How To Tell If A Man Colleague Likes You: 12 Signs

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How To Tell If A Man Colleague Likes You: 12 Signs
How To Tell If A Man Colleague Likes You: 12 Signs

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How to understand that a man colleague likes you
How to understand that a man colleague likes you

In ordinary life, the feelings of a man in love give themselves away almost immediately, but if he works in the same team with the object of his adoration, it can be difficult to determine his location. In the workplace, guys try to hide their feelings for many reasons: subordination, shyness, fear of ruining relationships or screwing up. How do you know if your male colleague likes you?

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  • 1 gaze
  • 2 Increase contacts
  • 3 Pursuit
  • 4 Is interested in your marital status
  • 5 Silly questions
  • 6 Signs up as your friend
  • 7 Shares his thoughts
  • 8 he flirts
  • 9 He remembers little things
  • 10 Communication outside of work
  • 11 Happy Holidays
  • 12 He is jealous of you
  • 13 How to respond?
  • 14 If it's the boss

You will not surprise anyone with an office romance, most people fall in love with each other at work, for example, actors who act in bed scenes, transfer them to reality and begin formal or informal relationships. Notable star examples include Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds "Green Lantern", Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield "The Amazing Spider-Man."

How does a loving man behave? Let's take advantage of the most common signs of a man in love and translate that into a work relationship.

Gaze i

This does not mean the use of special techniques, how to charm a woman with the help of a glance. It's just a common habit of looking at the object of sympathy, that is, the guy will peep at you more often than other people. His eyes are drawn to the object of sympathy.

Increase contacts2

If a man often comes up on work issues, then he needs to call from your phone, then use a computer, he can forgive something or, on the contrary, advise. It seems to you that this attention goes beyond the work area.


You begin to notice that the guy is always there, wherever you go: for a break in a nearby cafe or smoking room. A man in love is constantly drawn to the object of adoration and nothing can be faked.

Interested in your marital status4

This question is not asked directly, but in some workaround. He may ask something, ask who meets you from work, with whom you go to your friend's birthday. He will come up with some reason to find out if you are free, if this information is not freely available on social networks or on the lips of colleagues.

Do a colleague like a man
Do a colleague like a man

Silly questions5

If you notice that a colleague starts asking about very strange things that may not even concern your work activity. Do not rush to attribute to him the status of inadequacy, perhaps in this way he wants you to like you and establish contact with you.

Signs up to your friends6

The guy helps you more than others, he can cover up in front of his superiors, treat coffee, pay for lunch, help carry heavy objects. It seems that he is always at hand.

Shares his thoughts7

If he talks about his plans, ambitions, reveals his personal life. The man seeks to show how purposeful and confident he is, he wants to impress the girl.

He flirts 8

When a guy constantly smiles at you, compliments you, tries to make you laugh. If he does this only with you, and not with all the women in the team, then he likes you.

if your colleague man likes you
if your colleague man likes you

He remembers little things9

A man in love can prove himself in the fact that he remembers important information about you or not at all important. How much sugar do you put in coffee, what time did you come to work or left yesterday, details of personal stories. When a guy just begins to build communication with a girl, he remembers a lot, probably this is part of a conquest plan, because then in a relationship, men do not pay great attention to details.

Communication outside of work10

If your colleague calls you outside of working hours, writes on social networks or sms on the phone on weekends. And not necessarily in them he confesses fiery love, just shows attention, sends some jokes, news, interesting pictures. This means that he is thinking about you and cannot wait for a new day or work week. He wants to share with a loved one some important insight for himself.

Happy Holidays11

If it is customary at work to congratulate each other on the holidays, then you should pay attention to the content of his congratulations and the gift itself. When a man talks about romantic, frank things, it means more than a manifestation of sympathy. A gift can also emphasize his relationship to you, it is through presents that men are used to winning women's hearts.

to understand that a man colleague likes you
to understand that a man colleague likes you

He is jealous of you 12

This is an indirect scene of jealousy that he rolls right in the middle of the working day. But when he hears mention of other guys from you or someone talks about your men, he starts to fuss and get nervous. Jealousy began to play in him.

Important! All of the above items are meaningful only if the colleague shows attention to the first person. When a man behaves in this way with everyone, it means that he just wants everyone to like him or is a friendly and caring person, well, or a womanizer.

How to respond? 13

The girl's behavior tactics depend on personal sympathy. How do you feel about this person, whether you like his courtship or they seem intrusive. If you don't like him at all, you need to ignore his signs of attention and try not to maintain contact, you do not need to give a person empty hopes, because he also has the right to happiness.

If the guy is very nice to you, and you would like to show him that you are also interested in him. We need to take reciprocal steps. The best way is to talk in person, then you will definitely dot everything and. If the girl is shy, the status does not allow, doubts, for any reason she is not ready for such a conversation, you can try to use reciprocal methods of showing sympathy:

understand that a colleague likes you
understand that a colleague likes you
  • Take an interest in his life, ask him how the evening went, what are his plans for the weekend, what is his mood. Show that you are interested in it.
  • If he has any hobby or occupation, get involved in him, show that he hooked you with something.
  • Respond to his touch. As you know, people are nice to each other, they begin to touch the body. Physical contact always has the interlocutor.
  • Agree with him. If a guy calls you to the cinema in the evening, offers to take you home, happily agree. There you can be convinced of the correctness of your assumption. If a man compliments you, accept them and play with your eyes.

In general, reciprocate his feelings, ask for his opinion and behave the way you want. If you are already in love with this man, you need to take the first step yourself. It often happens that a man is not able to see a woman's mutual or one-sided sympathy.

If he really attracts you, take action. Even if he refuses you for some reason, there is nothing to worry about. A person acts in the interests of his own happiness, and everything else becomes secondary. Therefore, the main thing is your own personal life.

If it's the boss14

In such a situation, the coin has two sides. The chef takes a genuine interest in you. It is important to understand how you feel about him?

recognize that a colleague likes you
recognize that a colleague likes you

If this is an old ladies' man and he changes girls like gloves, even if you like him, you need to keep your distance, let him get your heart, and you will already think to agree or not.

When you categorically do not want to have anything personal, only a working relationship, in order to save a place for yourself, ignore it as much as possible and all manifestations to yourself. Don't take his courtship personally, don't show anything other than a polite "Thank you!"

If you yourself are in love with your boss and are waiting for him to start showing sympathy for you, then go to meet fate. It is better to arrange the first date outside the office, so as not to turn it into just an official affair. Better to meet on neutral territory.

This will help avoid unpleasant rumors and conversations behind your back. An affair with your boss will definitely interest your entire team. Maybe you, like Jolie and Pitt, will become the heroes of a fascinating movie, but pay attention that Jennifer Aniston is not around. A relationship with a married man in the same team has a lot of disadvantages.

if a colleague likes you
if a colleague likes you

The most scandalous romance at work between a boss and a subordinate is Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky, a clear example of how not to maintain an official relationship.

Romance between people who work in the same team is a common occurrence.

In order not to miss your happiness and notice sympathy, you need to know how to understand that your male colleague likes you. And also it is worth knowing the main signs on how to understand that a man wants you.

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