What Does Henpecked Mean And Why Do Men Become Them?

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What Does Henpecked Mean And Why Do Men Become Them?
What Does Henpecked Mean And Why Do Men Become Them?

Video: What Does Henpecked Mean And Why Do Men Become Them?

Video: What Does Henpecked Mean And Why Do Men Become Them?
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man under heel
man under heel

Dividing the whole world into two halves will always lead to confrontation. According to the laws of Japanese philosophy, the yin and yang energies should be in balance, but more and more often they outweigh the first, personifying the feminine principle. The fact that men are the weaker sex were recognized even by themselves, or maybe they just agreed so as not to run into a showdown.

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  • 1 What, why and why
  • 2 Sweet addiction
  • 3 Gentlemen prefer to obey
  • 4 The Amazons didn't die out, they were reborn

What, why and why i

The very definition of weakness is seen as a lack of strength, loss of tone, lack of life motivation. So why has nature generously rewarded the representatives of flora and fauna with the same opportunities to allow unequal behavior of individual individuals?

  • Physiologically, boys are born stronger, they have a wide back, a narrow pelvis, and powerful limbs. Even according to legends from the Bible, Adam was created just like that for agricultural work, to cultivate the land to feed his family. And girls, in particular Eva, on the contrary, have narrow shoulders and back, but a wide bottom - the structure of a triangle and all her work was to create a favorable atmosphere for procreation.
  • According to its chemical composition, men produce the hormone testosterone more, it is responsible for endurance, muscle development, skeletal system, sexual arousal. With age, it is produced less, after 45 years, an acute deficiency is observed in 40%. Therefore, activity falls, mood changes, menopause sets in. During which adult men, trying to prove their sexual power, leave the family, have mistresses, usually younger, sometimes make irreparable mistakes. Testosterone is also produced in women for sexual desire, but to a much lesser extent.

Taking into account all the psychological attitudes received by boys in their youth, they must correspond to the traditional vision of parents. Be brave defenders of the weak, support yourself and your immediate family, make independent decisions, understand cars and other male wisdom, become an example for your children. But this rarely happens, dreams diverge from reality. Many of these functions have been taken over by girls

Sweet addiction2

The twenty-first century can be safely called the henpecked century. Behind a rather humiliating definition, wonderful, economic men are hiding, knowing them, few people dare say such an insult to their face. Because it will hurt not only him, but also the woman who dominates the relationship.


With the phrase a man of the weaker sex, the image of a small slender creature looms in the mind, who drags bags from the supermarket, or the whole weekend digs in the garden, growing chrysanthemums. Only with reality it has nothing to do. The henpecked man looks gorgeous, stylishly dressed, wears a good perfume, drives a decent car, and spends his vacation on the seaside. Because the strict wife closely monitors hygiene and fashion trends, as she comes out with an untidy, unkempt gentleman.

This is contrary to the principles of a diligent hostess. His companion is a beautiful woman who knows her own worth, but she can be a bitch, but stunning. He appreciates her superiority and is afraid of losing, therefore he makes concessions, trying to please in everything. Such a couple makes up a quite strong union, she will not allow a divorce, at least until the younger children graduate from university. And where then can you find such a lover who will meet you from work, cook dinner, and please in bed.

Of course, it is impossible to constantly be under the yoke of dependence, there are breakdowns, spree, but after several weighty arguments or finely built blackmail, the prodigal husband will prefer to return to his queen. Psychologists say that the future henpecked women were brought up by powerful women, the influence on the fragile children's nervous system was so significant that it turned into an addiction. Perhaps the young man was not allowed to make decisions on his own, even on trifles.

Is it good to be henpecked
Is it good to be henpecked

Mom made sure that the hat was put on, the porridge was eaten, the lessons were perfectly completed, any extracurricular activities only after approval of their expediency, even the choice of friends was strictly controlled, and suddenly bad boys would be caught and drawn into the company of drug addicts. Growing up did not add freedom, on the contrary, vigilance increased, because a son may fall in love with a girl from a dysfunctional family. Then goodbye to the dream of brilliant grandchildren.

