Is An Adequate Girl An Impossible Dream Or A Desired Reality?

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Is An Adequate Girl An Impossible Dream Or A Desired Reality?
Is An Adequate Girl An Impossible Dream Or A Desired Reality?

Video: Is An Adequate Girl An Impossible Dream Or A Desired Reality?

Video: Is An Adequate Girl An Impossible Dream Or A Desired Reality?
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adequate girl
adequate girl

Our dynamic time leaves an imprint on all aspects of our life. But most of all it affects a person. Therefore, finding an adequate girl for a long and serious relationship is not an easy task.

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  • 1 What is she, an adequate girl?
  • 2 Who is looking for her and why
  • 3 Extreme is not welcome
  • 4 No rush
  • 5 The risk is imminent

The increased pace of life, not a very good economic situation, environmental difficulties, constant stress on the nervous system, fashion for bad habits and other unfavorable factors affect, first of all, women. Natures are more subtle and highly organized, they react more sharply to external and internal stimuli.

As a result, finding a partner to your heart and soul is not so easy.

What is she, an adequate girl? I

First of all, you need to decide on the terminology. Everything is not so complicated here.

An adequate girl is a person who objectively perceives the world around him, knows how to calmly respond to emerging problems and act in accordance with the situation.

But this is science. And in life, the sphere of relationships between people has a very subjective color. If the definition of an adequate girl was given by ten different people, then they would be completely different. Everyone perceives this concept differently.

The main mistake of men is to consider their own perception of life adequate and, accordingly, to demand this from a partner. It will never be like this. All people are different. And if opinions coincide on some issues, then on others they will necessarily differ. But that's the point of interest. If everyone was the same, life would be unimaginably boring.

normal girl for relationships
normal girl for relationships

Who is looking for her and why?

Sooner or later, the moment comes when every man realizes that it is time to tie his life with the bonds of Hymen and enter into a serious relationship.

And here you have to think about it. It turns out that among the huge number of surrounding women, there are not so many worthy of attention.

When it comes to just communication, some kind of joint events or fleeting connections, problems, as a rule, do not arise.

But we are talking about a person with whom you will have to go hand in hand all your life, share your joys and failures.

What about children? Not only do they have to be born normal, they need to be raised, educated and educated. And in this matter, the role of the mother is infinitely great.

signs of an adequate girl
signs of an adequate girl

But there is still nowhere to go, you need to look. It is clear that you need to believe in success and set yourself up for a positive result. There is a theory that a person's thoughts materialize, so you need, as Kashpirovsky said, to give yourself an appropriate setting.

Extreme is not welcome3

It's no secret that bright, extraordinary girls immediately attract the attention of a man.

Unusual appearance, original manner of dressing, extravagant behavior - all this immediately catches the eye, arouses interest.

When it comes to communication or participation in joint projects, then all this may be not bad. But we shouldn't forget that the family is a quiet haven where you can calm down, relax and take a break from the crazy world.

I must say that this rule does not work in the field of intimate relationships. Here, bright colors, novelty and strength of sensations, bold experiments greatly contribute to the improvement of family relations, and sometimes transfer them to a qualitatively new level. But here everything is very individual, as they say, who likes what.

get a girlfriend for a relationship
get a girlfriend for a relationship

No rush4

In search of a life partner, in no case should you make sudden ill-considered decisions and rush to the registry office in big leaps. The reasons for haste in this matter are different.

Meeting a woman you like, good in bed and fit in character, is not yet a reason to formalize a relationship. It must be remembered that marriage, ideally, is forever. And the extra time spent on communication, recognizing each other and testing feelings will not be superfluous.

It happens the other way around. Having suffered several setbacks, a man begins to make offers to everyone or anyone. This, too, does not lead to good, as a rule.

It must be remembered that a few unsuccessful novels or a forty-year anniversary is not a reason to commit yourself to an unfamiliar woman.

relationship with an adequate girl
relationship with an adequate girl

The risk is imminent5

One cannot fail to mention one more important thing. Everyone knows her, but for some reason they often forget. There is no ideal. And although you need to strive for him, it is impossible to find a girl who meets all the requirements and requests. There will still be some flaws or character traits that you don't really like.

In addition, no matter how long the period of courtship, flowers and gifts with the future wife lasts, it is impossible to fully recognize the person. And if some customs or traditions prohibit entering into intimate relationships before marriage, then this area of married life will need to be harmonized in the course of life together.

Therefore, the risk is inevitable and nothing can be done about it.

So, the task is very simple - to find your adequate girlfriend and connect your life with her!

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