What Are The Types Of Modern Relationships Within And Outside Of Marriage

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What Are The Types Of Modern Relationships Within And Outside Of Marriage
What Are The Types Of Modern Relationships Within And Outside Of Marriage

Video: What Are The Types Of Modern Relationships Within And Outside Of Marriage

Video: What Are The Types Of Modern Relationships Within And Outside Of Marriage
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Modern relations
Modern relations

Modern relationship between a man and a woman cannot be described in two words. Now there are so many types of relationships in a couple that came from Europe that it is sometimes difficult to figure it out. Some couples have been in relationships for many years, the names of which they do not know, but this does not prevent them from being happy. Everyone has their own concept of a happy relationship and it does not have to coincide with generally accepted norms.

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  • 1 Types of relationships before marriage
  • 2 Types of marriages in Russia
  • 3 Types of relationships in marriage. Alternative classification
  • 4 Problems in modern relationships
  • 5 The problem of "gender equality"
  • 6 Modern technologies
  • 7 Devaluation of the family
  • 8 Problem solving in modern relationships

The classic model of family and relationships, where the woman is the keeper of the hearth and the man is the breadwinner, is gradually disappearing. In its place comes equal partnership, guest marriages, free relationships and many other types of modern relationships.

Types of relationships before marriage

Loose relationship

Such a modern relationship involves communication between a man and a woman without any obligation. The concept of free relations can include both freedom from household obligations and the absence of a ban on meeting with other people. Meetings are scheduled when it is convenient for both partners, the territory does not matter.

People spend as much time together as they want, while in their personal time they can do anything and with anyone, without thinking about responsibility to their partner. In everyday life, an open relationship means that none of the partners intends to change the established way of life if he does not want to.

Being in such a relationship, young people can live together or separately, while not keeping an account of their actions to each other. But this does not mean at all that they do not feel feelings among themselves. Partners also arrange romantic evenings and surprises for each other, make pleasantries. That is, they are guided by the feelings of each other during the time they spend together.

In such a relationship, it is important to determine the conditions of communication in advance, since different people can put completely different meanings into this concept. To avoid mutual claims, you need to set the boundaries of what is permissible in advance.

Friends with Benefits

This type of relationship is somewhat reminiscent of an open relationship, but unlike them, there is no place for feelings, at least in the classical understanding of this type of relationship. Friendship sex is preferred by young people who do not want a romantic relationship from the word at all. There is only one interest in such a relationship - satisfying the need for sex. Most often, the initiator of such a relationship is a man.

According to surveys of people in such relationships, this is the primary motivation for men, when as the majority of women (almost 70%) would like to see friendship sex grow into something more. Also, for women, an emotional connection with a partner is important. This was stated by 37% of women. More than half of men, according to the same survey, would like the relationship to remain at the same level.

what are the types of marriages
what are the types of marriages

Maintaining such a relationship is much more difficult than it seems. Often, one partner wants more, feelings such as love, jealousy and a sense of ownership appear. With such a load in your soul, it will be difficult to continue having sex for friendship.

Normal relationship

Such a modern relationship is a normal relationship between a woman and a man with certain responsibilities and duties. There is no need to talk about rights here until the relationship is legalized. Well, at least about legal rights.

In this type of relationship, people, as a rule, remain faithful to each other, are not interested in other people as partners for relationships. In such a relationship, there is love, tenderness and warmth. Regardless of whether partners live under the same roof or not, they help each other in everyday matters, spend their free time together and make joint plans for the future.

Types of marriages in Russia2

  1. Legal marriage is a union of two people, formalized in the registry office, which gives rise to the rights and obligations of spouses at the legislative level.
  2. An actual marriage is the cohabitation of two partners, maintaining a common household and, often, raising common children.
  3. Church marriage - holding a wedding ceremony in a church; this type of marriage was previously considered legal. In the modern world, a wedding is also held, but has no legal force.
types of marriages in our time
types of marriages in our time

This classification implies the creation of normal relations between a man and a woman, which are based on mutual feelings and the desire to be together.

Types of relationships in marriage. Alternative classification3

Guest marriage

This type of marriage involves a relationship between a man and a woman on a regular basis. In this case, the spouses usually live separately and do not run a joint household, but the marriage is officially registered. Such a relationship does not imply betrayal, since the partners love each other and have deliberately chosen this type of marriage. It happens that such a marriage is a necessary measure. For example, when the husband is often absent for a long time because of work. Guest marriage is also chosen by couples who are afraid of everyday problems and daily routine. Moreover, the marriage will not necessarily be childless.

Fictitious marriage

This type of marriage is registered with the registry office, but it pursues completely different goals from a legal marriage. A fictitious marriage is not concluded to create a family and give birth to children together, but to obtain a certain benefit. The goals may be different: obtaining citizenship, registration, registration of state programs that are available only in marriage, material gain.

