Make A Man Think About You. Learn Proven Ways And Tricks For Beginners

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Make A Man Think About You. Learn Proven Ways And Tricks For Beginners
Make A Man Think About You. Learn Proven Ways And Tricks For Beginners

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Do you think about him for days, and he manages to enjoy life carefreely? Not fair. How to make a man think about you - proven methods and techniques in our article.

The content of the article

  • 1 First stage
  • 2 Correcting bugs
  • 3 Reasonable approach
  • 4 Smell = charm
  • 5 Lesson in aromology for beginners
  • 6 In contact
  • 7 An example to follow
  • 8 Back to reality
  • 9 Lovely formula

First stage i

First you need to decide - do you really need the attention of this particular man? What is the driving force? Sports interest, desire to annoy a friend or sincere sympathy for a man? If there is no smell here, the success of the enterprise can ultimately be very disappointing - a disgusted fan (and they can be just crazy stubborn) will annoy with unnecessary attention and recognition. This will amuse the girl's self-esteem, but it can ruin the relationship with the really handsome man who appears on the horizon. After all, not every gentleman is ready to put up with his lady's insane exes.

So, you are confident in your desire to take over the mind of a man. The question "How to make a man think about you?" takes the heads of girls around the world and each uses its own methods. If you don't care what thoughts he should have about your account, you can borrow a large amount of money from him and stop answering calls. Well, if you are serious, let's move from jokes to business.

Correcting bugs2

Some girls make a serious strategic mistake - they completely occupy the space around their prey. If you write messages to a man every minute, call every hour and comment on every post on the social network with lightning speed, then the chosen one will think of you. Thinking a lot. For example, about what he did in a past life and for what such sins he got such a loving treasure. Another strategy is to take possession of a man's personal space, literally.

make you think about yourself
make you think about yourself

Go to all establishments beloved by the object of hunting, try to charm all his friends / girlfriends / relatives / cats, watch him at the entrance / work / place of study. A couple of such accidents will be greeted with a smile, it is possible that non-binding small talk will be struck up.

But after the third "accidental" collision, the boy will start to cover with cold sweat and start running away in the opposite direction from you, barely seeing a familiar silhouette in the distance.

How to make a man think of you as an interesting girl, and not as a dangerous maniac who needs to be isolated from society and, first of all, from himself? Think strategically. Act carefully.

Reasonable approach3

Distracting a man who is concentrating on any activity is more expensive for us. Do not annoy him with attention. First, it's just annoying. Secondly, it makes him think that you have nothing to do in your free time. It is pleasant to be the center of someone's universe at the initial stage of a relationship, but if a girl has no thoughts, interests and activities of her own, her value in the eyes of a man quickly fades away. In the end, if a guy is not a hopeless narcissist, he will get tired of talking only about himself and his interests. Relationships are created so that people learn from each other and experience the world through the eyes of another person.

conquer a man
conquer a man

Write him a message equivalent to a friendly poke on the shoulder. Avoid phrases "I was thinking …", "we should talk about …", etc. One such phrase in the notification panel - and you want to put your phone away. Submit your favorite song with a non-binding, playful signature, or ask a non-standard question (the degree of non-standardness is directly proportional to a man's sense of humor).

Sexologists also advise the following trick (suitable for those cases when you are already in a relationship and want to whet your interest): come up with an intimate word that has a special connotation only for the two of you. It can be anything, the main thing is that some spicy story is associated with it. Then, on a subconscious level, the man's mood will rise and the concentration of thoughts in your direction will sharply increase (moreover, very hot ones).

IMPORTANT: choose a word that is not used too often in the dialogue. Otherwise, it will lose its sharpness and piquancy.

Smell = charm4

It's not for nothing that most perfume campaigns have sexual connotations. How to drive a man crazy, how to make a man think about you all day long? Perfumers advise you to start by choosing a good perfume.

pheromones in seduction
pheromones in seduction

Smells can influence our mood and evoke memories. They can inspire and energize, energize and energize. If a girl wants the smell of her perfume to evoke in the man's brain the same strong and vivid associations with her, like the smell of tangerines Happy New Year, you should approach the issue wisely.

If a man already shares a bedroom with you, it's much easier - scent the room (but don't overdo it) and arrange a date. If you are at the stage of acquaintance, choose for yourself one perfume that will become your business card. As you get closer, this scent will begin to firmly associate your partner with you and with those pleasant moments that you spent together.

Aromology lesson for beginners5

  • Verbena - for a long time it has been attributed to love spells. Reveals sensuality.
  • Geranium is an aphrodisiac suitable for mature women
  • Jasmine is especially good for pregnant women. Helps them find inner harmony and enhance sexuality. Intoxicating, subtle and gentle.
  • Sandalwood - develops sexual imagination. It is considered a masculine fragrance. The smell lasts a long time on the skin.
seduce a man
seduce a man
  • Musk - works flawlessly. A long-lasting, sensual ingredient in an expensive perfume.
  • Ambergris - used in ancient Rome. Experts compare its smell to tar, earth and cigarette smoke.
  • Ylang-ylang - seduces, intoxicates, envelops with its sweetness and creates an erotic mood.
  • Muscat - a pungent, tart, slightly bitter smell instantly improves mood and liberates both men and women.

