The Time Machine Broke Down: Why Not Talk About Your Former Partners?

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The Time Machine Broke Down: Why Not Talk About Your Former Partners?
The Time Machine Broke Down: Why Not Talk About Your Former Partners?
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talk about ex
talk about ex

Our current partners don't want to hear about our exes 24/7. Does this mean that they do not care about "what came before" and do not want to touch on this topic at all? Hell no! A very small percentage of people are absolutely not interested in what their predecessors were (they are either very confident in themselves, or they are afraid of revealing their own secrets, or they are quite liberal, or they really love you, or they are afraid to be disappointed, or just pretend), everyone else will one day gently start a conversation about ex. This is where it is important to act with caution. If you hide, they will find out in a roundabout way. Talk too much - it will be remembered forever. Read the strategic plan and remember:

The content of the article

  • 1 Do not idolize
  • 2 Do not mix with dirt
  • 3 About current
  • 4 Sex
  • 5 About feelings
  • 6 Into a strange monastery

Do not idolize

Excessive praise of the external and personal qualities of the former love will at least make you doubt your feelings for your current love. Even if you consider your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend your first and last true love, you don't need to say it out loud.

Although, wait … If you are crazy about your ex-partner, maybe you should finally admit this to yourself, accept the fact that the person who is with you deserves better, and break up?

In all other (healthier) cases, we can say that the former was (a) a decent person, with a good sense of humor. There are many pleasant memories, but at the same time you remember everything that caused the breakup (it is very important to make it clear that you are not a vindictive person, but with a good memory - you don’t hold evil, but you won’t go twice into the same river).

Do not mix with dirt2

Nobody likes guys who insult ex-girls with their last words. Nobody likes ladies who use foul language about boyfriends with whom fate divorced them.

It would seem: to hear that your predecessor or your former competitor has pretty much “made a mistake” is a delight for the ears of the one with whom you are sharing the bed at the moment.

A guy's ex-girlfriend can always turn out to be quite normal, but read how to build relationships competently for everyone in our next article.

gossip about ex
gossip about ex

In reality, it looks like this:

  • “Was her ex so terrible? We crossed paths with him a couple of times, he seemed to me a normal man. Maybe your demands are too high, friend? "
  • “How can you talk about your ex like that? Even if she was so stupid and hysterical, you still loved her … Perhaps she is not that stupid since she left you? "
  • "Hmm, as I understand it, if we part, will you also tell all your friends such intimate details about me?"

Everything is as in the previous point: mention that you have had serious conflicts. Point out that you would not like to see such and such qualities in your partner. This is enough to satisfy curiosity and unobtrusively mention what you do not accept.

About present3

You were asked about your ex, not his new girlfriend. At a minimum, the question arises: where do you know about such fresh details about the life of a person with whom you no longer meet? Do you keep in touch secretly? Will you stalk your ex's social media page?

stories about ex
stories about ex

Likewise, a girl won't appreciate your latest news about your ex's new boyfriend. And your blatant hatred and aggression in his direction will lead to bad suspicions.

- Who is she dating now?

- I think I heard that she got along with her colleague. Well, I hope they are doing well. So where are we going in the evening? …


You shouldn't add complexes to your girlfriend by talking about your ex with supermodel parameters and pornstar skills. Do you think this is how you motivate her to sign up for yoga and become more relaxed in bed? No matter how it is. Most likely, the poor girl will become overgrown with self-doubt and you will have sex once a year, in the dark and under the covers. If at all you will have it from now on. Women's offense for sex is worse than impotence.

Men are much less suspicious creatures, but you shouldn't test their self-esteem for strength either. “The sex was good, but in many ways it was inferior to ours. At least because I love you now. " If you want to bring something from the past to your bed, by no means present it as “Why don't you do it like he / she…?”.

talk about sex
talk about sex

Because go three letters is the softest possible answer.

Present the desired delicacy as a kind of trick, spied on in the film.

About feelings5

Is it worth explaining that your current girlfriend or boyfriend will hear from your lips “I still love her / him…” - a blow below the belt? If your feelings for your former partner are stronger than for your current partner, see point 1.

Into a strange monastery6

All cute habits, jokes "for two", traditions and so on, leave in the past. Is your favorite cafe invariably associated with your ex? Look for a new cafe, eat at home, discover new dishes. Does the resort bring back sweet memories of a vacation with your ex? Go to another place. While the wounds are fresh, do not woo them with ill-fated nostalgia. If you feel that anything related to the past is causing negative emotions, avoid it.

Create new memories, love new bands and films, read new books, set new goals and learn to cook new dishes. The more time you spend in the past, the more wonderful moments in the present pass by you.

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