How To Understand That A Man Loves You? TOP-12 Indicators

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How To Understand That A Man Loves You? TOP-12 Indicators
How To Understand That A Man Loves You? TOP-12 Indicators

Video: How To Understand That A Man Loves You? TOP-12 Indicators

Video: How To Understand That A Man Loves You? TOP-12 Indicators
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How a loving man behaves
How a loving man behaves

There is no instruction in the world on "How a loving man behaves." You cannot buy a brochure, read and immediately become a master in deciphering the feelings of a man in love. Despite the herd principle, each person manifests himself in a different way at such moments. Although some generalizing features can still be noted. They will be discussed.

The content of the article

  • 1 Influencing factors
  • 2 ABC of love
  • 3 Care and attention
  • 4 Self-sacrifice and optimism
  • 5 Loyalty and honor
  • 6 Circle of Trust
  • 7 ABC of gestures
  • 8 Eye to eye
  • 9 A smile will brighten everyone
  • 10 Arms, legs, head
  • 11 Love by status
  • 12 Boss in love
  • 13 Married in love

Influencing factors

This question, perhaps, should be approached from the point of view of psychology. Love itself is a very complicated thing. Many people do not even know how to explain this feeling, and how it is expressed. Sometimes it happens that a person does not even suspect that he is already in love. How can we understand and recognize how a loving man behaves.

But, the behavior of a person as a whole is influenced by a lot of factors. If we talk about the behavior of a man in love, then the devil himself will break his leg. After all, this, first of all, depends on:

  • upbringing and character of a person;
  • environment;
  • IQ level;
  • social status and much more.

For example, if a man is an introvert, then you definitely cannot expect fiery odes in his honor, a million scarlet roses under the door or serenades under the window at 3 o'clock in the morning. Or take a phlegmatic person, such one will not destroy everything during passion or showdowns based on jealousy.

You can also compare a guy in love or a married neighbor. The first, in a state of love, manifests itself in the form of a romantic who can shout about his love to the whole world. The second, on the contrary, will either suffer in silence, or humbly hint at his feelings, fearing publicity.

what does a man in love do
what does a man in love do

But again, there are still some common signs of a man in love, according to which a psychologist or just an attentive person can understand about the true feelings that overwhelm a person.

ABC of love2

So, if we talk about the signs of how a loving man behaves, then you should immediately understand what kind of man we are talking about. Speaking about a 16-year-old boy, we can safely say that here, in principle, there is no smell of love yet. Since it will definitely be saliva, snot and hassle about everything that is in a girl's life. He hasn't really defined himself yet, so jealousy, demands, whims will accompany the couple in everything.

If we are talking about an adult and adequate man, then his behavior will be in many details.

Care and attention3

A loving man, if he is not a complete egoist, must take care of his beloved. This is the one who worries about you when you are sick. He will not be stopped by the late hour to find the only 24-hour pharmacy in the city and buy you medicines.

how does he behave when in love
how does he behave when in love

This is the one who will certainly fix the faucet, take out the trash, cover it with a blanket, bring tea or give a foot massage. Such a guy will remember that your mom has mice in the house and will buy arsenic. True, you need to be more careful here, because if your mother is not an angel in the flesh, then arsenic may not be intended for mice. In general, whatever one may say, but all his attempts will be dedicated to you, his beloved woman.

The same can be said for attention. In a state of love, he is interested in everything that is connected with you. Your childhood, adolescence and student time. Hobbies and hobbies, preferences in cooking, love of travel - he will be constantly interested in all this.

As one of the heroes of the series "Treason" said: "When you love a person, you know his number by heart." So in fact it is. When he loves, he knows everything about you. Your dog's birthday, mailbox code word, refrigerator contents, and brand of toothpaste.

Only a real loving man will watch "Titanic" with you for the hundredth time and wipe your tears when Jack hides in the ocean abyss and scold Rose for occupying the entire door. Only a person in love will remember that your cat has castration today and needs to be pampered with sweets, and you, by the way, too. Although who knows, maybe he is not in love, but simply sympathizes with the cat like a man.

about the behavior of a loving guy
about the behavior of a loving guy

All these signs of attention and care can be shown by a person who deeply and loyally loves you. Take a closer look, analyze and you will understand everything. Perhaps right now it will come to you what value the man you have chosen represents.

Self-sacrifice and optimism4

A loving person very often sacrifices something for the sake of his object of sighing. He can cancel a meeting with friends in a pub in order to go to the village to his lover's grandmother and weed radishes. He may not go to a business meeting if his girlfriend urgently needs to go shopping.

It can be said with particular accuracy that a man loves if suddenly, in a tense relationship with his parents, he takes your side, supporting you and protecting his relationship.

A man in love will not divide expenses in half by ordering a lobster from Norway in a restaurant, and you will have a Caesar salad. Or saying that he has no money for a new purse, although yesterday he bought new rubber for his mustang.

How a loving man behaves
How a loving man behaves

An important signal of the presence of love in a man's heart is his optimistic attitude in everything connected with you. In a state of love, he sees only good features in you. He will perceive female egoism as a highlight, and bitchiness as a cute little bitch. If she throws an iron in his head, he will only laugh, calling her his crazy lover.

In addition, a man who loves will never miss a moment to please his soul mate with pleasant little things. Such one will not forget to put a couple of thousand in his purse for minor expenses. Will leave cute notes or a chocolate bar on the pillow. Flowers will be given for no reason, just like that.

However, one should not think that if he no longer does such things, it means that love has passed. No, just over time, any candy-bouquet period ends, and everyday life comes to replace it. But in everyday life, his love will certainly manifest itself if it takes place in his heart. It will only manifest itself not in gifts from brand stores, but in helping around the house, raising children, in relation to parents, etc.

