The Bitter Truth Or How To Understand That A Partner Only Needs Sex

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The Bitter Truth Or How To Understand That A Partner Only Needs Sex
The Bitter Truth Or How To Understand That A Partner Only Needs Sex

Video: The Bitter Truth Or How To Understand That A Partner Only Needs Sex

Video: The Bitter Truth Or How To Understand That A Partner Only Needs Sex
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partner only needs sex
partner only needs sex

It's not a secret for anyone that sometimes casual relationships develop into full-fledged relationships. Some say that this is love at first sight, others are sure that only luck has a place. Either way, a couple who started out with friendship sex can be strong.

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  • 1 Without mutual acquaintances
  • 2 No choice
  • 3 Without hope for help
  • 4 No mutual orgasm
  • 5 Without bright rest
  • 6 No right to weakness

But no one excludes feedback. You are sure that your romance has prospects for the future, and already imagine yourself in old age, surrounded by grandchildren, but your partner is looking for meetings only in order to relieve sexual tension. Can this be called a use? To understand, you need to pay attention to the following points.

Without mutual acquaintances

You have romantic dates that end in intense sex, but no meeting involves socializing with his or her friends. A reluctance to introduce your surroundings is the first sign that you are not being taken too seriously. If you are just an "airfield" for orgasms, then there is no point in introducing you to friends.

After all, it is possible that they will soon lose interest in you. Of course, there are different situations, so talk to your partner before throwing a tantrum. Explain to him that you want to become a part of his life and that you are interested in the people with whom he communicates. If the situation does not change, then you can not go to the fortuneteller - you are just a source of affordable sex.

No choice2

As a rule, those who are interested in the second half try to meet as often as possible, while taking into account its capabilities over time. But if it turns out that you are faced with the choice that either a meeting at a convenient time for him or her, or no meetings. Such an ultimatum says that no one takes into account your opinion and no one will wait for you.

Selfishness is a bad quality for those who are in relationships, because such people are not able to empathize, worry, wait and sincerely love. Therefore, there is only one conclusion - you are needed only for intimate relaxation.

how to understand if you need sex
how to understand if you need sex

No hope for help3

Do you urgently need someone to pick up the parcel from the post office or help meet your parents at the airport? In this case, it is wise to ask your partner for help. But every time you hear a refusal, it is worth thinking - are you so dear to your loved one?

Or are all his or her promises nothing more than a way to goof your head? It is worth understanding one simple truth for yourself - if there really are feelings between two people, then they will always find a way to see each other, to help and support. Everything should be expressed not only in words, but also in actions.

No mutual orgasm4

The sexual side of the issue is what most clearly explains the seriousness of the relationship. There should not be selfish people who only do what they want to satisfy their own whims. This is especially evident in those moments when you clearly state what you do not want.

After all, bed is not a place of battles, but a place of love, so if you are forced into something that is alien to you, then this is not a sign of tenderness and care. Moreover, it can be considered a toughness that has nothing to do with love.

sex or love
sex or love

Without a bright rest5

Remember when your dating wasn’t just a “sequel”? When could you laugh heartily, enjoy each other's company, talk about your own experiences or share joy? If there are few or no such moments, then it is worth starting to worry.

Your partner is not looking for a spiritual connection with you, he is only interested in carnal pleasures. After all, if this were not so, then you would more often go to the cinema to see your favorite films, walk in the park, or even sit at home and watch TV series.

No right to weakness6

Everyone has moments when they just give up and want to be a little weak and defenseless person. In such moments, support, hugs, participation from the second half are needed. If all this is not, then you are definitely not in the first place in the list of his favorite people.

Those individuals who are looking for easy relationships and exclusively for sex are often irritated when they see tears. Everything is logical - they just need unobtrusive leisure time without obligations, and here they have to listen to a bunch of all sorts of uninteresting nonsense.

love and sex
love and sex

As free people, there is nothing wrong with finding yourself an open relationship. An easy connection that gives a feeling of euphoria, love and happiness, but does not entail any obligations. This allows you to escape from the previous breakup, forget about loneliness for a while and raise your own self-esteem a little.

However, it is worth explaining to your partner on the shore what you expect from him and what you do not want. After all, it may turn out that you yourself will be the very egoist who does not appreciate the soul mate.

How to understand that a man wants you, you will learn from our article on the link below.

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