How To Invite A Girl To Your Home: TOP-5 Working Rules

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How To Invite A Girl To Your Home: TOP-5 Working Rules
How To Invite A Girl To Your Home: TOP-5 Working Rules

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How to invite a girl home
How to invite a girl home

Every guy knows one indisputable truth: courtship and seduction are subject to a huge set of rules. You can even say that a collection of certain rituals, the observance of which helps to achieve the desired, in fact, in 100% of cases. The question that absolutely all guys face is how to invite a girl home.

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  • 1 Long way home
  • 2 Rule one: deadly reason with iron arguments
  • 3 Rule two: intrigue
  • 4 Rule three: digging into the bastion
  • 5 Rule four: transience
  • 6 Rule five: the law of the refrigerator

Long way home

How did they get all these peacock kurlykany. Life would be much simpler and more specific if it would be trivial to agree: "Madame, you are attractive, I am damn attractive, I invite you to the hayloft at midnight!" And no scrolling to you. Yeah, yes, of course.

Before you persuade a friend to go to the priest's lair, you need to entertain her well, feed her deliciously, talk about three boxes, and then maybe she will agree to the trip. And God forbid blurt out clearly and to the point: "I want sex." It will be a devastating fiasco. Girls are so arranged that this is the only truth that offends them to the core. And this is the key situation that forces guys to get out, invent, compose and get on the slippery slope of lies. Conclusion: the girls themselves are to blame for sometimes lying to them.

Everything is much simpler if the guy made a gorgeous pause in the form of languid sighs under the moon, quivering hugs and kisses. Many people feel sorry for spending a couple of months studying the constellations. But on the other hand, such patient unique ones easily and naturally rip off the main prize. But what about the "hurry-ups"? For them there are clear rules from the paragraph "How to invite a girl home."

Rule one: deadly reason with iron arguments2

This counter is mandatory. Thinking of giving birth to your beloved cat is stupid. It is necessary to provide such facts that will easily convince the girl that the trip home is interesting, exciting and safe. It is not a fact that you need to tell the young philatelist directly that it is there that she will see the rarest issue of thematic stamps. This is unlikely to work. But you can start whining about your poor health. Girls are compassionate creatures and will not rape the physical state of a loved one. In this situation, they can easily rush to visit under the auspices of the rescue of a dying person.

You can associate the invitation with her interests. True, for a start, you need to properly probe and prepare everything. Otherwise, you can fly by with some unusual requests. Suddenly, she doesn’t have to live, she doesn’t need to study the structure of the barrel organ, but it will not be? It will look pathetic. She is not a "little red riding hood" to deceive her into the den of the beast.

how to invite a girl home
how to invite a girl home

In general, the point is that for a competent pronouncing, a banal interest is required. And this is where rule number 2 follows.

Rule two: intrigue3

This rule is based on the theory of female curiosity. Oh yes, girls love everything new and funny. You can come up with a whole quest that will lead her to a bachelor den. The quest should be interesting, exciting, with cute tips and surprises.

It will begin with the usual arrangement of a meeting, the place of which is hidden in mysteries. So let her go along the "hare paths" along the way collecting cute bunnies. Not only will she have a cute collection of big-eared, but the adventure will also cloud her perception of the brutal reality. As a result, she herself will fall into a trap with "Mazai's army" in her bag. But at the same time she will be happy to the point of impossibility and will easily succumb to seduction.

Rule three: digging into the bastion4

In general, before starting a massive attack, you need to properly tire the army of girlish cockroaches and lull their vigilance. To do this, you will have to wear out more than one pair of iron shoes while walking around the evening city. Yes, it is this moment that is required. These are the same walks, stars, clouds and latte with tiramisu in a cafe around the corner.

how can you invite a girl home
how can you invite a girl home

When this romantic flair becomes dense and tangible, it's time for the first kiss. Timid touching of cheeks and lips is not yet a reason to go home, but when the girl is already digging in not only her lips, but also her teeth, and her body begins to react very unequivocally - it's time! There are two options for the development of events:

  • Arousal → ride → sex
  • Ride → arousal → sex

In any of these options, one condition: the girl must be ready.

The trip should not be delayed in such a situation. As the saying goes, "strike while the iron is hot." Of course, a trip on the subway or minibus will go off the hook like a fish. And all because in public transport the girl will come to her senses and cool down. Therefore, there are few options: a private car or a taxi. To put the lady back, and to take the place of the navigator himself is not comme il faut. But this is also logical.

Of course, the driver must immediately clearly and clearly explain how to get there, so that later he does not distract with his questions. It is indecent to arrange a passionate fuss in a taxi, for this they can be kicked out halfway, but an imperceptible heating is a topic. Girls love light extreme, so it's not forbidden to wander your hands over her knees. It is also impossible to be silent, like partisans during interrogation.

how best to invite a girl home
how best to invite a girl home

You have to talk, talk and talk all the time. The topic can be any, the main thing is that it is funny, because a girl cannot be given even a minute for a break. In addition, bursting into laughter, she will all the time fall on her chest and bury her shoulders. She is a well-mannered lady and will not "play" in the back of the head of the driver. By the way, on her part, this is also a game in which she uses seduction techniques. If this happens, then everything is on the ointment. From all this follows rule number 4.

Rule four: transience5

We'll have to try to make the trip pass unnoticed. As already mentioned, there should be no silent pauses on the road. If it doesn't occur to you how you can cheer up your girlfriend, the Internet with funny videos will come to the rescue. The first place among them is occupied by jokes with animals and children. By the way, children are a separate topic, which almost always plays an important role in winning a woman's heart. Of course, provided that the lady is not childfree.

Rule five: the law of the refrigerator6

If a mouse hangs itself in the refrigerator, then ordering food at home can save the situation. But this is how irresponsible goons do. Pizza and rolls can be ordered to be brought hot fresh exclusively as an addition to the main menu.

invite a girl home
invite a girl home

At home, drinks should already be cooled: wine, champagne, juices. The fruits must be washed in advance and placed in a vase, which should already be on the table. The candy should be in the same place. In general, you need to cook and set the table right away. These glasses can be taken out during the play, but everything else should be ready. Otherwise, any decent girl will move away from the stove, and she will begin to practice in cooking eggs and bacon. It is not right. She should come, plop down on the sofa and throw grapes in her mouth, not cut sausage and bread.

In fact, you shouldn't worry too much about how to invite a girl home. This is a completely natural situation, but you shouldn't force events. And then everything will work out by itself.

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