen one is a guarantee of the absence of serious quarrels. Of course, there will be minor domestic conflicts. But grandiose scandals can be avoided.

The psychology of good relations between a man and a woman is a science subject to everyone. The main thing in a relationship is to feel your partner and try to think, first of all, about his interests.

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