You Will Be Given A Second Chance If You Are Bad In Bed And Perfect In IT

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You Will Be Given A Second Chance If You Are Bad In Bed And Perfect In IT
You Will Be Given A Second Chance If You Are Bad In Bed And Perfect In IT

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Oral satisfaction
Oral satisfaction

Mistakes in bed are truly awful. At this moment, you want to sink into the ground. It would seem that there is nothing worse than this, especially if you are just starting out, and a misfire in sex can be decisive. This may cheer you up, but women are willing to forgive all the unpleasant moments that are allowed in bed. But on one condition. You must be able to build a meaningful, interesting, engaging conversation.

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  • 2 What is a priority for women?
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  • 4 Unexpected survey result
  • 5 The importance of cunnilingus and blowjob

However, there are many other factors ahead of sex in terms of importance to relationships. Suddenly? Still would.

Researching i

An interesting experiment was carried out in the USA, Florida. During it, one and a half thousand men and women openly shared their preferences in the opposite sex. They should have placed the important aspects in the relationship in descending order - from the most important to the secondary. The result was more or less expected, but no one thought it would come out almost unanimously.

What is a priority for women? 2

The research team surveyed one and a half audiences in the EU and the US about bedroom compromises to determine how important sex is in long-term relationships. Many of them expressed that sex is an important component of any adult relationship, but not the determining one, as was commonly believed until now.

The overwhelming majority of women who responded led the researchers to conclude that "communication is considered key in building partnerships." Sex is certainly important, but it is not the key aspect. That is, a person should be able to support, find the right words at the right time, cheer, console.

communication instead of sex
communication instead of sex

For example, when the electricity in your house is cut off in the evening, you, being together at home, will not even notice it. Talking about the important and empty, jokes, and other communication will brighten up the evening much better than the night of love. Because women love with their ears - don't forget about that.

How important is communication for men3

It is generally accepted that guys are not very talkative. Especially when there is an opportunity to do something more entertaining. In the media, a "balabolka" woman is considered intolerable. Society still thinks in canons and clichés, which is why no one would have thought that it is very important for 72% of men that a woman is an excellent communicator.

Have you noticed that men who say that in women they are attracted by a figure with stunning curves, elastic booty and breasts, most often associate life with those who are far from their ephemeral ideal? Yes, they like to look at it, but they will live with a person, and not with separate parts of his body.

Unexpected survey result4

Oddly enough, but the results of the survey were stunned by their unpredictability. Not only did communication come first in importance among both genders, sex turned out to be even less important than romance, health, and optimism. However, there were also results that did not surprise anyone. All respondents agreed that they are crazy about oral sex. America was clearly not revealed to us, but the exact numbers became known.

sex or intercourse
sex or intercourse

The importance of cunnilingus and blowjob5

Oral sex is the preferred way for many to get an orgasm. Who would have thought, but in some matters it can become a determining factor. So, both men and women, would date those who do not shine in penetrative sex, but can deliver oral satisfaction. Almost 73% of women would give a chance to a man who knows how to please with his mouth. For comparison, among guys this percentage is higher - 86%.

From all this information, one general conclusion can be drawn: in the end, a satisfying relationship will depend on oral talent in every sense of the word.

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