How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship: 8 Essential Tips

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How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship: 8 Essential Tips
How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship: 8 Essential Tips

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How to maintain a long distance relationship
How to maintain a long distance relationship

In the era of high tech, video calling and texting, it seems like keeping a long distance relationship is easier than ever before. You no longer need to pay crazy money for a few minutes of talking on the phone, no need to suffer while waiting for letters or telegrams. But technology cannot compensate for everything. The lack of regular physical intimacy still makes long-distance relationships more emotionally difficult than ever. So is a long distance relationship possible and how to maintain it?

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  • 1 Prioritize
  • 2 Timing of parting
  • 3 Don't rely solely on technology
  • 4 Focus on quality communication
  • 5 Don't miss out on boring details
  • 6 Personal life
  • 7 Rethink the situation
  • 8 Long distance relationships - a test?

Prioritize i

Differing work or school schedules, sleep habits, and time zones can wreak havoc on even the strongest couples when it comes to infrequent intercourse. It is important to remember that the time for the conversation should be convenient for each party. It should be agreed in advance who will initiate the contact, with the help of which services, and what time will be appropriate. It is necessary to select a communication model that will satisfy the needs of both parties, in order to avoid the occurrence of resentment and disappointment.

Terms of parting2

Overall, research shows that long distance relationships are experienced with less stress when a couple understands that the breakup is temporary. It works on a subconscious level: it is easier for partners to go through this difficult period and the difficulties that it brings. The realization that the pain of parting will end sooner or later helps lovers to find hope for a brighter future. It is important to constantly talk about the expectations and results of the relationship - in the end, they should lead to something.

Details on the psychology of long-distance relationships can be found in our article further on the link.


Don't rely solely on technology3

Many couples at a great distance thank the technology for the existence of Facetime, video conferencing, text, thanks to which it has become much easier to maintain contact with a loved one in real time, even at a great distance. However, partners must have something physical that reminds them of their love: it can be a piece of clothing, a special accessory that symbolizes love, an old gift from a lover - something that will serve as a reminder. It's much easier to maintain a long distance relationship this way.

Focus on quality communication4

Research shows that couples in a long distance relationship may be more satisfied with their interactions than geographically close couples. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that couples in long-distance relationships realize the value of rare minutes of communication, and most importantly, they do not have to kill energy for everyday problems. It is important to understand that telephone conversations or video calls cannot fully compensate for physical presence, replace touch - that is why it is important to always select and weigh words with extreme caution.

maintain a relationship at a distance
maintain a relationship at a distance

Don't miss the boring details 5

Do not overlook the small details of your partner's day - this is one of the most important secrets of how to maintain a relationship at a distance. It is important to constantly ask him about the "boring" and "mundane" things: With whom did the partner spend their lunch break? What podcasts does he listen to? Who pisses him off at work? Knowing these details, the distance between the lovers will seem less, because the illusion will be created - no matter how scary it sounds - the presence of a person nearby.

Personal life6

There's no doubt about it: long distance relationships require some sacrifice. But it's important to be careful not to sacrifice more than is necessary, which can create resentment and regret over time. When a long-distance relationship continues for a long time, one of the partners may avoid developing friendships with other people, have no interests or hobbies; simply because he lives on the idea of ​​a relationship with his lover. But you should not put off life until later, it is important to keep working, find friends and have fun with them, live to the fullest, even when the most important person is not around.

Rethink the situation7

Given the positives that come with some long-distance relationships, it may well make sense to perceive the current situation as something that, despite all the disadvantages, can be beneficial. Separation helps to appreciate each other. Cognitive reframing is useful in all difficult life situations, as it helps to find hope and gives a person a sense of control.

how to maintain long-distance relationships
how to maintain long-distance relationships

Long distance relationships - a test? 8

And that brings us to the main stumbling block in many ways at a distance: the fact that partners don't really understand what their lover is doing day in and day out. It is worth recognizing that long-distance relationships always cause concern about the loyalty of a partner - however, it is important not to let this thought rule your own mind and influence behavior. Long-distance relationships are a test not only of loyalty, but also of trust.

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The work of building and maintaining trust must come from both sides. It's not just about sexual infidelity - there are many ways to undermine trust and destroy relationships. How to maintain a relationship at a distance and can partners rely on each other? Are they sticking to plans for the future? Do the lovers listen to each other, and most importantly - do they hear? Are they close to each other, despite the distance, or are their thoughts busy with something else? It is important to honestly answer these questions in order to understand whether to continue the relationship at a distance or not.

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