How To Make Up With A Guy After An Argument If The Girl Is To Blame

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How To Make Up With A Guy After An Argument If The Girl Is To Blame
How To Make Up With A Guy After An Argument If The Girl Is To Blame

Video: How To Make Up With A Guy After An Argument If The Girl Is To Blame

Video: How To Make Up With A Guy After An Argument If The Girl Is To Blame
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How to make up with a guy
How to make up with a guy

How to make up with a guy after a quarrel is a question that worries worried girls. Flared up, quarreled, dispersed to the corners and did not communicate. And the soul is bored, longing and asks for reconciliation. The young lady blew her lips for some time about expecting active actions from the partner, but the guy stubbornly remains silent. And in the heart of a loving woman comes anxiety and a great desire for an early reconciliation.

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  • 1 Let passions subside and storms subdued
  • 2 I broke down and called
  • 3 Required pause
  • 4 Waiting time
  • 5 If a guy ignores a girl
  • 6 Time to act
  • 7 Warm, sincere apologies
  • 8 Eye to eye

Let passions subside and storms subdued

The first time after the scandal, the emotions of the partners are very high. They throw out their emotions in the second half, telling their friends and girlfriends about the event in colors. During this period, the girl makes a lot of mistakes. She throws dirt and insults on a loved one, without thinking about the serious and negative consequences.

After some time, feelings calm down, clarity of thought, sound reasoning and a desire to make peace come, but the act has already been completed. The young man, with the insults brought down, has the opportunity to learn from mutual acquaintances "the continuation of the outpoured rage."

This state of affairs aggravates the situation. But you shouldn't despair. A loving man will forgive a woman and return a romantic relationship if she does the right thing and wisely.

I broke down and called2

The guy, of course, is angry or angry, especially if the spat was the fault of a friend. The girl, wanting to speed up the moment of truce, unfortunately, throws new firewood into the flames of seething passions if she does not line up her behavior correctly. This is most often the case. A woman, experiencing emotional tension, calls her partner to say her apologies, but in the end she gets a negative result. There are several options:

the girl wants to make up
the girl wants to make up
  • The man ignores calls and does not pick up the phone. The girl is angry at the situation, and when the subscriber is "back in touch", new accusations fall on his head.
  • Without waiting for a woman's apology, the guy answers the call with anger and irritation. Such an answer rudely cuts off the noble impulses of the guilty partner, and the conversation turns into a new phase of quarrel.
  • Instead of joyful and enthusiastic words: "I love you too," the man dryly and coldly answers the woman.

The situation is greatly aggravated by female crying and hysterics coming from the phone. Men do not tolerate whining and recklessness. Instead of the desired reconciliation, the young lady will receive a gloomy silence or partner's irritation in response.

Sending girlfriends with words of forgiveness to a guy is also a bad idea. The young man expects an apology from the one who caused him pain and experience.

Required pause 3

Before making up properly with a guy, the girl must take a pause. They both flared up, said too much and need to "calm the storm." Some respite and mutual silence will allow partners to reflect on what is said and heard.

girl holding a guy by the leg
girl holding a guy by the leg

At a distance from each other, they will first analyze the mistakes and behavior of the second half, then their mistakes. A pause is necessary for some re-evaluation of the relationship. She makes it clear what the girl and the guy were wrong about, what words were spoken in the heat of the moment, which should not have been uttered at all.

Waiting time4

In some cases, it is enough to withstand an hour or two, and in more serious scandals, it may be worth keeping silent for a week. Melancholy and tender feelings for a partner will make it clear how stupid and frivolous the spat was, forcing loving people to distance themselves.

The guy will have time to realize his and others' mistakes, cool down, feel the desire to meet and conduct a dialogue. The girl needs to wait a certain time and not call, no matter how strong the desire to hear her native voice. If you feel guilty about it, it's okay to send out an apology message. An angry man will calm down and be able to soberly evaluate what he read.

the girl is to blame
the girl is to blame

If a guy ignores a girl5

If the man did not call first after the quarrel, then he is most likely still angry. Or waiting for the first step from a friend. The girl who is guilty of the conflict that has occurred must clearly understand what she was wrong about. Having figured out herself, in her wrong actions, she will certainly want to return the location of a loved one.

Time to act6

The girl is very worried and thinks about how to make peace with the guy after a quarrel, if he does not get in touch. After a certain time, the man should call first. Ignoring at the other end of the wire is not a reason to despair and give up.

Perhaps the man is busy or still angry. No need to insist on calls and intrude. A loving partner will certainly call you back either on this day or the next day. Long silence on the part of the partner allows for repeated calls in a day or two. But if a man stubbornly does not pick up the phone and at the same time he is well and does other things, then there is no need to disturb him yet. He will calm down and remember himself.

the girl is trying to make up
the girl is trying to make up

A loving guy will not keep you waiting long. He misses his beloved pretty much and also longs for an early reconciliation.

Warm, sincere apologies7

A girl needs to understand how to make peace with a guy after an argument. If she will prove her innocence and continue to make claims, the man will hang up and show up soon. The conflict created by the woman requires a sincere and sincere apology.

It is necessary to leave pride and unnecessary prejudices: when a woman is to blame, it is her duty to ask for forgiveness. No need to whine, cry, and beg for forgiveness. However, the proud tone of the Snow Queen, descended to a mere mortal, is also useless. It is enough to simply and gently ask for forgiveness and tell the young man how dear and necessary the girl is. Such a heartfelt speech will undoubtedly please your partner.

guy kissing girl
guy kissing girl

Eye to eye8

After a difficult conflict, a man may not get in touch for a long time. It is advisable to come to his house and talk face to face. If a guy avoids meeting, then guarding him near work and apartment is a bad idea. Let him get bored, think about whether he needs the culprit of the quarrel.

Real feelings are not destroyed by omissions. As the popular proverb says: "Lovely ones scold, only amuse themselves." When a girl knows how to make peace with a guy after a serious disagreement, she will bring the sweet moments of a truce closer.

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