How To Make Up With A Guy After A Quarrel If He Is To Blame: Several Ways

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How To Make Up With A Guy After A Quarrel If He Is To Blame: Several Ways
How To Make Up With A Guy After A Quarrel If He Is To Blame: Several Ways

Video: How To Make Up With A Guy After A Quarrel If He Is To Blame: Several Ways

Video: How To Make Up With A Guy After A Quarrel If He Is To Blame: Several Ways
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how to make up with a guy
how to make up with a guy

Even the strongest couples cannot do without fights. After the next showdown, the offense is a heavy burden on the hearts of both, and I want to fix everything faster. Usually, girls are not the first to start going towards reconciliation. But how to make peace after a quarrel with a guy if he himself does not show initiative in this regard? There are many proven ways to connect with a young person, whoever is at fault for the conflict. The main thing is to remember that you are a woman. And this means that the wiser and more cunning, and you can return the relationship to its usual course.

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  • 1 When to start making up
  • 2 Asking for forgiveness, even if the girl is not guilty
  • 3 Suggestion to put up
  • 4 Dinner for two
  • 5 Reconciliation by phone
  • 6 By SMS
  • 7 After parting
  • 8 How to make peace with a guy if the girl is to blame for the quarrel
  • 9 When he is guilty
  • 10 After the infidelity
  • 11 Reconciliation in bed

When to start making up

If you are sure that you love a person, and the relationship needs to and possibly be improved, then be sure to act, do not sit with folded hands with tears in your eyes. There is a rule that will allow you to make peace with a guy quickly: do not start negotiating immediately after the conflict, both are still too heated, emotions are gushing out, and it is unlikely that you will be able to build a normal dialogue. You need to give time to yourself and him to cool down a little, to think. At this time, you can occupy yourself with some kind of routine work in order to escape from sad thoughts. Wash dishes, windows, sort things in cupboards.

Then tune in to a positive mood, understand that the man is also now worried about a disagreement. Perhaps he is already ready, and wants to talk, discuss problems. We suggest further learning how to make peace with a guy in various ways that will definitely help restore peace and harmony in a relationship.

Asking for forgiveness, even if the girl is not guilty2

As we already wrote, girls are more cunning creatures than men. That is why you can approach your loved one and ask him for forgiveness, even if both, or only he, were to blame for the conflict. You need to hug the guy as tightly as possible and ask him for forgiveness. Say that you behaved somewhere wrong, and you regret it very much, and, in turn, are ready to forget his last wrongdoing. Say that you are sorry about the quarrel, both could lead calmer and more dignified, not bring matters to discord.

Believe me, no guy can resist when his beloved girlfriend is the first to come to terms, and even decides to take such a step as to apologize to the guy when there is no guilt behind her. Most likely, he has already realized his mistakes, thought about his behavior. In most cases, a man will respond to your impulse by saying that you are innocent, and this is all his fault.

Next, you need to move on to discussing third-party topics without touching on the moment and reason for the last quarrel. Suggest that you forget about this misunderstanding so as not to darken your love with bad memories.

A proposal to make up
A proposal to make up

Offer to put up3

If you do not dare to come up first after a quarrel, but are thinking about how to make peace with a guy, then this option will definitely work. You can get creative with this issue. For example, put an envelope in his mailbox, which will contain a smoking pipe. Write in a note that this is a peace pipe and you propose to split it. Or you can buy tickets for his favorite movie or concert, and put it in a letter box. Attach a note so that the guy knows who the valuable package is from, and in it write that you are waiting for an invitation to go to the event together.

If finances do not allow spending money on various kinds of surprises, then you can organize one for free. Put in an envelope a lot of small notes, each of which will say how you love him, how dear he is to you, that you regret the quarrel.

Dinner for two4

No matter how trite it may sound, the way to the heart of even the most offended man runs through the stomach. Well, what guy would refuse to have a delicious dinner with his beloved?

Make up with a guy at dinner
Make up with a guy at dinner

Prepare your beloved's favorite dish, decorate the table beautifully. Set candles, champagne or wine glasses. Invite the guy to spend the evening together, you don't need to start a conversation about the previous quarrel. If during dinner a man tries to remind you of what happened, just say that today you do not want to discuss this topic, and you can just forget about the conflict this evening. And the next day, none of you will want to sort things out again, and all the problems will seem not so serious.

Reconciliation by phone5

This option is suitable for those who, for some reason, cannot meet in person. If you regret a quarrel and are thinking about how to make peace with a guy, you should not wait for his call, dial his number first. A man will appreciate the determination of his beloved.

No need to start a phone conversation with long phrases and explanations. When the guy picks up the phone, say: "Let's put up, I miss you so much." Nobody will refuse such an offer. If a young man starts a conversation about what happened, then stop him, tell him that you are ready to discuss everything at a subsequent personal meeting. Next, try to deflect the continuation of the conflict. Explain to your loved one that any problem can be solved calmly, without scandals and mutual reproaches. Say that you do not want to argue with him, because you love him very much and are afraid of losing him.

Reconciliation by phone
Reconciliation by phone

In most cases, men are slaves. And the development of further dialogue will depend on the woman. Hug your chosen one, speak slowly, calmly and measuredly, without unnecessary emotions.


How to make up with a guy if he doesn't make contact? Or perhaps you just do not dare to call or personally meet with your loved one, because you cannot find the right words for reconciliation. In both of these cases, ordinary SMS messages, or messages, will come to the rescue.