Loyalty and honor5

It is very important to note how a loving man behaves towards other women. Undoubtedly, these guys are loyal to their soul mates. If he really loves, it would never occur to him to get carried away by anyone else. As long as love lives, only you will be the subject of lust, dreams and fantasies. With all the other girls, no matter how good they are, he will behave just like a friend or acquaintance.

about the behavior of a loving man
about the behavior of a loving man

Therefore, if you know that he loves you, do not torment him with jealousy. He definitely doesn't see anyone else except you. But do not give reasons themselves. Despite his pure love for you, no one canceled the feeling of ownership, and if primitive instincts wake up in him, then you can get hit on the head with a hammer.

By the way, you can find out about his love if you notice such a thing. In case of quarrels and scandals, he behaves more than adequately and then he always comes to put up first. Only a lover can swallow pride and go to reconciliation first. He will not even think about the fact that you can be manipulated. Just try not to abuse his trust and honesty. All patience ends at some point.

And how to understand whether a man loves or uses, we read further on the link in our next article.

Circle of Trust6

A man in love completely trusts his woman. He entrusts her with his most intimate secrets, being sure that she will never betray him. If he is a thief, he may even take her with him on business, provided that she is safe.

He also listens very carefully to his woman. Even if he is completely uninterested and does not need to know what kind of husband the neighbor has, he will still be your most ideal listener.

couple smiling
couple smiling

His desire to make his girlfriend happy will justify any of her shoals.

  • She killed a man - she was probably tired, or he was rude to her.
  • Didn't clean the house - probably a headache.
  • She burned down the office - unsuccessfully lit a cigarette.
  • Dropped a nuclear bomb on the United States - they did not issue a green card, etc.

A loving man will find an approach to the hearts of his precious mother-in-law and five Caucasian brothers. To please them, he will fulfill any errands and requests. In turn, to his friends and family, he will certainly present her as the very one in his life.

Pages on social networks will be filled with your joint photos, where there will certainly be signatures with cute nicknames borrowed from our smaller brothers.

loving boyfriend behavior
loving boyfriend behavior

And certainly dreams for the future. You will be everywhere in them, in his new home, the mother of his children and old age together.

But all these are signs of the behavior of a man in love. But how a loving man behaves on a subconscious level will help to find out non-verbal signs.

ABC of gestures7

A woman is lucky if she is a professional psychologist or a therapist, for example. Then it will not be difficult for her to notice some signals that a man in love with her unconsciously gives out.

Eye to eye8

Take a closer look at his eyes. If he is not a drug addict, not a coffee addict or a nutcase, then enlarged pupils can become a clear indicator of his love and lust for you. Or he looks straight into your eyes, and you notice that the look becomes warm, this is love.

How a guy in love behaves
How a guy in love behaves

A smile will brighten everyone9

Pay attention to how he smiles at you or in response to your words. With a sincere smile, you can see all the expression lines on his face and in the corners of his eyes. His laugh will be able to convince you of sincere feelings, if it is not tense or ostentatious.

Hands, feet, head 10

A man definitely has deep feelings if next to you he is constantly trying to touch you, hug, kiss, pat on the head, hug you, etc.

Pay attention to how he speaks to others. If the tone of his voice when addressing you softens, becomes gentle and affectionate, he feels something big and real for you.

And, probably, the main indicator of the male body is the penis. They want that everything is pretty prosaic. Worth - wants, wants - there is sympathy and feelings, not worth - goodbye!

the behavior of a loving man
the behavior of a loving man

Love by status11

All of the above applies to men who are free from any obligations. And what to do if you suspect your boss or a married neighbor that they have sympathy for you. Then here are a couple of behavioral signs to help you so that you can expose them and, if necessary, put them in their place.

Boss in Love12

As a rule, the bosses of large firms are either already married, or, if they show interest in employees, it is only for intimate purposes. However, this is not difficult to spot. In such cases, the boss constantly hints at an evening check of documents in his office, promises to send him to the Maldives on paid vacation and, in general, all sorts of golden mountains there.

If he is really in love, then the actions will be different, for example, such as:

  • help in obtaining any benefits, give permission for vacation, day off or early departure from work;
  • will give you work that will help you quickly climb the career ladder;
  • for a good job, you will hear sincere praise and well-deserved encouragement.
How a man in love behaves
How a man in love behaves

He will not compromise you in front of all colleagues, giving you flowers during working hours or closing the blinds when you are in his office. Therefore, if you notice that the boss's behavior has changed in relation to you, be sure to start analyzing his actions, so that later, if anything, you can file a lawsuit against him for sexual harassment.

Married in love13

Sometimes it happens that, suddenly, a married neighbor or friend begins to behave strangely. Therefore, in order not to look stupid, learn to recognize how a man in love behaves if he is married.

  • Firstly: he often begins to mention quarrels with his wife, complain about problems in the family and show aggression towards his wife.
  • Secondly: despite the fact that he needs to leave, he constantly finds excuses to stay with you longer and not go home. Or he tries to spend all his free time not with his family, but with you.
  • Well, and thirdly: he begins to be interested in everything that is connected with you. Hobbies and hobbies, for example. He tries to help you with housework or other responsibilities. And of course, he always has time for you. True, he, of course, does not publicize his feelings.
How a loving guy behaves
How a loving guy behaves

But it should still be remembered that all these signs cannot apply to every person. There are always unique people who completely refute any theory or statistics.

And in order not to be confused with narcissism and to recognize a narcissistic egoist man, you can read further in our article at the link.

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