How To Understand Why A Girl Does Not Give And Get Her Consent?

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How To Understand Why A Girl Does Not Give And Get Her Consent?
How To Understand Why A Girl Does Not Give And Get Her Consent?

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The girl does not give
The girl does not give

A man is by nature a conqueror and when it comes to women, he wants everything at once. In response to intimate hints, he is often rejected. Considering that he has already invested enough attention, time and money in the girl, he is waiting for his reward. A lady who refuses a man has reasons for this:

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  • 1 Wrong moment
  • 2 Friendzone
  • 3 She is perfect herself
  • 4 I'll buy you
  • 5 Have pity on me, honey
  • 6 All men are the same
  • 7 I'm not like that
  • 8 I'm a whole complex
  • 9 There are women in Russian villages
  • 10 I am a star
  • 11 you are still young
  • 12 Actions
  • 13 Methods of struggle
  1. To a specific man, for specific reasons.
  2. Because he does not see in a man exactly who needs to be given.
  3. Preserves his honor until marriage.

If you go to consult your friends, 10 out of 10 will say - look for another one that will give. And if she is the one? What if the girl doesn't give?

Wrong moment

A man who is rejected for the first time starts looking for reasons. And he sounds the alarm early, as the reasons can be ridiculously banal:

  • Not a good day. When a couple is just starting to develop a relationship, not every lady will explain the true reason for her refusal. This could be the well-known PMS or the same red day of the calendar.
  • Unshaven legs. The girl did not have time to prepare for the meeting, as she did not count on intimacy that day.
  • Linen. Sometimes it can become a reason for refusal. Principled women of fashion prefer that their first sex meeting with a partner was in the most beautiful set of lingerie. Well, or at least so that this linen is the same color (top and bottom).
  • Push up or tightening. Girls do not want to give, because they embellish their appearance with a push-up bra or tight-fitting panties. Naturally, if she knew about the upcoming sex, she would have put on other underwear. And so, she will be shy in front of a man, afraid to emphasize her "flaws".
  • The smell or dirt of a man can put off a girl. She is not alone in getting ready for sex. Excuses like "I was in the garage" are not accepted.
  • Not the topic of conversation. If a former relationship is affected, and a man begins to talk about what his exes were like, there will be no sex today.

All these reasons can serve as a reason to refuse a man. This does not mean at all that he is denied forever. You can call it a coincidence and a lack of preparation for sex. For many guys, this can undermine self-confidence, but for others, this refusal pushes even more assertiveness. And next time the girl won't have a chance to refuse.


One of the most common reasons is if a boyfriend is her friend. He expects that the girl will appreciate all the efforts addressed to her. And she just sees him as a comfortable person or friend.

Initially, if a girl is defined as a goal to achieve, you need to show her that she is not a friend, but an object of sympathy. And further relations will develop precisely from this position. But if you still managed to get into the “only friend” category, then we offer practical advice on how to get out of the friend zone, follow the link.

If the relationship went into the mainstream - "I'm everything for you, you just call me at 2 am", then this is not even friendship. She's just using the handy errand boy.

beautiful girl
beautiful girl

She is perfect3

It often happens with men who are attracted by a woman to the core. They see her as a goddess, and are ready to move mountains for her. This is certainly good, but not in the case when a man exalts a girl above himself. Then everything, write, is lost.

She will wipe her legs on him until someone opens his eyes to him. And she will not give, because it is the only thing that keeps him close to her leg. The higher a man exalts a girl, the lower he underestimates his dignity in her and in his own eyes. Who will give to nothing? No one. So you don't need to turn into it.

Should the girl seek in this case? Find out all about it in our article at the link.

I will buy you4

Now more and more often, the relationship of sale and purchase of love and sex is presented as a matter of course. For many men, the indicator of love is calculated in the finances spent, they often think that they can buy any.

If she is not like that, but a man is like that, then it is from the principle of proving that happiness is not in money, that all attempts by a man to surprise her with the size of the diamond on the ring will be disgusting for the girl. And she refuses for this very reason.

beautiful girl
beautiful girl

To be simpler and to give the girl new emotions, and not shoes, is the way out of the situation. The more positive and pleasant, the more the girl sees that she is interesting as a person, and not as a New Year tree on which sparkles are hung.

Have pity on me baby5

There is also a downside to this story, when a girl is looking for a sponsor for herself and realizes that by surrendering, she will no longer be able to manipulate a man. Sex with such ladies will have to wait until blue in the face. Therefore, it is better to immediately figure it out on the first dates and tell her Arrivederci.

  • If a girl at the very first meetings begins to talk about her financial problems and temporary difficulties.
  • If she hints that it is so hard for her financially alone in such an expensive city.
  • If she openly says that she would not refuse material support, because now she is not having the most favorable period in her life.

Such madamas can pretend to be unhappy for a long time and constantly tell the man more and more new incidents from life. The more noodles a guy has, the farther the sex is from him.

beautiful girl
beautiful girl

All men are the same6

And they need only one thing from women - sex. A phrase as old as the world. But for many girls it is still relevant, as it corresponds to many men. And often a young man who rushes like a tank on the first date gives the impression of just the same.

Therefore, the girl will refuse sex, because she does not want to be used. If the goal is to achieve and leave the girl, then it is unlikely she will still give, she, after all, has already figured out the whole plan. If the goal of the relationship is more serious, then you need to slow down and prove to the girl that the guy has the most serious plans for her.

I'm not like that7

In order not to frighten off the object of desire, men sometimes conduct conversations on a variety of topics, but not about sex. He likes the girl so much that he is afraid to scare her and inspire thoughts that he only needs intimacy. Today the guy is embarrassed to even hint at her about sex, and tomorrow he sighs heavily that she does not give him. For a girl to give, you do not need to wait - you need to take.

