How To Make A Husband Or Wife Confess To Treason? Psychologist's Advice

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How To Make A Husband Or Wife Confess To Treason? Psychologist's Advice
How To Make A Husband Or Wife Confess To Treason? Psychologist's Advice

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make you confess to treason
make you confess to treason

Cheating can destroy a relationship, and yet people commit it all the time. According to statistics, from 30% to 50% of Europeans cheat on their partner at least once in their life (the indicator differs for different countries). How do you know if your couple is cheating on you? How to make your partner confess to cheating?

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  • 1 Signs of treason
  • 2 Friendly support and professional help
  • 3 Proceed with Care
  • 4 How to make a man confess to treason?
  • 5 How to make a woman confess to treason?

For details on why people cheat, see our article further down the link.

Signs of treason

Previously, you did not look at the little things to find evidence of treason, but now suddenly you started thinking about it? You are probably worried about some new detail in your partner's behavior.

The most common signs of cheating are:

  • Your partner will not lend you a phone, even if you ask for it to take a photo or while away the time playing. Any your attempt to touch the device leads to an outburst of aggression in your partner. Moreover, the surge of emotions will be stronger than the reason suggests.

    This behavior is observed in adolescents. In the period of growing up, many react sharply to violation of personal space. For school-age children, this will be a normal reaction, even if there are no secrets on their phone. But adults rarely behave this way when they have nothing to hide.

    If your partner does not work in the special services, you may reasonably suspect that something is threatening your family's idyll.

Constant phone calls away from your ears. Even during the daytime on weekends, when there is no need to deal with work issues

Frequent overtime at work. On days when your partner is going to be late at work, he chooses clothes especially carefully and looks in the mirror more often than usual. To your timid offers to spend more time together, he rudely or irritably replies that he is busy and tired at work

Sometimes he accidentally refers to you by someone else's name, and also uses nicknames that are not typical for your relationship: "bunny", "sun" or any other

Signs of treason
Signs of treason
  • You don't talk heart to heart as often as before. Go on dates less often to cinemas, cafes, museums. Do not spend vacations and weekends together, do not plan joint trips. The partner constantly rejects your offers to spend time together, citing workload and fatigue.

    But this alone is not enough to reasonably suspect a partner of treason. Perhaps he is really constantly busy.

Persistent scent of someone else's perfume. Excuses like “we were standing next to each other on the subway” or “a colleague is strangling too much” can work once or twice. But the smell, which does not disappear, but settles on more and more things, is a wake-up call

Other people's underwear and traces of kisses do not appear out of nowhere. And ill-wishers are more likely to substitute a person at work than think of ruining his personal life. Most likely, you will notice such obvious evidence when the lover or mistress of your half wants to declare themselves to you

How it is worthwhile to treat infidelity and not lose respect for yourself, read our article at the link.

How to deal with cheating
How to deal with cheating

Friendly support and professional help2

Relationships are your personal fortress. If you suspect your couple of infidelity, do not rush to talk about the problems to friends and family.

They may not give you much in this situation: sympathy, pity, a lot of negativity towards your partner, advice of varying degrees of usefulness. Some of this is unlikely to help you, but it will make you feel like a victim.

If you need help in a relationship, it's best to see a psychologist.

Proceed with Care3

"Knocking out" the confession of a partner, remember that the confession of infidelity can end in a breakup. If this outcome is undesirable for you, do not turn this difficult but important conversation into an interrogation.

Confession of treason
Confession of treason

If you do not have the opportunity to see a psychologist, try to analyze your relationship yourself. Think about the problems between you and your partner. What could have prompted your couple to cheat?

It is possible that for some time now your partner does not feel comfortable with you - for example, if you hurt him emotionally. But it is also possible that you simply do not have the same sexual or spiritual needs, and your couple is trying to fill them with a lover or mistress.

None of this is an excuse for cheating. But you are not analyzing the relationship in order to find excuses for your partner. It is important for you to understand whether you want to continue this relationship, what problems exist in them and to what extent they can be solved.

If you are not yet sure that you want to end your relationship with the traitor, or if you are afraid that the separation will hurt you, prepare well and find out everything in the conversation without turning it into a loud quarrel.

How to make a man confess to cheating? 4

Do you think that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you, but he will not admit it? If your partner has already thought about breaking up with you, then most likely he will confirm your accusations, as soon as you state them, and wants to talk about breaking up. If a man continues to deny cheating, then most likely he:

Cheating man
Cheating man
  1. does not consider treason to be a serious offense or betrayal and is not going to leave you;
  2. is afraid to part with you for some reason (for example: he still appreciates your relationship, you have children, it is economically beneficial for him to stay with you - you have a high income, you serve his household needs, and so on);
  3. pathological liar, unable to admit the truth and his guilt.

You will make him confess if:

  • Imagine a photo where he meets with another woman, clearly not for business negotiations. The point may be in the personal gesture that we managed to catch in the frame, and in the meeting place. A club or cafe with a romantic menu for two does not conduct business transactions.
  • Print or open the correspondence with his mistress on your smartphone.
  • Check the social media page of your partner's mistress and find their shared romantic photos.
  • You will find a partner with a mistress live.

Of course, collecting such evidence will have to cross the partner's boundaries. If you study his personal correspondence without permission, it is very likely that he will never trust you again. It's up to you whether to take such a step.

How to make a woman confess to cheating? 5

Due to the peculiarities of socialization, women are more prone to feelings of guilt than men. Therefore, many can admit cheating, even if their partner has no proof.

Cheating woman
Cheating woman

To get a woman to confess her infidelity, try:

  1. Just ask her about it.
  2. Organize a romantic dinner, be extremely caring. Even successful business women, hardened by the need to keep their face at work, rarely confess to everything under a sense of guilt if they have a lover.
  3. Organize a vacation or a walk. A long time alone and a lack of worries that can be distracted will make a woman want to throw a stone off her soul and confess everything.
  4. To resort to the standard method and find evidence.

And about why women cheat, read our article further on the link.

Think about whether you want to keep the relationship with your cheating partner. This will affect the best way for you to get your partner to confess. See a counselor to get ready to talk about cheating and analyze your relationship. If you do not have this opportunity, reflect on these questions yourself.

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