4 Early Dating Mistakes Many Girls Make

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4 Early Dating Mistakes Many Girls Make
4 Early Dating Mistakes Many Girls Make

Video: 4 Early Dating Mistakes Many Girls Make

Video: 4 Early Dating Mistakes Many Girls Make
Video: A mistake a lot of women make in the beginning of dating. Why men may pull away 2023, March
start of relationship
start of relationship

Relationship psychology is not easy. Understand, and most importantly, understand, not everyone is capable of this. That is why family psychologists are so relevant in our time, because sometimes married couples simply do not understand what to do with their marriage, which is now on the verge of breaking up.

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  • 1 Reasons for starting a relationship
  • 2 Common mistakes women make during relationships
  • 3 Tips for starting a relationship right

In this article, we will look at how the beginning of a relationship with a guy or a girl occurs, the psychology of which is not clear to everyone. It is because of this that misunderstandings often occur, fatal mistakes are made and much more, which puts an end to the just begun relationship between a man and a woman.

Reasons for starting a relationship

It so happens that relationships are established between people and they are driven not by the desire to receive and give love, but by some other factors. These include:

  • Try to forget in another person from a past relationship that ended in a painful breakup.
  • Fear of being alone.
  • Satisfaction of physical desire.
  • Revenge on a former sigh.
  • Start a family "before it's too late."
  • Run away from under the parental "wing".

You can list them endlessly, since there are a lot of similar reasons and there are many more people who are guided by them when creating a union than those who build relationships for love.

Common mistakes women make during relationships2

The beginning of a relationship, the psychology of which is quite difficult to understand, is very often not set. And almost always this happens through the fault of the woman. They make mistakes in relationships that literally alienate a potential partner from her person, although they themselves do not understand it. If you find yourself in the following errors that will be listed, then urgently get rid of it.


It would seem that everything is just beginning, you are both happy and enjoying the time spent with each other, but then one day a man disappears from the horizon and your communication gradually fades away. Why is this happening? Most likely you were too pressing on the man.

Many girls, just beginning to feel that she is interested in someone she likes, turn into a kind of mom. They start calling, writing messages, controlling every step. Simply put, you invade the life of another, try to control him and appropriate him, thinking that he will not go anywhere and such overprotection from you is pleasant to him. Understand that this is far from the case! Let the man do his job. He wants to be in your place, he wants to call you, write, look after and protect you. It shouldn't be the other way around.

The beginning of a relationship
The beginning of a relationship

Strong affection and dedication

At the beginning of a relationship, this definitely should not be. You have to do everything gradually. You cannot abruptly, after the first date, declare that you are ready for anything and at least go to the ends of the world for a guy. It is not right!

Remain mysterious, unfold gradually. You do not need to surrender completely and dissolve in a person. So you can behave even when your union is more than six months old, since it is then that people finally get used to each other and begin to do everything possible to make their other half happy.

A man should …

When you are just starting to date, then such a concept as "a man should" should not even be in your thoughts. Nobody owes you anything, just as you owe anyone. Of course, it's nice when a man does everything for you and literally from the first day wears and presents expensive things, but in this case you need a slightly different type. Over time, your partner will understand what he needs to do and everything will become the way you wanted. But understand that you will have to wait, since no one will fulfill your desires and whims at the first call in the early days of the relationship.

How to behave at the beginning of a relationship
How to behave at the beginning of a relationship


There is a type of women who, starting a new relationship, immediately embark on something that resembles a competition. They are trying with all their might to prove to their new partner that they are smarter, stronger, faster and generally better than him. What for? Why are you doing this? If by such behavior you are trying to convince that the man has chosen a great girl for himself, then you are deeply mistaken. By doing this, you are only more and more alienating the potential man of your heart, since no one likes such a "competitive" relationship.

Tips for starting a relationship right3

How to behave correctly at the beginning of a relationship? Here are some tips to help you stay in a relationship that never really started.

  1. Everyone should have their own space. You should not demand that a person disclose all the secrets and the past, which he would not like to talk about. The time will come, and you will definitely learn about everything, but not now.
  2. Don't try to be together all the time. If you are invited somewhere - agree, if you are not called, then you should not insist. Understand that if this is your person, then he will not go anywhere, just at the moment he may have problems at work and just spend time with you there is nothing, and it is wrong to meet at your expense. Just wait.
  3. Later, when your relationship gradually flows into a life together, then immediately discuss all the responsibilities and distribute them between each other. This will help to avoid scandals in the future.
  4. Don't expect anything. Do not wait for gifts, attention and other joys of a relationship. Arrange it yourself, show that the person is not indifferent to you and then he will definitely understand that reciprocity is important and it is worth pleasantly surprising you too.
What to do at the beginning of a relationship
What to do at the beginning of a relationship
  1. Don't make any promises. You may not always be able to fulfill them, and the person will remember you for a long time as unreliable.
  2. The most important thing is to be yourself.

But how to start a relationship anew, you can find out in our article further on the link.

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