Secrets Of The Relationship Between Men And Women With A Difference In Age

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Secrets Of The Relationship Between Men And Women With A Difference In Age
Secrets Of The Relationship Between Men And Women With A Difference In Age

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Adult man and young girl
Adult man and young girl

Couples in which an adult man and a young girl meet are not considered to be a special rarity; you can meet such different lovers in public places and entertainment establishments. And not always the reason for a relationship with an older man is a mercantile calculation. Opening the veil of secrecy and finding out what brings people with a large age difference together is interesting for many to find out.

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  • 1 From the man's side
  • 2 Psychological aspects
  • 3 Notes for ladies
  • 4 From the side of a young girl
  • 5 Psychological aspect
  • 6 Disadvantages of the age gap
  • 7 Three main types of mature gentlemen
  • 8 Summing it up

From the man's side

What can you hear from a society that sees a middle-aged and older man in the company of a young beauty? Here he got himself a young woman, pockets full of money, and such folk "wisdom" seems to be cheating on his wife. But public opinion, and public opinion, so as not to pay attention to it.

If we consider such a pair from the point of view of evolution and instinct, the picture becomes clearer. In those ancient times, when the strongest and most successful hunters were the best party for the female, youth was most of all appreciated in girls. Young age was considered a guarantee of health, which in turn acted as a guarantee of strong and healthy offspring.

And even if times have changed, but the instincts remained in the subcortex. Men who are unable to resist them subconsciously tend to choose the youngest (and therefore healthy) woman.

There are polygamous representatives of the stronger sex, for whom young age is an object of adoration, such will look for 18-25 years old and at 20, and at 40, and even at 60 years old. They just love the beauty of youth. A characteristic sign of such preferences is the fragility and frivolity of a union of different ages.

This is especially true in the climacteric period (40-60 years), when the body is prone to hormonal changes. It is at this age that mature "guys" lose their heads and try with all their might to attract the attention of younger ladies. And many are trying to have children from them. But if the husband is surrounded by care and sincere love, he will be able to overcome such urges and stay with his soul mate. And not everyone has such a pronounced desire.

Adult man and young girl
Adult man and young girl

Psychological aspects2

What is it that is found in young ladies (except for beauty) that older women do not have? To answer this question, you can turn to the favorite phrase of philosophers - a man is a vessel that a woman fills.

And the fact that with age married couples dissolve in a heap of household chores and work is clearly not beneficial to the relationship. For some reason, many ladies forget that their strong and independent needs to be inspired and seduced (this also applies to guys). And we read about the benefits and pitfalls of sex with an adult man in our article further under the link.

How can a spouse who is tired of everyday life inspire? A worn-out bathrobe and regular squabbles over a current tap? It turns out a vicious circle in which the husband does not pay enough attention to his wife, simultaneously burdening his dearest half with life. But he himself does not receive the necessary incentive (guys are very fond of praise).

And here a young beauty appears on the horizon, who has not yet known all the hardships of family life. Easy-going, cheerful girl makes the over-aged boyfriend feel like a handsome man full of strength, capable, if not of moving mountains, then independently moving a heavy closet.

Looking at her carelessness and optimism, the adult gentleman is changing right before our eyes. This is what happens when a grown man and a young girl start dating.

couple with age difference
couple with age difference

Notes for ladies3

It is still not clear why adult girls do not take advantage of their advantage. You can look good at any age, even if it requires some effort (not the most terrible).

Add a cheerful smile and a positive attitude to life to the exterior, and season with psychological maturity with life experience that women over 30 have, the result is a beauty that everyone, from young guys to mature men, will lead to.

Those representatives of the fair sex who have realized this simple truth are well aware of how unimportant age is in comparison with correct behavior. Active and inquisitive women have always been highly valued among the male half.

From the side of a young girl4

There is no point in discussing the situation when a young beauty is looking for an adult sponsor solely for financial gain. Everything here is simple and straightforward. Another thing is when a girl really likes a grown man. The reason lies in instinct.

a girl much younger than a man
a girl much younger than a man

The word adult should be understood as an accomplished person who stands firmly on his feet. Weight in society, material wealth, an adequate way of thinking. Such guys are subconsciously perceived as worthy males, capable of taking care of their family and offspring. Girls are instinctively attracted to such people, because the task of procreation is in our genes. Instincts are everything.

And if you add to such a representative of the strong half of humanity a pleasant appearance, a sharp mind and physical parameters, the attention from the opposite sex will increase many times over.

And you should not blame the beauties for such a choice, after all, they are not to blame for the fact that a strong and confident partner (which men become at an older age) is perceived as preferable to a dependent youth.

Psychological aspect5

Mature age is usually synonymous with experience. And it is these couples that are an example in the psychology of family relations. This is another reason for female preferences:

  • A solid-looking partner, not behaving like a grown-up child.
  • An experienced boyfriend evokes calmness and confidence in the future in a lady.
couple where the man is older
couple where the man is older
  • Such a gentleman is much smarter than her peers, next to such one you can not worry about problems.
  • Men who are not deprived of life experience are able to appreciate their halves at their true worth.

