How Old Is A Girl To Marry? Ideal Age For Marriage

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How Old Is A Girl To Marry? Ideal Age For Marriage
How Old Is A Girl To Marry? Ideal Age For Marriage

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when to get married
when to get married

Is there an ideal age for marriage? After all, the girl wants to take a crucial step that will lead to a happy and only marriage. What time is it better to get married? For each, the best time for marriage will depend on the personal characteristics of the psyche. Statistics show that most often girls get married at the age of 25, which coincides with the opinion of surveys on determining the best age for marriage.

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  • 1 How to determine if you are ready to get married?
  • 2 The best age for marriage according to psychologists
  • 3 Age and marriage
  • 4 16 years
  • 5 18-19 years old
  • 6 20-21 years
  • 7 23-25 ​​years
  • 8 25-30 years
  • 9 30-40 years
  • 10 40-50 years

How do you know if you are ready to get married? i

Any age is not a reason to jump out to marry the first comer. You need to build a family when you and your partner are fully formed, become self-sufficient (of course, there is no limit to perfection). In order to determine how ripe you are for marriage, psychologists advise you to honestly answer yourself to the following questions:

  1. What is more important for you your own interests, your “I” or family happiness? Often times in marriage, you need to sacrifice something for the sake of the husband and children. Do you imagine yourself in an ordinary everyday day? Here you need to get used to the role of a wife, mother and all her responsibilities.
  2. Are you ready to give up temporarily work, entertainment during maternity leave?
  3. Do you respect the other person's opinion? Do you know how to negotiate, make compromises, give in? Listen to someone else's opinion?
  4. Are you ready to take all the burden of responsibility for another person? If you have met a suitable partner, you have established contact, you know how to get out of any situation, you want to take care of him and your common children. You are completely sure that he will not betray you, then you can move on to the highest level of relations.

The best age for marriage according to psychologists2

From a physiological point of view, a girl from 12.5 years old, and a boy from 14 years old can have children, but it is still very far from building a family life. The psychological aspect depends on the individuality of each person, some in 30 are still immature individuals.

What time is it better to get married? The ideal age for a girl when she is morally, physiologically and socially mature. For women 23-28 years old - the most favorable period for the appearance of a baby. At this age, psychological differences between peers are erased, boys catch up with girls in development.

What time do you need to get married
What time do you need to get married

An excursion into history. According to the traditions of Ancient Russia, girls were married at 12-13 years old. Yuri Dolgorukov married an 11 year old girl. Marriages were more like deals, served in the interests of the state.

But how to successfully get married regardless of age and social status, you will learn in our next article.

Age and marriage3

Consider the features of marriage at different times in a woman's life.

16 years16

If a teenager wants to start a family for great love, and not for a good reason, the law allows you to marry from the age of 14.

Most often, at the age of 16, they marry because of pregnancy or trouble in the family (negative environment, overprotection, control). The girl wants to be independent and marriage fulfills this desire. Psychologically, it is easier for her to adapt to her husband, and a young mother with a child looks very attractive even after 18 years. But the girl is not yet ready for everyday life, worries and troubles. Here the cheerful youth ends, the harsh everyday life begins. Such marriages are rarely successful.

There is a known case when an 80-year-old man married a 12-year-old girl (Saudi Arabia).

18-19 years1819

A wonderful age for a girl for multifaceted activity in life, but not for marriage. The young lady has not formed as a person, is not yet ready for the birth of children. The decision to marry is made on emotions, thoughtlessly, like an outburst of falling in love. Sometimes girls want to become independent from their parents in this way, to be independent and their own mistresses. But marriage is even more responsibility than in the parental home.

Age for marriage
Age for marriage

Psychologists do not recommend entering adulthood at the age of 18. Girls give too much, sacrifice their own interests. They are easier to experiment, change the pace of life, but everyday problems can kill romance and lead to conflicts in the couple. Over time, she cannot cope with the roles of mom, wife and employee. If you do decide, then get ready to quickly grow up and become wiser, more thoughtful.

18 years is the age of majority when a girl has the right to marry, in different countries in different ways: in South Korea - 19, USA, China - 21, Japan, Tunisia - 20.

20-21 year 2021

The period is suitable for study, romantic relationships, personal development. But marriage is not a good decision. Marriage can interfere with the qualitative development of a personality and as a professional. Statistics confirm marriages concluded at this time most often break up.

23-25 ​​years2325

A good time to get married. The study is over, stable work makes it possible to make a financial contribution to the family budget. From a biological point of view, a woman is ready to conceive, bear and give birth to children. She is more aware of the responsibility of motherhood. Statistics say that an alliance with a 23-25-year-old girl forms a happy and strong family. She would not have chosen the one she liked at 18 or 16. She has her own ideas about finance, economics, relationships, knows how to prioritize and make her own decisions.

But because of the desire for career growth, pregnancy can be postponed, which will affect the relationship of the spouses, it is more difficult for her to give in to feelings.

25-30 years 2530

A good age for marriage. The woman has already decided in many ways, she knows that she wants a family and children and how to combine it with work. In a relationship, girls are better guided, they have experience, so they can control emotions, make compromises, which is necessary for a harmonious family. She is able to assess her character, lifestyle and needs.

When to get married
When to get married

Among the negative traits - it is difficult to adapt to another person, it is difficult for her to relax. However, if at the age of 30 it was not possible to get married, and the girl does not feel the support of loved ones, many have a crisis. It manifests itself in feelings of anger, discontent and envy.

30-40 years 3040

The time period is characterized by the flourishing of sexuality and attractiveness of the fairer sex. The girl is already self-sufficient, wealthy. And provided that he takes care of himself, attracts the attention of young guys and more mature men. It is not uncommon for a woman to choose a younger partner to keep herself in shape, so the age difference is outwardly invisible.

But you should not make the decision to tie the knot just for fear of being alone, because you need to build a family with a worthy partner at any age. Often a woman has more than one marriage and is already ready for the surprises of family life.

40-50 years 4050

Difficult period for marriage. The woman is already used to living alone, taking care of herself on her own. Many do not dare to change their established life. A woman who gets married after 40 starts looking good and appreciates a man.

What age do you need to get married
What age do you need to get married

What time is it better to get married? You should connect your life with a man when you have love, mutual understanding, financial well-being, common interests and trust. If you are ready to change, develop together, go in one direction, and age is not at all a decisive factor.

But how many years to marry, so as not to be late and not to hurry, find out in our article, then follow the link.

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