How To Build Relationships At A Distance: 10 Practical Tips

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How To Build Relationships At A Distance: 10 Practical Tips
How To Build Relationships At A Distance: 10 Practical Tips

Video: How To Build Relationships At A Distance: 10 Practical Tips

Video: How To Build Relationships At A Distance: 10 Practical Tips
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long distance relationship
long distance relationship

You don't want to part with your loved one and loved one for a minute. It's so great to spend all the time together - wake up and fall asleep together, go shopping, spend the weekend, plan a vacation. But what if for some reason one of you needs to leave for another city and there is a long separation ahead of you? Or maybe your relationship is just in its infancy, but you are separated by hundreds or even thousands of kilometers? Is a long-distance relationship possible and how to maintain sincerity and trust?

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Very often, due to life circumstances, people have to build relationships at a distance. The crazy rhythm of life is to blame for everything, but all kinds of communication means and modern messengers become salvation in this situation. But sooner or later, couples are faced with the question - is love at a distance possible in principle? In a long-distance relationship, there is a main rule - the outcome depends only on yourself.

Key features in long distance relationships

In the life of two loving people, there will definitely be strength tests. And, perhaps, the most difficult exam is long-distance relationships. Often a guy and a girl have to live in different cities, and enjoy rare meetings once a month, or even less often. What does the statistics say? And here the results are not comforting - almost 90% of feelings fade away without passing the test of strength. However, there are rare exceptions when couples have existed for more than 3-4 years, and their relationship is so strong that no separation is terrible for them.

Sad times2

Love, which lives thousands of kilometers away, is very exhausting for everyone in a couple. After all, sometimes you so want to feel the strong shoulder and embrace of a loved one, but he is very far away, and it is simply impossible to touch him. And, it would seem, the most comfortable and familiar world is slowly falling apart. And if quarrels occur at this moment, then it is much more difficult to worry. Indeed, in addition to omissions, a feeling of resentment against a person who is not around now wakes up. And the main enemy in this situation is the distance, which makes it difficult to competently find a way out of the situation, listen to each other and resolve conflicts.

If you compare a relationship at a distance with an ordinary romance, when the object of love is nearby, then maintaining them is much more difficult. Indeed, thanks to frequent meetings, joint pastime and communication "eye to eye", relations are strengthened and developed every day. But people who are in a long-distance relationship cannot afford that luxury. But is everything really so sad?

Positive to be! 3

Long-distance relationships will definitely appeal to those who love freedom. After all, now there is no need to be accountable for every step you take, emotions shown, late return home, etc. You do not need to burden yourself with household problems and family troubles, listen to complaints. Now you are completely on your own, you don't even have to clean the apartment and do whatever your heart desires.

a mess
a mess

Such freedom-loving people, starting relationships at a distance, can feel very harmonious and maintain a fulfilling life. Naturally, such desires are characteristic of people with a certain psychological makeup, they can be called "birds of free flight." For each of them, living a long distance from their partner is a great remedy for depression and boredom.

But what should other people do who cannot imagine their life without a loved one nearby and it is very difficult to go through long moments of separation.

How to build relationships at a distance4

In ordinary relationships, when two people are close by or at least in the same city, it is much easier to maintain relationships and ensure their development. Other emotions are experienced in a situation where a person does not feel the reliability, closeness and support of a loved one. In this position, a person can unconsciously commit rash acts, which primarily depend on the emotional state and type of character.

long distance relationship
long distance relationship

No one will say that maintaining a long-distance relationship is easy. But "shared" love can be saved when both want it. Indeed, many couples in love were able not only to withstand the test of distance, but also to further strengthen their relationship. It doesn't take much to do this - just change some habits, a way of thinking and drive bad thoughts away.

From theory to practice: 10 rules__10

So, if it so happened that a loved one is now far away, an invisible emotional connection must be maintained. It is important to understand the psychology of long distance relationships. Here are some practical tips to help you stay in touch when you're in different cities.


Fortunately, today a huge number of all kinds of messengers have been created, with the help of which you can exchange messages around the clock. But still try to communicate more often not by text SMS, but verbally - any call via video communication carries much more semantic load than ordinary correspondence. So you can see the feelings and emotional state of a loved one. After all, just sending your partner a smiley or a short message, you lose the opportunity to see his facial expressions and eyes.

Talk about the little things

If you think that there are fewer topics for daily conversations, stop deliberately inventing them. This is what prevents free communication "about nothing". The brain is constantly involved in searching for a new topic for communication, as a result of which there is a pause in the conversation.

long distance relationship
long distance relationship

The people who are nearby are not looking for a reason to tell this or that story, they just say what they are thinking at the moment. This creates the illusion that a loved one or just an object of sympathy is not thousands of kilometers away, but at arm's length. Imagine that you are now in the same room - tell us about the flowers on the window, that the cat was hunting the vacuum cleaner again, the dog chewed on slippers, and so on.

