Should A Guy Provide For A Girl? Opinions Of Men And Women

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Should A Guy Provide For A Girl? Opinions Of Men And Women
Should A Guy Provide For A Girl? Opinions Of Men And Women

Video: Should A Guy Provide For A Girl? Opinions Of Men And Women

Video: Should A Guy Provide For A Girl? Opinions Of Men And Women
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pointing finger
pointing finger

A few decades ago, to the question "Should a man provide for a woman?" the vast majority of people would say yes. The answer was due to the long-term traditions and foundations of society. But everything is changing, and the approach to the financial component in relationships has changed radically. This issue can be viewed from several sides.

The content of the article

  • 1 The first side is a sad reality.
  • 2 The second side is a new reality.
  • 3 The third party is humorous.

The first side is a sad reality i

Recent surveys among the population, mostly men, showed that

  • 41% said they shouldn't. And it will be better if the girl helps her man financially;
  • 21% - said that they are for economic equality (all expenses are halved);
  • 20% - said that a man should;
  • 18% - said that financial assistance is possible if the man himself wants it;

The data clearly show that a man no longer wants to be a breadwinner, breadwinner. He was tired of being exploited by women. He wants to live for his own pleasure, not caring about the financial well-being of his half. To some extent, this is the fault of the younger generation of girls, whose main life priority is to successfully marry a wealthy (this is the main condition) man in order to have:

  • own housing;
  • expensive clothes and accessories;
  • own car;
  • travel several times a year;
Should a man support a girl
Should a man support a girl

However, they do not want to give anything in return. Most of them do not know how to cook, do not want to keep their homes clean and tidy (it is better for a housekeeper to do this). In return, they simply offer the man sex! And they sincerely believe that this is enough!

But there is no smoke without fire. This category of girls appeared thanks to men. Rich men who bought them with expensive gifts or made them their mistresses (again, giving them during the relationship).

The development of the internet (mainly social media) has popularized this kind of relationship. Instagram posts with gifts, trips to a restaurant, beauty salons, etc. at the expense of a man from young non-working girls. Over time, others began to think that this should be the case for everyone. And if a man cannot provide such a lifestyle, he is not a man.

Everyone forgot about sincere relationships, love. When a man earns, provides for his woman, and she creates comfort and coziness in the house, brings up children. No one owes anyone, because such a life is harmonious for both.

There is an inverse category of men who sincerely believe that a woman is quite capable of providing for their family. The "strong" half of humanity at this time can:

  • look for yourself in creativity (in anticipation of a visit by a muse);
  • look for work in accordance with your exorbitant requests (and of course not find it);
  • get a fictitious job (after working for 1-2 weeks and quitting);
  • be depressed;
  • actively play computer games while waiting for calls from employers (resume sent out).
Contain a girl
Contain a girl

Unfortunately, none of these men will ever be able to make money. Even to support yourself. They sincerely believe that their woman is doing well on her own and should enter into their position.

And women in this situation feel sorry for the first 5 minutes. Since no one holds them forcibly. In such a family, she is the main and only breadwinner; she can dictate conditions. But she does not do this and continues to pull everything herself.

There may be several reasons:

  1. Love.
  2. The notorious "What about children without a father?"
  3. Habit.
  4. Fear.

Such men are lazy and do not change and throughout their lives are looking for a comfortable neck.

The second side is a new reality. 2

An increasing number of girls and women do not want to be provided for by men. They don't want to be owed. You can hear about situations when

  1. After 10 or more years of marriage, a man leaves for another. And a woman is left alone, often with children, without a livelihood. And all because once she was told: "I will provide for our family, why do you need to work";
  2. A jealous man in the process of a systematic psychological crush persuades a woman to leave work. At the same time, he can even love her very much and of course contain her. Over time, love passes away, irritation and reproaches remain, “I support you! You are lazy! "
  3. It happens that a man can die, die of illness, disappear without a trace. The woman, again, is left without any funds.

All these situations show how a stable and carefree life can turn into a nightmare overnight. That is why girls are so eager to find themselves in the profession.

Should a guy support his family
Should a guy support his family

Most of them are active, interested in everything new, willing to develop and provide for themselves on their own. They attract men similar in psychotype, with an active lifestyle. In such a union, the material component fades into the background. Spending is usually either split evenly or allocated in advance.

They simply cannot physically be housewives and will even jump out of the decree at the first opportunity. At the same time, everyone will be in time, since they reasonably assign a part of the household chores to the man. A man in such a family willingly spends money on his woman in order to please her, to please her. Since she understands that this is not a provision, she can do it herself.

The third party is humorous. 3

There is a category of men who need an ideal woman in all respects. She must:

  1. Be well-read and educated in various fields, interesting in conversation.
  2. She must go in for sports in order to always be fit, to please a man and make him desire at just one look at her.
  3. Be successful professionally. Earn Money.
  4. Be submissive and faithful, always defend his interests, forgetting about your own. Do not "peck" brains.
  5. Be relaxed and ready for any experiments in bed.
  6. Be a great wife and mother, try to cope with all the problems that arise on your own.
Working girl
Working girl

The list goes on for a long time. And in our time such women exist, but the aforementioned one cannot support her. Since most often he earns the minimum wage and conducts such smart conversations over a can of beer in the garage with friends. From which one can easily conclude that such different people will never build a family together.

Reflecting on the topic should or should not, it is necessary to build on one's own life principles, the desired family model. It often coincides with the family model in which the man grew up.

If a man earns good money, does not want to start a family, but only wants entertainment and a free life, then he will quite enjoy having a girl of free morals by his side. The exchange of a pleasant intimate pastime for money or material values will suit both. And there is nothing to be ashamed of, because everything happens without compulsion.

If a man believes that a woman should work and contribute to the family budget, then such a desire is also appropriate in the modern world. He can easily find a life partner for himself.

Should a girl work
Should a girl work

If a man wants to fall in love and subsequently provide for a woman, receiving in return love, warmth, comfort in the house - then this is his right. There will be a couple for him. The main thing is that both are aware of the full responsibility of such a decision (especially a man).

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