How To Respond To A Man's Refusal: Laughing Through Tears

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How To Respond To A Man's Refusal: Laughing Through Tears
How To Respond To A Man's Refusal: Laughing Through Tears

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Failures, along with successes, are constant companions of people throughout their lives. In childhood, this is the disagreement of parents with the wishes of the child, in adults - a negative response from the authorities to a request for leave or the unwillingness of a nice person to start closer communication. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the question of how to react to a man's refusal. After all, the ability to respond correctly to default answers and get out of situations with the maximum benefit for yourself is a useful life skill.

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  • 1 Unusual situation
  • 2 Correct behavior
  • 3 Learning to Benefit from Failure

Unusual situationi

Usually, the story of a failed love begins with a man's phrase: "she did not agree" - to go on a date, accept a marriage proposal, spend the night together (sleep). And the mean tears of the stronger sex irrigate the harsh faces and floors. Why stingy? Because men don't cry, they get upset.

But a picture in which a girl hears denial after her proposal is rare in itself. And this is primarily due to the fact that the first step for many ladies is a much more difficult practice than for the opposite sex. The increased emotionality of the beautiful part of the population plays a role.

If the beauty decided to take everything into her own hands, it means that for a very long time and very strongly someone pretended to be a monument, unable even to indicate their desires. And when, after such, a default is heard from a brave boyfriend, this brings double disappointment. Maybe the young man did not like that his lady had not presented flowers before this?

if a man refused a girl
if a man refused a girl

Correct behavior2

How to respond to a man's refusal depends largely on the situation and the reason. Refusal is also influenced by the way the question is asked. But the main thing for a woman will not be to perceive failure as an adequate assessment of personal and external qualities. This is not a reason for self-criticism, such thoughts should be thrown out of your head first. And no self-flagellation in the form: "Nobody needs me." Rational behavior can be described by the following points:

  • A reasonable excuse. Even with an overwhelming desire, you should not turn into a seductive succubus and directly request sex. Better to subtly suggest rapprochement. But if in response you hear the phrase that you should not rush, here it is better to turn around 180 ° and leave.
  • Notice the reaction. When, after rivers of compliments and courting, the gentleman turns into a likeness of Pinocchio and takes on seriousness, it would be better to express mutual distance without stupidity. The candidate is not going to pay his own bills.
how to accept a man's refusal
how to accept a man's refusal
  • It is very helpful to learn to see the true meaning of the spoken words. If the latter responds to an attempt to get closer to a married guy about his intentions to remain faithful, you should not respond with ridicule or provocation. The consolation prize will be the thought that there is fidelity in the world.
  • On adequate reasons for a negative answer (I am sick of another, and sex without love is not for me, etc.), it is important to respond as worthily as possible. In this state of affairs, pride is the main asset.

And the key advice is never to insist! Many beautiful ladies, hearing excuses from the gentleman in the form of their own failure (I'm too bad for you) or ridiculous attempts to evade (I have huge problems) continue to bend their line. Yes, girls are very compassionate and generous, so they begin to dissuade the boyfriend and declare that they will cope with all the difficulties. This is not worth doing, never, at all.

Learning to Benefit from Failure3

How to respond to a man's refusal? For starters, give time an opportunity to put thoughts in order. After a couple of weeks, the girl begins to rejoice at the negative answer, her gaze stops obscuring the pink veil and the truth is revealed. And quite often, having cast a sober glance over the object of his adoration, the beauty begins to sneak through with laughter (and that's what I almost got myself into?). Another question is what to do after Madame has given a turn from the gate:

if the man refused to date
if the man refused to date
  1. First, it's a tremendous opportunity for growth. A sober assessment of all the factors of the situation gives a chance to gain the necessary knowledge (for example, to no longer pester cowardly and effeminate gentlemen, they are not able to act as a partner).
  2. Secondly, it will be an incentive to work on yourself. Improve external parameters, or broaden your horizons. Perhaps work on speech or behavior.
  3. Thirdly, it is an opportunity to find a person who can really appreciate a girl as a person, see her merits and accept her shortcomings.

Unfortunately, in moments like this, emotions are the only ones guiding thoughts. Whether they have logical grounds or not, it doesn't matter, feelings overwhelm consciousness and do not allow themselves to be pulled together. People love to advise them to take their minds off their experiences. But experience is the best medicine. Without it, a person will not learn how to properly respond and evaluate failures. It is for this reason that negative responses are necessary to develop a strong personality.

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