Open marriage

This form of marriage is characterized by the fact that spouses admit the presence of connections on the side. Supporters of this type of modern relationship believe that in this way partners become more tolerant of each other, without trying to manipulate and wield power in the family. With the help of such a marriage, the individuality of each spouse is preserved.

what are extramarital relationships
what are extramarital relationships

It often happens that one of the partners agrees to an open marriage in order to somehow keep the other partner in the family.

Same-sex marriage

This marriage is between persons of the same sex. In some countries, such a union is allowed and recognized at the legislative level. In Russia, the Family Code does not provide for marriage between persons of the same sex, that is, such a relationship cannot be officially registered. However, there is no direct prohibition on them and a couple can live in a civil marriage, while depriving them of many legal opportunities. The most difficult issue in such a relationship is the issue of procreation.

Problems in modern relationships4

There are always a lot of problems in the relationship between partners. From time immemorial, there was a problem of mutual understanding between a man and a woman, since they have a completely different view of the world, they pursue different goals. The problems in modern relations have increased due to the so-called "gender equality", the development of modern technologies and the devaluation of the family.

The problem of "gender equality" 5

Nowadays, when girls from childhood are told that they should be strong and rely only on themselves, and boys - that they should be tolerant and gentle, relationships such as "husband - head, woman - neck" are gradually being replaced. It is considered almost shameful to depend on a husband in any sphere - material or moral. On this basis, women are gradually being compared with men - they master "male" professions, occupy leadership positions and become the head of the family.

types of relationships in marriage
types of relationships in marriage

It is difficult for a man to accept the fact that a woman does not need him as a provider and protector. The traditional model of the family, where a woman is engaged in housework and children, and a man extracts resources, no longer suits a woman who wants to be independent and self-sufficient. And, in fact, it is difficult to blame her for this.

For centuries, women were considered second-class people, did not participate in elections, did not receive an education, and were completely dependent on their men. In general, the beautiful half of humanity sometimes had hard times, since the woman did not have the right to vote and had to obey her husband. Of course, this was not the case in every family. A wise woman managed to achieve her goals unnoticed by her husband, to do everything as if he had made a decision himself.

In today's world, women lack such wisdom. After all, the concept of "gender equality" does not mean that men and women should be the same in all respects. Gender equality is the equal value of a man and a woman; it will still not work to be the same. At least because only a woman has the function of procreation by nature.

Modern technologies6

Of course, the development of modern technology makes life easier for humanity. But at the same time, many problems arise in the relationship between a man and a woman:

Online communication. A common situation when jealousy arises from communication on social networks of a partner with the opposite sex. Feelings of jealousy can be caused by real facts of communication, or it can be contrived because of like another person

about extramarital affairs
about extramarital affairs
  • Online Games. This is a problem of many families, where a man is much more interested in online games than communicating with his woman.
  • Online dating. This way of dating is very deceiving, ranging from the appearance of a person, who can be radically different, and ending with intentions.

Family devaluation7

In our time, love and fidelity are not in the first place in the list of reasons for starting a family. Relationships often look like consumer relationships, none of the partner wants to sacrifice their interests for the benefit of the other. Family values such as love, respect, fidelity are replaced by convenience, profit and material benefits.

Increasingly, people do not see the point at all in starting a family, preferring an open relationship or sex for friendship, because no one wants to take on obligations. From this point of view, it is much more pleasant to spend time together and after that solve only your problems and go about your personal affairs.

Problem solving in modern relationships8

Problems in relationships were, are and will always be, but the main thing is the desire of two loving people to be together. If there is a desire, necessarily mutual, a solution to the conflict will be found. Problems arise for various reasons, several common ones can be distinguished.

Expectations. It happens that a person expects certain things, actions and deeds from his partner, but forgets about one important detail. His partner is an adult and a mature personality. It is foolish to expect a strawberry flavor inside a cut cucumber

types of marriages in the world
types of marriages in the world
  • Lack of understanding. Often partners listen to each other, but do not hear what they are talking about. In such cases, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your partner - at least mentally, even realistically, in order to try to understand.
  • Different views on life. Sometimes it happens that initially a relationship is built on mutual attraction and passion, and when people cool down, they realize that everyone has different dreams and goals. In this case, it is not possible to build a joint life and plans normally.

The trend in modern relations is that it is easier for young people to break off relations than to solve problems together and make concessions. It seems as if a person has a large selection of partners thanks to the Internet, dating sites and social media. However, people rarely think about the fact that everything on the Internet looks completely different, but in reality it can be easily disappointed. You need to take care of the relationship if you have feelings. You have to be patient and day after day to build that bright future that will suit both partners. Undoubtedly, this is a big and painstaking work throughout life.

Modern relationship is a union of two loving people who have equal rights and responsibilities. Due to their differences, a woman and a man cannot fully perform the same functions. There are also things that women do better than men, and vice versa. If in a particular union, a man is better at creating comfort in the house, and a woman is good at earning money and building a career, then why not? The main thing is that two people are happy with each other.

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