Reasons Girls Don't Like Nice Guys

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Reasons Girls Don't Like Nice Guys
Reasons Girls Don't Like Nice Guys
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girls don't like good ones
girls don't like good ones

Bad romances suggest that most girls don't prefer real gentlemen, but rather bad guys. You can give a girl a large number of gifts, surround her with attention, but in the end she will choose one who does not pay attention to her and does not pamper her with a good attitude. This is followed by falling in love with a bad guy and the girl refuses to listen to the advice of loving friends and relatives, which entails many problems. What is behind this behavior, and why do girls dislike good guys? Consider the reasons below.

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  • 1 Male qualities
  • 2 Boredom as a reason for finding the bad guy

Male qualities

These include fearlessness, self-confidence, leadership skills, independence. Therefore, subconsciously, girls strive to be with such men, admire them. This goes back to ancient times, when the main purpose of the female sex was the upbringing of offspring, and the male - the ability to feed him. That is why girls are drawn to such men who have the qualities described above.

Deep down, the girl understands that such a relationship will not last long, but on the subconscious she follows instinct. It is quite understandable that if we compare a modest and quiet guy with a strong and domineering macho guy, then the preference will be on the side of the former. After all, the second does not have such confidence in his abilities, he will not rush into a fight for his girlfriend.

There are several reasons why girls don't like good guys. Among the main ones are the following:

1. The girl wants to have a guy with her, who will be a wall and support for her, being next to whom nothing is scary, who can provide calmness and confidence. Therefore, the chosen one is a strong and courageous guy who is not characterized by soft character traits, as well as shyness.

2. Everyone knows the phrase that a man should be a leader in a relationship. He is in charge and most girls have the same point of view, so they choose a partner who takes responsibility for the relationship and accepts all important conclusions.

why love bad
why love bad

3. Nice guys follow strict moral and ethical standards and rarely go out of their way to get the heart of their girlfriend. If a rival meets on their way, they will prefer not to interfere in the showdown and step aside, thereby refusing the opportunity to be with the girl.

4. Guys who seem kind are not always like that. Some of them simply lead a calm and measured lifestyle, it is so convenient for them. When problems arise, it is easier for them to avoid them, rather than solve them. If such a guy needs to change the lifestyle to which he is used, then it will be easier for him to abandon the relationship.

In addition, the reason why girls do not like good guys is the existence of a stereotype that anyone can conquer the good, but this fact does not increase self-esteem. But in order for an imperious and strong man to pay attention to her, you need to try. This is a kind of quest, because only the best will win. As a result, girls spend tremendous efforts to get the guy of their dreams to pay attention to them.

Thus, women's self-esteem and status in the eyes of other girls increases. But having won such a man, it is important to remember that they do not change and do not give in to someone else's influence. It can take years to make a good and decent guy out of him, but attempts will not be crowned with success. In many cases, such couples break up and the girls decide to be with calm and reliable men. But they need time to understand this.

bad guy
bad guy

Boredom as a Reason for Finding the Bad Boy2

After all, girls want saturation and emotions. Therefore, they decide to diversify the usual working days with the appearance in life of a brutal macho who gives a storm of emotions and makes his head spin. A calm and kind guy who lives by the rules will not give a colorful palette of vivid sensations that the girl has long needed. But such emotions are not for long and along with them new problems arise. Emotionally, girls become attached to these guys, require constant vivid sensations and hold them, which in reality are not of interest as individuals.

Some girls have a desire to save a person and, on their own, raise a good guy from a bad guy. Such girls believe in miracles, because there is no other way to explain it. Girls choose those who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction and other disabilities. They believe that they will change the man and he will take the right path, admit the mistakes he has made. Such girls sacrifice their lives and time, believing in the best. For a long time they endure humiliation, insults, but the relationship does not get better and the man does not change. On the subconscious, women enjoy it, they believe that they will pass this path and achieve victory.

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