How To Properly Care For A Girl In The 21st Century? Be In The Subject

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How To Properly Care For A Girl In The 21st Century? Be In The Subject
How To Properly Care For A Girl In The 21st Century? Be In The Subject

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look after a girl
look after a girl

Many guys, having met a girl, don't really know what to do with her next. You definitely need to do something, but what exactly is the question. And not one, namely:

The content of the article

  • 1 Start with yourself
  • 2 Buying additional merchandise
  • 3 Choice of location, image and behavior
  • 4 Outdated and current rules of etiquette
  • 5 Compliments
  • 6 Conclusion
  • How to make a normal impression and not seem like a sucker when caring for her?
  • How to properly care for a girl today?

There are many questions, but no answers. Therefore, they are presented below:

Start with yourselfi

  • A guy inviting a girl on a date should look neat, so clothes should be clean and tidy and match the place where the girl is invited - it can be either a jacket with a shirt or a rocker T-shirt with sneakers.
  • The person who is going on a date must have a haircut and combed, but the hair must be drilled a little, otherwise the girl will guess that you were preparing for the meeting - this is very risky, since some will like it, while others will cause a smug smile. Everything should happen naturally and - as if by chance
  • This dudes should smell good, but do not overdo it, but emphasize the smell with a few strokes.
  • Make sure the deodorant or eau de toilette you used does not leave marks on your clothes.
  • Spit the gum out of your mouth or swallow it - it may turn out that you are chewing it more actively than any cow and do not have the slightest idea about it.

Purchase of additional paraphernalia2

  • On the first date, it is better not to give flowers - by bringing a bouquet you will directly declare your intentions and, if she has a different opinion on this, she will decide that you are a romantic who has read the classics and will make fun of you throughout the meeting. In addition, you can seriously screw up the choice of flowers, since you hardly knew what kind of flowers she likes. It's better to start giving them on the second date.
  • A small trinket as a souvenir, if desired, can be purchased - it will "accidentally" end up in your pocket. Only it should be unusual and interesting.
  • Candy can be given first.

Choice of location, image and behavior3

What should be the place?

The place should not be expensive when it comes to establishments. Nice music. And the kitchen. Not a pub for a drunkard, but not a top-class restaurant either.

It can also be a cinema or a park. More useful information on how to care for a girl is presented in our article at the link.


An ordinary guy who does not waste money in vain, but also not a kurkul. Stylish, polite. A bit gallant.

romantic date
romantic date


  • If the girl permits, you can smoke.
  • Raunchy jokes are better not to joke and not to make dirty hints - only slut will agree with such behavior on the first date.
  • There should not be an excess of obscene language - you can swear, but you cannot speak obscenely.
  • You need to speak and hold yourself confidently and clearly.
  • To joke.
  • Get interested.
  • Smile softly.
  • You can talk about everything except cars, football and politics - cinema, music, art, the animal world.
  • In no case should you be late for your first date.
  • The meeting place should be thought out in advance, if there is a possibility - the girl should be surprised.
  • Try to get her to talk more about herself on the date. The more you learn about her, the better. Moreover, she will find a grateful listener in you

Outdated and current rules of etiquette4

  • It doesn't matter which side of the girl the guy is coming from.
  • You need to help carry bags in any century.
  • The order in which you enter the elevator is not important.
  • Help to take off and put on clothes when entering the premises is essential.
  • You can hold the door to the store and the entrance. Especially in the store. They are heavy.
  • Lady, it is quite normal for herself to get out of the taxi. But the bill for it - you pay.
  • Day somewhere hands. Just do not cross them on your chest and do not put them in your pockets and do not twist the lighter keys on your fingers.
  • Don't drink too much.
  • Seeds do not peel.
a guy should be able to look after
a guy should be able to look after


It's better for a modern girl not to do them at all if you don't know how. She knows ordinary compliments, and they infuriate her. To come up with something extraordinary right off the bat is given to few. Moreover, it is by chance. Just be natural and don't do what is unusual for you. Try to both get good rest and enjoyment. It will be much more reliable and productive than the simple phrase: "you look great." And she really is. I didn't prepare at all and got out of bed half an hour ago. So what? Your words are just a lie. In short, - you infuriate, and she wants to yawn, because with this phrase you have just become ordinary, one of the majority of "handsome". For whom she is a "beauty" too. And she no longer expects anything unusual from you.


You don't need to read much to learn how to care for a girl. Now they need a normal adequate guy, and not the one described in the books. Maybe not even very rich, the main thing is not greedy. And to be yourself. The most common one is slightly inflated. A bit smart, funny and serious. And not these jesters are pea and "brutal macho, which are glued constantly.

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