In addition to conventional perfumes, the modern market also offers perfumes with pheromones. Scientists have not yet agreed on whether this thing is worth its money or is it just a publicity stunt.

To begin with, pheromones are secreted by the glands of animals and humans and are volatile substances. Smell receptors pick them up and send information to the brain. The ability of pheromones to influence the behavior of living things has been scientifically proven and continues to be studied to this day.

thinking about you
thinking about you

The appearance on the market of perfumes with a miraculous effect occurred in the last century and caused a real sensation. Every lady wanted to buy herself a bottle of concentrated sexuality. But there is a nuance: pheromones do not have a smell as such, and therefore it is not possible to unequivocally judge the effect of such a perfume.

Perfumes with pheromones are much more expensive than their counterparts, the main ingredients in their composition are the well-known amber and musk.

They should be applied, like any other perfume, without fanaticism - on the wrists, elbows and earlobes.

In any case, it's up to you. Even if the value of this invention is greatly exaggerated, but the placebo effect will work and you will be liberated, you will feel sexy - everyone will benefit.

In contact6

While your partner is experiencing vivid positive emotions, touch his neck or arm for a few seconds. You will have to repeat the manipulations a large number of times (ten or more), always touching the same area, but the effect is worth it. You can control a man's mood and change it for the better with one touch. Why, next to you, he has such emotional transformations, he is unlikely to guess, but he will begin to seek contact with you and think about you quite consciously.

contact with a man
contact with a man

An example to follow7

Now let's digress from psychology, chemistry and other sciences. How many love books have you read? How many melodramas and romantic comedies have you watched? Most likely, the numbers are impressive. Of course, films and books are embellished stories with a sweet happy ending, often far from reality. Still, we all have a lot to learn from literary and movie heroines. The most successful examples of how you can charm a man and take possession of his thoughts are in our selection:

  • Immediacy. This is exactly what fans of the film "Bridget Jones's Diary" observed. The heroine of the trilogy constantly got stuck in stupid situations, “smoked like a locomotive, drank like a cabman and dressed like her mother” - this is exactly the impression of her from a man who later fell in love with her. Loved "the way she is." With her clumsiness, she even managed to interest her sophisticated boss with the reputation of Don Juan. A very beautiful fairy tale, but what of it can you take note of? The fact that sometimes spontaneity can play into the hands, and an awkward joke will make a man think about you (or try to understand if you are normal or not).
  • Inaccessibility. This especially works with guys who are used to swimming in female adoration. Lack of awe in the eyes of a splinter can confuse a handsome man. The main thing here is to skillfully alternate the periods of "convergence" and "distance". Similar techniques have been played out in many films and TV series. Among them: the teenage comedy "Die John Tucker", the Norwegian TV series about schoolchildren Skam, the TV series "Gossip Girl" and many others.
Iren Adler
Iren Adler

Iren Adler

Intelligence. This works especially well with men who themselves are highly intelligent (or consider themselves as such) individuals. In this case, the lady who amazed him and managed to beat him, with one hundred percent guarantee, will take possession of his thoughts. Especially if the environment of a man is not replete with smart women. As you display your intelligence, remember to admire the man. Sincere, unpleasant compliments plus your own talents - a combo

Cinema example: the heroine of the TV series "Sherlock" Irene Adler is a fatal beauty who demonstrated high intelligence and managed to instill interest in the cold calculating mind of a detective from Baker Street.

Femininity in its purest form. In the era of self-sufficient women, feminism and unisex style in clothes, perfumes and hairstyles, many men yearn for sparkling femininity and softness. For those who have forgotten what it is like to be gentle and soft, to conquer with one glance and radiate pure feminine sexuality, without an admixture of vulgarity - the film "Memoirs of a Geisha" is suitable for viewing. For those who have a strong psyche and are able to withstand violent scenes in films, the film "Malena" is suitable. Monica Bellucci in the title role - as the quintessence of femininity and sexuality. A seductive woman, beautiful and inaccessible, like a painting in a museum

the girl thinks about the man
the girl thinks about the man

To channel Don Juan's enchantment against himself. Namely - to look, speak and smile like a sex bomb, seduce an alpha male and fly away like a graduate of the Institute of Noble Maidens. Unaccustomed to defeats and rejections, plus seduced by female charm, a man himself will find a way to meet, no matter what it costs him. Film example: "The Passion of Don Juan"

Back to reality8

Many men admit that when they first met, the girl was able to amaze them so much that even before they had time to really communicate with her, they already began to think about her for days on end, until they finally decided to call or write. Psychologists also unanimously say that the first seconds of the meeting are the most important, and therefore they should not be scattered about.

The stunning looks are definitely a big plus. But among the "anchors" of male attention, many also name risky but successful jokes (black, cynical humor), unexpectedly deep knowledge of a scientific topic, the ability to win in an argument or a bold, extreme proposal (here again everything is individual - one you will conquer with a trip with a breeze on a bike around the city at night, and make someone a stutterer).

get a man
get a man

Lovely formula9

So, what is the answer to the question "How to make a man think about you?"

If you put together all the methods known to psychology, sexology, cinematography and humanity in general, then the answer is this - a girl should become an inspiration and a source of positive emotions. Associate a man with sex and care, comfort and warmth, relaxation and support.

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