Having brought up what seems like a wonderful man, my mother seeks to marry him by acquaintance with the daughters of her friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Some try to escape from care and go to all the trouble, losing blessings and possibly inheritance, but most go on about, because a weak mother's heart can not withstand conflicts, therefore, from one caring hands, an adult boy falls into others. Where the young spouse will conduct an orientation on the terrain, prioritize, lay the life routes along which they will go to a ripe old age.

If this situation suits both, then they are happy and no matter what the evil envious people say. Studies have shown that in couples one loves, and the other less dependent allows himself to be loved.


  1. Calm measured life, because a woman is engaged in solving global issues
  2. Well-groomed - panties, socks, shirts are always available
  3. Proper nutrition
  4. Health care
  5. A clear division of work and rest
  6. Regular sex
  7. Decent work
  8. Cozy home, completely renovated
  9. Decent car for mushroom picking
  10. Mutual friends, mostly married couples
  11. Country plot for growing crops and picnics
  12. Quiet happy old age
  13. Children raised in a complete family
  14. The opportunity to practice your favorite hobby
  15. Satisfied mother - son in good hands
  16. Bonus - pets
Modern henpecked
Modern henpecked

Gentlemen Prefer to Obey3

Even many great men were dependent on strong women, let alone mere mortals. Peter himself, the first great emperor, bowed his head before his second wife, Catherine, because only she could calm the migraines and fits of rage that overwhelmed the king. Although the rest of the retinue scattered in horror, fearing the leader's wrath. Leaving on long campaigns, Peter wrote to her sincere letters, bored, affectionately calling her a friend of the heart.

From contemporaries, an example of the ideal henpecked is Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev, the former president of the Soviet Union. He made all political decisions only after coordination with Raisa Maksimovna, they went to all meetings together. They wrote jokes about this, told stories, but did not harm the relationship of two loving people.

Currently, popular actors, singers, filmmakers openly call themselves men who are under the rule of their beloved friends and wives. They flaunt this fact by telling how wonderful life is when a public person who has many fans, at home turns into an obedient phlegmatic partner.

The promotion of such a relationship does not go in vain, every year the number of couples where the wife is the leader is increasing. According to statistics, 66% of the stronger sex are attracted to powerful ladies, and at the age of 30 - 34, 71% do not mind starting dating more active girls. 35% agree to have sex with "bad" girls, and 18% agree to communicate only if their friends have a sense of humor.

Weaker sex
Weaker sex

Read more about the differences between a strong and a weak man in the article at the link.

The Amazons are not extinct, they are reborn4

The position of the man of the weaker sex was determined, they are comfortable, comfortable, warm and dry, but how does a woman feel? How long will she be able to tolerate a nearby adult child, for whom it is necessary to solve problems?

By her nature, she wants at least sometimes to lean on a solid shoulder and not only to relax, not thinking about tomorrow to have fun. However, worries are pouring in as if from a cornucopia: unfinished repairs, crafts to school, parenting committee, savings for vacation, parental support. It is also good if the spouse does not drink bitter, but financially helps, making a feasible contribution to the family budget. And if the first option, then drag it on yourself until the end of days? Because, after parting, he will finally get drunk, cursing his useless life in which women are the cause of all troubles.

To break the chain of addictions, you need to take a responsible approach to the issue of educating the younger generation. Boys are taught independence so that they do not give in to difficulties, and, proving their own importance, they solve the assigned tasks without outside help. Being in the euphoria of childhood interferes with a real outlook on life. Growing up they do not know how to pay the bills, how much groceries cost in the store, why they need to protect themselves, how to feed the child.

Infantilism reaching the point of helplessness. But girls are taught everything, suddenly it will come in handy. Dads are proud when their daughter shoots a gun, drives a car, swears amusingly, defeats hooligans in the yard, has something to brag about in a men's company. And later they wonder why they are not tidied up, the clothes are sloppy, they smell like smoke. Only it's too late to punish, in response you can run into obscene language.

Men - weaker sex
Men - weaker sex

I wish there were fewer such cases, but they do exist. The situation is twofold in some families, everything ends well, a favorable atmosphere, mothers command the rest meekly obey, in others scandals and quarrels occur, sometimes ending in crime. Therefore, it is better to agree in advance who is in charge. Or by joint efforts it strives to create a strong social unit.