Brutal Alpha Male, Who Is This? Behavior And Habitat

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Brutal Alpha Male, Who Is This? Behavior And Habitat
Brutal Alpha Male, Who Is This? Behavior And Habitat
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man with a beard
man with a beard

It doesn't take much to describe alpha in theory. It seems that for most it would be enough to post photos of a typical macho on the sites. It would be too easy. So who is this alpha male? If we are talking about the definition, the most obvious, it seems, is the alpha male, which follows from Wikipedia - this is the male in animals, playing the role of the leader of the pack.

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  • 1 Sociability
  • 2 Alpha male sees schematics
  • 3 The alpha male is the leader
  • 4 The alpha male is a great lover for women and a great friend for men
  • 5 Animal instinct
  • 6 What are the characteristics of an alpha male?
  • 7 Where do alpha males come from?
  • 8 Alpha male physicality

An alpha male is a man who in a given place and time is the most important, so to speak, a leader in society. Everyone wants to meet him - both women and men. The alpha male has no competition because he creates positive noise around himself. When the alpha male starts to say something, everyone listens only to him. His opinion is always the main thing, and what is most interesting, he knows about it. The alpha male chooses where he will be most of the time and with whom. All decisions are made by him.

A number of features of the alpha male:

Sociability i

Alfach is a sociable person. This is just one of its many characteristics. An alpha male doesn't even have to be the first to start a conversation - others will. He knows how to establish extraordinary contact with strangers. It takes a lot of practice to learn this.

lion head
lion head

The alpha guy looks at a woman out of habit, sometimes even quite coldly, which catches many of the fairer sex. An alpha male doesn't have to be the most talkative. He knows women inside and out and is very well versed in what they like, because for his great experience, he met quite a few girls.

Alpha male sees schemes 2

The task of a sociable person is not the ability to talk to other people, but the subconscious perception of schemes in people and the corresponding reaction to everything that happens. It sounds cruel. But just looking at how people who have conducted thousands of negotiations speak on the phone, it becomes clear that conversations are conducted without much emotion. They are people of business, business, they are good actors.

Such men already know how a person will react, therefore, they are sociable. It is neither emotional nor exciting. This is just another typical schema conversation. Alpha men are very cynical, but at the same time they remain very optimistic, which, in turn, is quite difficult to combine.

The alpha male is the leader 3

man with a cat
man with a cat

How many very attractive guys with beautiful bodies are rich? Large majority. At least 90% accurate. Guys become alpha males just because they are leaders. Because such guys are confident in themselves, everyone around them loves them, they clearly and precisely know what they need and how to achieve it. Alpha males are leaders because they know how to connect with every person. Such people know how to lead others, easily achieve success in the army and sexual relations.

A person becomes a leader at the moment when people want him to join their company, when they respect his decisions and choices. People around tell stories about themselves in which this very person is directly involved. Sometimes it happens that an alpha man breaks certain rules or laws in order to get what he wants. In other words, he does everything to achieve his goal, because if you want to succeed in life, you will have to break some rules.

man with mustache
man with mustache

Women always tell others about such a guy badly, just to lull competitors. Despite this, every lady still longs to meet such a man.

There are no alpha males born - some just achieve this much faster than others, however, each of them learns from their mistakes and their experiences. They are not capricious at all, absolutely everyone can rely on them.

Alpha male is a great lover for women and a great friend for men4

Many young people of our time have a wrong perception of the concept of "Alpha male". Almost everyone considers themselves alpha males. It can be called as an abbreviation of Ch.S.V. - Sense of Self Importance. What is it? This is the ego that leads guys to brag about how great they are, but in fact belong to the category of men who for the most part do not respect absolutely anyone and are nothing.

man push up
man push up

Such men are very hypocritical. Plus, they don't care where they work and how much money they have, because they can't tell themselves the truth about how terrible and insignificant they are. Quite often you can hear such guys brag about being successful with women, but they are not. Usually they come up to meet girls when they are very drunk, when the so-called “drunken courage” turns on in their heads. And women, for the most part, are led by drunken stories about a wonderful life and pockets full of money, without even noticing how they themselves are going straight into the trap.

Only now, due to the fact that such guys are not "alpha males" at all, after a while girls begin to use sexual blackmail in relationships, if they, of course, have begun. That is, at a certain moment, for a man, everything changes, and he himself begins to give the woman all his money, becomes her "tame cat", he offers housework, and does everything that his chosen one will order in order to eventually receive sexual intimate caresses from her.

After a short time, such a man begins to treat his girlfriend differently: he insults her, complains about life and, of course, scatters a large amount of negativity on the rest of the female population. He wanted to use the girl, but since he really is nothing, they used him.