Do not write banal things to your beloved, the message should be long, filled with your emotions and experiences. Tell in the letter how you love him, how much you are afraid of losing. Accompany the words with emoticons, hearts. You can insert an excerpt from a poem, or better think well yourself and write a few lines dedicated to your beloved.

After sending a message, you should not count on a quick response. Let the man feel the message, think it over. You can call him the next day, if there is no answer. And here already act as written in the previous paragraph.

Make up via SMS
Make up via SMS

After parting 7

It so happens that after parting, feelings return. You realize that you cannot live without it, and you begin to yearn for a restoration of the relationship. How to make peace with a guy with whom all the points have already been put, relations are in the past?

Even if you do not have the phone number of your ex, you can find it through mutual friends. Call, start a conversation with the fact that lately they have often begun to think about him, remember all the past. Ask how he's doing, if he's dating someone. Perhaps the guy has already found a new love. If so, then reduce the conversation to the fact that you just wanted to talk, want to remain friends, and sometimes meet. If he doesn't have a girlfriend, ask if he would like to spend the evening with you. Perhaps the man was waiting for this call, he was eager for a meeting, but still hesitated to start acting on his own.

It is worth remembering that feelings for your ex can be false. Perhaps you just got bored, nostalgia attacked, and you confused feelings with the revival of love. Before you call your ex, think about this moment well, because with your call you can turn his life upside down, and then leave him again.

Make up with a guy if it's her own fault
Make up with a guy if it's her own fault

How to make peace with a guy if a girl is to blame for a quarrel8

Everything is very simple here. You need to realize your guilt, and honestly admit it to yourself. Call your loved one, make an appointment. You need to ask for forgiveness, but do it right, do not lose your own dignity. Explain to the man why at that moment you did this and not otherwise. Say that you are repentant, realize your mistakes, and this will not happen again.

Of course, it is simply impossible to prove that you will no longer do this. But try to speak in such a way that your loved one would believe, give you a chance to fix and change everything. In the future, do not forget about what led to the conflict, but you do not need to remember this in conversations, both will be unpleasant. If you have been forgiven, do not fail, justify the trust. Now it is only in your power to restore relationships, to save love.

When he is guilty9

If a man could offend you in such a way that it led to a strong quarrel and even separation, you have every right to be angry, offended. But when it comes to love, about the fact that a couple may break up because of one stupid mistake, then you need to think about whether the offense is worth it.

Make up with a guy
Make up with a guy

It is unpleasant if a guy, after a quarrel through his fault, does not try to establish contact. Perhaps he is simply afraid to approach, to be rejected by his beloved. But we must not forget that now it is also difficult for him, perhaps even more than for you. Imagine that you are to blame for the quarrel, and how hard it is to look into the eyes of someone you love, but whom you could offend. Deep down, you would also be waiting for the first step from your loved one, the one who is ready to forgive.

Talk to your chosen one. There is no need to reproach him, talk about how bad he is. Just tell me how you are worried, how much it hurt you. But say that you are ready to forgive, to start over. Make a promise from your guy that he will try to fix everything, and he will never do that to you again.

After cheating10

How to make up with a guy who cheated on you? Do I need to forgive him at all? Of course, any girl will be very offended for being betrayed, it is hard to look even at her beloved, who spent time on the side. But before you completely break off the relationship, think carefully about whether it will be right.

You need to understand that not only the man is to blame for treason, but you yourself. Perhaps the guy in the relationship isn't getting everything he needs. Remember if you could offend your loved one in some way, thereby pushing for treason.

Make up after betrayal
Make up after betrayal

Maybe the guy was just stupid. It happens to everyone? And now he greatly regrets. Try to listen to him, but only calmly, without interrupting. Do not shout, so only aggravate the situation, spoil your nerves even more. Talk in a relaxed atmosphere, there should be no advisers in the face of friends and relatives. And in general, except for the two of you, no one should know about treason. As much as you would like to complain to your girlfriends, don't do it. Perhaps you will reconcile, begin to restore relations. But girlfriends will look at your lover differently, and it will embarrass him. He is already to blame, so let it be only in front of you, but in front of all your friends.

If a guy has treason in his blood, he steadily walks "to the left", then think about whether you need such a relationship at all. You will never be the only one; a man has a dozen alternate options. Imagine that in the future, you may get married. You will have a joint life, children, a dog. But all this will not be so necessary for him, because he will always be drawn to relax on the side. Better to break such a relationship in the bud, it will not be so painful.

In any case, don't force yourself to put up with someone who once betrayed. If there is a stone in your soul, disgust for your beloved has appeared, you are so offended that you understand - forgiveness is impossible, part. It is better to get sick now than to remind both yourself and him of your past mistake all your life. Perhaps over time you will be able to come to your senses, understand him and forgive. And if he really loves you, then he will give time to think, will wait.

Reconciliation in bed
Reconciliation in bed

Reconciliation in bed11

An excellent way to sort things out and make up is sex. In bed, you can spank each other, bite, scratch. So throw out negative emotions and make up. Agree, it is much more pleasant to make love than to swear. Therefore, if you did not share something with your beloved, reproaches and quarrels began, feel free to challenge him to a "duel" on the sofa. But be careful, don't get carried away! A man may like to put up in this way, and in the future he will specifically provoke a conflict.

There are many ways to make up with a guy. One may be effective, the other may not. Each person is individual, and everyone needs to be able to find an approach. If you know your loved one well, then be sure to find one among the proposed tips that will help you restore relationships!