A Terrible Sentence For Her: "Not Ready For A Serious Relationship!"

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A Terrible Sentence For Her: "Not Ready For A Serious Relationship!"
A Terrible Sentence For Her: "Not Ready For A Serious Relationship!"

Video: A Terrible Sentence For Her: "Not Ready For A Serious Relationship!"

Video: A Terrible Sentence For Her: "Not Ready For A Serious Relationship!"
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Not ready for a serious relationship
Not ready for a serious relationship

The modern world is accustomed to believing that only men can avoid marriage bonds, masterly breaking the hearts of quivering girls in love. Who said that Don Juan did not have the same sister, Roxana, who would have achieved any man's heart, and remained free and independent at the same time? "Not ready for a serious relationship!" - this motto can now be found in every second woman. What to do with this and do you need to reshape yourself, submitting to the institution of marriage? Read more in this review!

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  • 1 Fashion for marriage
  • 2 Male friends
  • 3 "Flirt, flirt, flirt!"
  • 4 None!
  • 5 No tears, no regrets
  • 6 You - me, and I once again myself!

Fashion for marriage

"I'm married!" has long been sounding like a slogan of a certain special brand, under the auspices of which a good half of all women in our world march. Any innocent question, even in an art gallery, like: "Do you like this painting?" - many answer right away: “Don't you dare bother me! I'm married!". It is both wonderful and wonderful that someone found each other and happily lives in their family unit.

Why should free and independent loners suffer from this trend? All these stereotypes are imposed on us by the classical role of women in society. If you were not born a man, then be ready for family and marriage. And if not?

In order to better understand your own attitude to such a concept as a family union, you need to pay attention to some signs of your behavior. They are the ones who betray the one who is not yet ready for a serious relationship.

Male friends2

Both men and women are not ashamed to have male friends. After all, men, known for their straightforwardness, as well as their strength, and rational mind, in many situations can be more useful than a woman's friends.

not ready for relationship
not ready for relationship

But if all your friends are exclusively men who behave like your boyfriends and admirers, for example, help you with finances, give gifts with or without reason, then you need to think about it. What can be a serious relationship if there is a constant crowd of admirers around? No man will tolerate even one rival.

"Flirting, flirting, flirting!" 3

Many ladies cannot live without flirting, considering it a kind of sport that allows you to keep yourself in good shape like a pocket gym. However, the difference between these "athletes" and a girl who is not ready for a relationship is obvious: the former do not flirt constantly, but from time to time, increasing their importance in their own eyes, but the latter simply always communicate with men on a wave of light flirting.

How could it be otherwise if you don't have a permanent boyfriend yet? Suddenly someone from the oncoming-transverse and will be the very potential prince.

None! 4

Serious relationships are a part of your life that needs to be worked on every day. Such work can be enjoyable, fulfilling the work done, and can also be exhausting, like normal work responsibilities. It all depends on the nature of the problem to be solved. And very often in family life you can hear a categorical "No!" from his partner because his personal interests are affected.

Those women who are not yet ready for such a serious "job" do not accept the rejection of men in anything. Men in this case are not living people, but just good tools.

does not want a serious relationship
does not want a serious relationship

No tears, no regrets5

Women who do not yet need a permanent partner always know how to part with men easily, without possessing attachments. It's easy for them to break off the "friendship" if they suddenly did not like the tone of the last statements, or the person, having flared up, tried to return the relationship to its original level.

Out of sight of everyone who somehow does not meet the criteria for a "real" man! Moreover, this "real" copy should not have any flaws at all, but advantages … the more, the better. What kind of serious relationship can we talk about if the feelings, mood and character of a man are not taken into account at all in any context?

You - to me, and I once again to myself! 6

And the last important criterion is some kind of exchange, most often not even material, but at some subtle energy level. A woman who is not ready for a serious relationship and family will never give a man more than she receives from him.

As a rule, in this tandem, which begins with friendship, a man always opens up more, tries and spends his energy to ensure that the flame of the relationship flares up more and more. What does a woman do? He just looks from the side, sometimes moving his legs up to the fire to keep warm.

But such a fire does not burn constantly, and a man, only he alone needs to throw fuel there. And often everything burns out: both the fire itself and the man who “grows cold” towards one-sided relationships, because playing with one goal is very tiring.

girls without serious relationship
girls without serious relationship

Thus, the diagnosis: "Not ready for a serious relationship!" helps to rethink your life and find something that can be changed in order to become much happier. After all, happiness, like love, becomes much greater if you open your heart and share these feelings.

Therefore, it is important not to reshape yourself, but to understand what is important for you at the present moment of life! If you are comfortable dating without a serious relationship, do not deny yourself this.

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