As for the real alpha male, he knows that he is not ideal. Knows that everything needs to be earned and does not complain. Alfach enjoys his life, regardless of the present. He may even lose a lot of money, but he knows that this is only a transitional period. The alpha man also knows that life would be too boring if everything was always nice and tidy. The alpha male understands this and knows that being honest with himself will make him happy. The alpha male is not ruled by the ego. He is driven by admiration, curiosity and a desire to learn and self-develop. This is exactly what the alpha male is.

Also, if we go deeper into history, it was customary to call animals of the male alpha males. However, more and more often this term can be heard in the sociological aspect of a person - a man, a strong, independent, dominant leader - a person of the XXI century.

Animal Instinct 5

Among animals, alpha males (the name comes from the first letter of the Greek alphabet) are males who lead others, play the role of a leader, and enjoy a high position in the pack.

They are found among many species of animals, including mammals, primates and carnivores. The alpha male has his own privileges. Receives food first, also has priority in choosing a partner. Likes to command, establish a hierarchy, sometimes aggressive and excitable.

man with dog
man with dog

What are the characteristics of an alpha male? __ 8212

Alpha men believe in themselves and are not afraid to show it, neither in physical context nor in language. They express this in their actions, thoughts, speech and even gestures. They love to win, but they also love to compete with others. They put all their skills into action in almost all situations.

Also, alpha males have a unique sense of style. Any lady can envy how they choose their clothes. All clothes are chosen strictly for the time and place. Alpha men take their appearance seriously. They spend their time not only on their intellectual development and physical fitness, but also on procedures to maintain their dazzling appearance. These men are very strict in order. They are great cleaners.

The alpha male is distinguished from other men by outstanding intelligence. He always knows what to say, how to stand, where to sit and what gestures to make. When interacting with other people, the alpha male likes to dominate. He often tells people what to do and is not at all shy about it. With great pleasure he takes the initiative in his work.

male chest
male chest

Alpha males are smart and resourceful - nothing is impossible for them. Contrary to popular belief, they are not party kings. Rather, they prefer to be simple observers who, if necessary, can respond appropriately to what is happening.

Where do alpha males come from? 6

Many alpha men are the offspring of courses and trainings that are increasingly popular with men. Why are the guys participating in alpha male training? Difficult question, but there is a simple answer to it! They want to conquer women, they want to be attractive. And women love this type of guy. The alpha male is a strong, determined and confident man. This turns on and excites many of the fairer sex. This is also known by ordinary guys who want to become alpha and organizers of trainings who guarantee that, at the end of the course, a man will be able to develop his true masculinity to the maximum, become strong and fully ready to achieve what he wants. Guys are taught that self-care should be a natural and essential part of their lives.

What does alpha male training look like? As a rule, this is a block of classes, consisting of practical pairs and theoretical lectures conducted by trainers, based on knowledge from the field of NLP, social dynamics, social psychology, etc. This kind of training is very expensive, which not everyone can afford, but the circle of interested people is not getting smaller.

Alpha Male Physicality7

man with dumbbells
man with dumbbells

It turns out that the modern alpha male is not only a collection of dominant features, but also a corresponding appearance.

In an article published in a scientific journal, scientists from the Polish University found that physical issues in dominant individuals play a major role in the appearance and structure of the body itself.

An alpha male must be at least 185 cm tall. In addition, he must have masculine, sharp and, moreover, clearly defined facial features.

A number of physical characteristics that define an alpha male are:

  • all gesticulation;
  • the ability to expressively and clearly express their emotions;
  • "Powerful" body, beautiful male gait;
  • masculine, deep, firm voice;
  • the ability to maintain eye contact;
  • lack of problems with physical activity;
  • high physical fitness and strength;
  • athletic and muscular body;
  • modern fashionable clothing, worn strictly with regard to time and place.
a man in a suit
a man in a suit

All of these characteristics sound almost like the traits of an ideal man.

And although the alpha male is a welcome person in a team, as well as a sighing object of thousands of the fair sex, it is worth remembering that with a dominant personality it will be easier to succeed in work than in personal life.

Women love men with strong character, self-confidence and decisiveness. This follows from the laws of nature. One of the types of guy, the alpha male, also emerged from nature. Many women like this type. There are those of the fairer sex for whom getting an alpha male is equal to winning the lottery.

Although every girl dreams of an alpha man, this is not the best option for a relationship. Someone, and the alpha male is not suitable for communication. Perfect for a short romance, flirting or adventure, but if a girl wants to build a deeper relationship with him, she must understand that it won't be easy. The alpha male in a relationship is a commander - he makes decisions and controls. A woman who does not accept his choice and does not know how to obey will be quickly eliminated and replaced by another, more flexible one.

So, once you meet a male alpha male, you should either leave on time, or be prepared for the fact that it will be very hard with him and not for long.

The alpha male is the leader in everything. They do not expect help or inspiration from anyone. The alpha man only goes forward and leads those who desire it.

These are some of the most important aspects of this type of man.

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