I'm the whole complex 8

beautiful girl
beautiful girl

A man who does not reveal the beauty and femininity of a girl through compliments and pleasant words can add complexes to the chosen one. After all, girls are still those lovers of winding rolls in their heads on the topic "I'm not beautiful."

And if a man is silent, then another roll is added to such rolls "he doesn't even tell me anything about his appearance, so I'm definitely scary." Complexes are very often the reason for refusal in the first sex.

Yes, after intimacy, the girl will no longer be ashamed of him and will begin to loosen up. To bring her to the first sex of all, then you need to pump her confidence in her beauty - more compliments (just not formulaic, like you have beautiful eyes.

And real compliments, emphasizing the dignity of a particular girl, are somehow catchy). Until she is sure that a man likes her the way she is, there will be no sex.

There are women in Russian villages9

They are not only in villages, but even in large cities. Yes, there are girls who keep their honor until the wedding, or at least until true love. If a man does not correspond to these two points, then she will not give litter. There are two ways:

beautiful girl
beautiful girl
  • Love. Well, it's understandable to fall in love with a girl. But a very important point is present, whether the man is ready to break the lady's heart after the relationship ends. Feelings should be mutual.
  • Wedding. If the feelings are sincere and real, the man will be able to understand and accept the girl's decision, and he will receive it after the wedding. There are men who are ready to promise three boxes and even give a ring to their great-grandmother just to get the one that refused in bed. After all, they are such earners, ready to do anything to win. In this case, the girl's heart will be broken again.

I'm a star10

Of course, the star has a bar. She invented a prince for herself, she herself became a princess and sits, waits. Naturally, she is pleased with male attention, she will accept gifts, and walk in the evenings with men. But there can be no question of sex, because you still need to grow to a star.

You are still young11

Sometimes in a couple people are really on different social and spiritual levels. And if the girl does not give, she waits for the man to grow up to her. She does not leave him, because there is something in him, but she cannot say directly. In general, she herself is not yet sure of the justification of such a relationship.

Here a man should take everything into his own hands - to understand what he lacks for his chosen one and of course to improve and not stand still.

For more information about why the girl gives reluctantly, we read in our article further on the link.

beautiful girl
beautiful girl


When the reasons are clarified and the man understands why the girl does not give him, it is time to start specific actions:

  • Friendzone. Leaving the friend zone is easy, but it takes time and a clear understanding that the girl deserves it. After all, it often happens that a man puts himself in order, begins to show the behavior of an alpha male to a girl, and when she already looks at him with burning eyes, he suddenly realizes that he is no longer interested in her. Everything went out and went out and I don't want to.
  • Understated self-worth is harder to notice because love is blind. If acquaintances and friends do not come to the rescue, there will be trouble. In any case, the man wonders why the girl does not give, he is looking for reasons, which means he is ready to see himself from the outside and fix the situation.
  • It's time to return to your life the usual pride, pride and notes of selfishness inherent in any normal male invader. Love her and do not forget to love and appreciate yourself.
  • To a man who believes that money can buy everything, the girl has already made it clear that nothing of the kind. Achieve her "Yes" for free. To give a girl walks in the park, going out into nature, out of town to a pond, to collect raspberries to her grandmother in the village, etc.
  • This will help the man to see the whole world anew in forgotten colors and the girl will make it clear that they are not trying to buy her as a trinket.
sexy girl
sexy girl
  • There is no point in waiting for sex from a lady who sells her communication. It's not in her best interest. Therefore, one should understand and forgive, they were and will be. Trying to change her is unlikely to succeed, because she initially showed sympathy for a man for the sake of profit. Why such not sincere relationship? She, after all, after intimacy can also come up with pregnancy.
  • A girl who thinks that men only want sex from her most likely had a not very successful relationship experience in her life. Here it should be made clear that her new chosen one is not at all like all men. He's special. Less assertiveness in private, more sincere conversations, and she herself will attack him.
  • Stop being afraid that the lady will think about the frivolity of male intentions. Touching, flirting, interest in her - a girl must understand that she is cute and desirable.
  • We treat those with complexes with compliments, love and sincerity. You can tell what the man was ashamed of in childhood, or what flaws he has, which he considers his complexes.
  • The more heart-to-heart conversations, the more in common. This means that sex and the continuation of relationships appear on the horizon.
  • You can reach the star in her ways by creating an account on Instagram and collecting a bunch of likes. Then you can compete on the basis of popularity. Although after this, some men are not interested in dummy girls.
  • If in a couple a man is actually somewhere behind, then you need to waste no time to start developing. The girl will gladly help him find new hobbies and show what she is doing well. This experience strengthens the couple's emotional bond and feelings of being in love.

Control methods 13

Improve yourself daily. Monitor your appearance, develop spiritually. They not only have sex with a girl, but also talk

beautiful girl
beautiful girl
  • Don't miss the chance, hint, touch, wink, kiss. Do not wait from her - act first.
  • If a girl gives signs of attention, reciprocate them and move to a higher level.
  • Do not humiliate yourself in front of the lady and do not run after her. This behavior is only repulsive.
  • It is not necessary from the first days of communication to become profitable for a woman financially or in terms of moral support. Such relationships turn into user relationships.

And a few more practical tips on what to do if the girl does not give, read here.

In many cases, when the girl does not give, the man is to blame. While he is waiting for an opportunity, someone successfully creates these cases himself. Of course, it is important how a man looks, because he should be worthy of his woman, how he addresses her - to be brutal, but not rude.

Women love bad guys, they will not give in to comfortable and good boyfriends, they are turned on by the unbridled energy of a male predator. The man's task is to show that he came to win and take victory.

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