Let go of embarrassment and express your feelings

How to maintain a relationship at a distance when a loved one has left for another country? Surely, it will be very interesting for you to find out how life works there, and you will ask your loved one about it in the smallest details. But the less you ask about it, the better. Since everything that is foreign and unfamiliar with time will be associated with your beloved person, who is currently located there.

Meet more often

If your relationship is still at the stage of inception of sympathy and love, but for some reason the object of desire is in another city, it is necessary to indicate the frequency of meetings. Of course, a variety of factors can influence this: study, work, business trips, finances, etc. If the next meeting is scheduled only in a month - well, even so, but it must definitely take place. Moreover, this must be agreed in advance. This is very important for building long-distance relationships. And letting everything take its course “it will suddenly work out, or maybe not” is not the best option.

long distance relationship
long distance relationship

Meet in neutral territory

If you have to part with your loved one for a long time, at the next meeting, agree on the place where it should take place. Let it be a place to which it will be convenient for both to reach. Do not allow a situation where one of you will sit and wait for someone to come to him. A person will also feel uncomfortable with the fact that on your territory he will be just a guest. Neutral territory provides a level playing field, which first of all removes a number of problems.

Do it all together

Despite the fact that you are separated by hundreds or thousands of kilometers, do something together. For example, when going to a supermarket, turn on video calling on one of the modern instant messengers. This approach not only brings together, but also creates the illusion of presence.

Do not deceive each other

It is very convenient to hide a lie from a distance, since the second person has no way to check whether he was lied to or not. The problem is that it is very difficult to get used to lying, and when you and your partner are again around, it will be very difficult to rebuild in a different way. This will greatly help in building trusting and sincere relationships.

Don't be jealous

Jealousy is a very scary thing in any relationship. Without this feeling, it is difficult to build an ordinary relationship, and when your beloved or loved one is far away, it is almost impossible to trust. And so that the relationship does not develop into constant reproaches and jealousy, you should not even start. All you can do now for your partner is trust. If you know in advance that you are not ready to do this, it is better to leave immediately.

long distance relationship
long distance relationship

If the partner is not ready to trust, it is simply necessary to part, as it will happen anyway, even if a little later. But jealousy, sooner or later, will still spoil the relationship, and to this is added the need to constantly make excuses and prove one’s innocence.

Don't suffer

Lack of suffering is an important aspect in long distance relationships. Even if fate has scattered you and your partner in different cities for a certain time, there is no need to turn your life into a waiting room. There is no need to occupy your thoughts every minute and wait for news. It is important to understand that for a certain time each of you will live your own life, while your relationship is not over, but continues as before. Since people are very susceptible to various sufferings, such a state will quickly begin to eat up each of you from the inside.

The paradox, but the more you are angry and worried about the fact that your loved one is far away from you, the more you will be angry with him. Over time, a feeling of hatred and alienation will settle in you, and the closest and beloved person will become a stranger to you. If you don't want your relationship to come to such a conclusion, try to worry less and take it for granted. Being far from a friend is a temporary situation. Soon you will be together again.

long distance relationship
long distance relationship

Remember happy moments

When you are at a distance from each other, try to often remember happy moments spent next to each other. Surely, you will have something to remember. These include trips to cafes, movies, walks in the park, general movie screenings in the evenings, etc. Warm memories bring you very close, especially when you are separated by a great distance.

The practice of long-distance sex has a very positive effect on such relationships.

This is life5

How to keep a relationship at a distance when we are all real people and there are so many temptations around? After all, for an ordinary person, every day is full of certain circumstances. What if a nice guy or girl flashes on the horizon? And if even more, will they want to meet you? Or will there be an offer to go to a party in a club where there are a lot of pretty single people? Do I need to deny myself the pleasure and, locked in four walls, spend all my free time at home?

You need to understand that long-distance relationships are not at all a reason to lock yourself behind seven locks and ignore communication with friends and acquaintances. But leading a riotous lifestyle with all the ensuing consequences is also not the best option. It is important to find a middle ground, for example, if you really want to have fun, then instead of a nightclub, go for a walk in the park or visit the gym.

long distance relationship
long distance relationship

Psychologists give very important advice - in order to brighten up the worries and blues about the fact that a loved one cannot be with you now, you need to take care of yourself. And it is very tight. Moreover, if the availability of free time allows it. Sign up for a gym, visit a beauty salon, get a beautiful manicure, read a book, train yourself to run in the morning. Activities like these will not only brighten up your days, but will also help you take care of yourself. If you still doubt that the relationship is not worth your time, read the article.

Remember, long-distance relationships won't last forever. Sooner or later the day will come when you can hug your loved one and never let him go anywhere else. Such checks will only cement your union, after which the meetings will be even more desirable and trembling, and the feelings will be stronger and sincere.

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