Why Is The Girl Who Likes Ignoring? What To Do?

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Why Is The Girl Who Likes Ignoring? What To Do?
Why Is The Girl Who Likes Ignoring? What To Do?

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girl ignores
girl ignores

After texting a girl he likes, the man, waiting for her answer, checks her pages on social networks and notices that she has posted something. Or it was a great date yesterday, had a great time, but somehow she seemed very upset. After sending many messages, he sees that they remain unanswered, and realizes that she is ignoring him. A man does not like this attitude, he becomes desperate and in need of communication. He begins to ask himself the question: "Why is she doing this?" Young people are overwhelmed by anxiety and stress. In the 21st century, when there is access to gadgets 24/7, and messages are sent instantly, guys are surprised by the girl's silence. This article will help you understand and answer the question: what to do if a girl ignores?

The content of the article

  • 1 Find out the reason for the silence
  • 2 Don't panic
  • 3 Wait
  • 4 Lead message
  • 5 Pseudo-panic message
  • 6 Parting Text
  • 7 Find new girls
  • 8 Saving time and money
  • 9 No - addictions

Here is a step-by-step workshop on getting a response from a girl after she has stopped writing.

Find out the reason for the silence

The exact reason for not responding to messages is very important, because then you can understand what to write next. Here are the main options:

  • It must be remembered that women, like men, can be busy. It is possible that she is not responding because something is happening to her. It can be a job, a family event, she can ignore a man for other reasons that are not very pleasant for her. She may be texting someone else, not enjoying texting with an ignored man, or not appreciating him enough to make her a priority. She can think of a man as a friend.
  • Perhaps the man's message got lost among the dozens of messages she received that day.
  • Or she could easily have dropped the phone in the toilet.
  • Was out of range of a cell phone signal, and so on.

Don't panic2

When a man has feelings for a girl, he goes a little crazy and he can have all kinds of anxiety. The man does not know what to do if the girl ignores. If she is really busy, and the ignored did not receive enough communication from her, then you should take a few deep breaths and wait for her answer. Anxiety should not be allowed to prevail if it has a real justification and it only took a small amount of time.

Girl ignores
Girl ignores


Women want to date guys who are active in social life. With this in mind, a man should wait at least 24 hours for his next first message. Having done this before, it seems like there is nothing better than writing to her. The only exception to this rule is if the man agreed to meet with her that day. In this case, it is enough to send a message or even call to clarify the meeting place.

Clue message4

As soon as it becomes clear that she will not call back, you need to send a message. The lead text can be a meme, a funny story with both, a shared photo. Anything that says, "I saw it and thought about you." The golden rule of such SMS: no questions asked. This type of message doesn't seem desperate because it doesn't ask for an answer. He simply informs that the man is a funny guy sending a funny message. If he is interesting to her, then she will answer. Even if she does not do this, then you need to send 2-3 such messages in the coming days. As soon as she answers, you need to continue the conversation as usual.

Ignore by the girl
Ignore by the girl

Pseudo-Panic Message5

If the clue messages fail to get her attention, then the text containing artificial panic may be the last chance, this is an important message in which the man is worried about her whereabouts. Here are some examples:

  • "You disappeared. Send a search party or a helicopter with special forces? "
  • “I think you were kidnapped. Let me know, and if necessary, I will put on my raincoat and instantly fly. "
  • A pseudo-panic message should be fun and playful. If she really wants to stay connected, then she will answer.

Farewell text6

Finally, you can write to her that she will no longer receive messages. This could potentially wake up a small percentage of women who are ignorant enough to skip the first few texts. At the moment, the man has nothing to lose, for example: “Hey, you seemed like a fun girl. It would be great to get to know you better, but I understand that you are not interested."

Find new girls7

A great way not to worry about a girl is to find others to talk to by literally a few taps on your smartphone. Using social media, you can revive the stopped conversations and get girls out on a date a few months after meeting them.

How to find a new girl
How to find a new girl

Saving time and money8

No need to desperately chase a girl with messages and calls. Better not to bother answering their messages. The solution is to focus on yourself, your finances, your health, and your success, with women as your second priority. You should strive to get them to get you. Take care of your health, visit the gym so that the physique becomes attractive to women. Women are attracted to men who do not put them on a pedestal, but put their own success above all else.

No - addiction9

Regardless of the reasons why she doesn't respond, a man needs to always keep in mind one, unbreakable, infallible, absolute rule to get a girl to send a message - you can't need her when she ignores! If she ignores a man and he sends a bunch of double messages (or triples or more) asking her where she is, what she is doing, “Please answer”, it makes him look weak, desperate and needy, which is very unattractive. So you can never be needy. But if she ignored the man for a day or two, then he should definitely try to resurrect the conversation in the right way.

The girl pays no attention
The girl pays no attention

If a man is truly attractive, funny, and keeps the woman intrigued, then he shouldn't have a problem not replying to messages. It's important to remember that you never have to worry about what to do when ignored, unless the woman ignores from the beginning!

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