In part, this resembles the psychological model of "dad and daughter", in which the fair half is perceived as a fragile flower that requires care and admiration. The choice of a mature partner is especially logical for those young ladies who have already burned themselves in a relationship with an infantile peer. Against this background, a mature gentleman is seen as a real ideal.

And again, not all guys are distinguished by a small mind and inability to make a beautiful woman happy. And at 20 you can be a promising young man, especially if the latter was taught to be independent.

Disadvantages of the age gap6

If an adult man and a young girl are together for a long time, the first will sooner or later face the typical problems of adulthood. The partner begins to worry about his physical shape, this is especially true with a difference of 25 years or more.

This causes a deterioration in the psycho-emotional state. It seems to him that he can no longer give a head start to the young, which in turn causes unreasonable outbursts of jealousy.

We talk about all the intricacies of sex with an older man in our next article on the link.

old man and young girl
old man and young girl

If at 40-50 years old, with proper self-care, you can still have ideal endurance and speed of thinking, then gradually these qualities will begin to deteriorate. A loved one needs to be ready for such a turn of events, and show support to her chosen one.

Overprotection may also appear. When a mature husband wants to be involved in every event of his beloved. This problem is too responsible men, and it can manifest itself, both in adolescence and in old age. It is treated with direct and calm conversations with an explanation of the claims.

And most importantly, do not forget that all ages are submissive to love. There are many examples of happy families in the world where the husband is a couple of times older than his wife.

Three main types of mature gentlemen7

In fact, there are many more types of established representatives of the male part of the population. But below we will consider three typical relationship stories in which the faithful is much older than his chosen one.

age difference
age difference

First story

Victoria was 26 years old when she met Alexei. The 45-year-old electrician had a bad experience of marriage and an adult son. He whiled away his free time watching TV under a liter bottle of beer. But once this person was professionally engaged in sambo and was interested in races. Just after the divorce from his wife and a series of deceptions from her, he was morally squeezed out and succumbed to apathy.

They met thanks to their sister Victoria. And the next meeting was scheduled in a not the most prestigious, but cozy restaurant in the city. After the first date, the lights that had long been extinguished lit up in Alexey's eyes. He fell in love as in his youth, between them there were conversations about old films, the Black Sea, cooking (both liked these topics). This was followed by a series of meetings, sex and Victoria's move to her beloved. As a result, they already have 13 years of marriage, two sons and a bought house in the private sector. Yes, this couple has fights, but they are really happy despite the age difference.

Second story

Valentin is 40 years old and works in the IT field. From birth, his mother and aunt were engaged in his upbringing. He is fond of computer games and gatherings with friends in a bar. Valentine really liked Marina (by correspondence on the Web), who was 21 years younger than him. Dating, on which Valentine most often just listened, the most ordinary sex with a little foreplay, and even the gentle passivity of the gentleman did not bother Maria. In her eyes, the man acted as such a strong and lonely male, capable of protecting and sheltering from adversity.

a grown man with a young girl
a grown man with a young girl

As it turned out, her overage lover himself needs a strong back on which he can lean. Rather, which will take care of him and create life, independently. Vali's mother was incredibly happy about the relationship of her son, because now you don't have to go and cook food and so on for your “son”. As a result, instead of a self-confident man, Marina got a graying boy with a high level of infantility. It never came to a wedding.

Third story

Natalia and Vladimir also had a big age gap. A young girl studying to be a lawyer met a twice divorced chief of a large company. A tall, elegant and intelligent man came with roses to every meeting and made expensive gifts. So Natalia got a cool smartphone and gold jewelry. In bed, he was also great. An expensive wedding took place two months later.

The family idyll lasted six months, and then Vova went to another, leaving his former (already third) wife a two-room apartment and promising to provide for the unborn child. By the way, Natalia was in her fifth month of pregnancy. By the way, a few months later, Vladimir was seen with a new young wife, who also had a rounded tummy.

Summing up the results8

In the first story, the most optimal type of man appears. Having met a person they like, such guys just go to contact without hidden thoughts, tell the truth and expect the same from the future girl (adjusted for their experience). Having achieved their goal, these people value relationships and try to show participation in all aspects of their beloved's life. Overprotection is often manifested. Young women instill confidence in their chosen ones, fascinate with their naivety and delight the eye with beauty. Few will miss such a treasure.

a girl with an older man
a girl with an older man

Valentine belongs to the type of non-growing children. Parents in the form of aunt and mother could not instill independence in their offspring. Such men do not necessarily need a young lady, they are looking for at least someone who will serve them. There can be no question of any understanding and care. By the way, now it is quite often possible to meet adult guys 35-45 years old with behavior resembling a teenager.

People like Vladimir suffer from excessive polygamy. No, they are not only interested in sex. They quite deliberately fall in love with a girl and do everything for her reciprocity. But seeing on the horizon a younger and more beautiful one, they immediately begin to knock wedges to another. A kind of male fertilizer, driven exclusively by the instincts of procreation.

In cases 1 and 3, men can be both simple workers and successful entrepreneurs. They can be in different social strata of society. And only the second type will never achieve real success due to its inability to take responsible actions.

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