How Do You Get A Guy For A Couple Of Dates? Secrets Of Seduction

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How Do You Get A Guy For A Couple Of Dates? Secrets Of Seduction
How Do You Get A Guy For A Couple Of Dates? Secrets Of Seduction

Video: How Do You Get A Guy For A Couple Of Dates? Secrets Of Seduction

Video: How Do You Get A Guy For A Couple Of Dates? Secrets Of Seduction
Video: What Russian men want and who they are | Relationship advice 2023, March

Relationships are tricky. You never know where they will start and where they will end. In love, everything is too unpredictable. In addition, many do not know how to start communication with a potential partner. Most often, problems arise with the fair sex. So lady, the bark has come to find out how to get the guy.

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  • 1 Love at first smile
  • 2 External appeal
  • 3 Atmosphere
  • 4 Eye to eye
  • 5 Voice
  • 6 Correct conversation
  • 7 Humor
  • 8 Compliments
  • 9 Social media is evil
  • 10 It takes a little time
  • 11 don't be afraid to screw up

Love at first smile i

Many people mistakenly believe that at first glance, a spark cannot run through. However, it is not.

The fact is that men, first of all, pay attention to a woman's face. They do not appreciate the figure, for them it is secondary. But if a beauty knows how to conquer those around her with a charming smile, this is a big plus.

Many people have been given the ability to properly lift the corners of their lips since childhood. If not, it can be worked out. It is enough to practice a little in front of the mirror and turn into Angelina Joule and find your Brad Pete is not difficult.

Appearance 2

Of course, guys pay attention to their appearance, no matter what feminists say there. However, everyone has their own tastes, so every girl will be able to find her betrothed. The main thing is to be able to put yourself in order. A little paint on the face, styled hair, stylish clothes and a prince on a white horse will fall at the princess's feet.

Besides, you shouldn't forget about hygiene. Love is essentially a chemical reaction within a person. Special hormones are produced in the body, from which that very feeling arises. Naturally, much of it is caused by smell. Therefore, before the first date, it is better to wash and brush your teeth.


More often than not, guys worry about where the dates will be. But sometimes they don't mind putting the reins in fragile hands. If the initiative goes to the girl, then you should not run to cook borscht or get out the dusty grill. Men love romance too.

Therefore, you can create a real romantic atmosphere in your room. Candles, dim lights, delicious dinner. The perfect way to show your own intentions. Moreover, in such a cozy place, it is not a sin to go to a horizontal position on the bed.

how to get a guy
how to get a guy

Eye to eye 4

Men don't like lack of eye contact. Women should look their partner directly in the eyes, especially when they are talking. However, you shouldn't turn into a maniac constantly looking at one point. There should be a golden mean in everything.

Voice 5

If a woman has a beautiful voice, the guy just melts before our eyes. This is another factor that can conquer any man.

Again, a similar quality can be developed. The main thing is not to talk hoarsely, like Semyon from the 3rd entrance. Otherwise, it will discourage all sexuality and you can remain just friends.

Correct conversation6

Often times, the first date turns into an awkward event, similar to an interview, or worse, an interrogation. Girls are often interested in hobbies, hobbies, views on life. They are trying to find out if he wants children, why he needs a girl, and so on.

These are certainly important questions, but they can be asked later. At the first meeting, the conversation should be casual. She should walk calmly and measuredly. Therefore, it is better to talk, as they say, about nothing.

how to get a guy fast
how to get a guy fast


If a girl knows how to joke, this is a big plus. Such ladies are highly valued. This emphasizes their erudition and ability to think critically.

Just throw in some jokes while chatting. If the partner laughs, then the relationship will be strong and long.


Sometimes you can get enough of your betrothed. This is necessary, especially at the beginning of a relationship. A smart man will overwhelm a girl with compliments. However, somewhere in the depths of his soul, he will wait for kind words in response. Therefore, it is quite possible to voice them. Maybe the guy will not show that he is pleased, but in his heart he will dance with happiness and joy.

Social media is evil9

It is worth giving up the phone for the duration of the date. It is worth picking up the phone only if loved ones are calling. Sitting in messengers is ugly. The guy just decides that he is not interested in his companion and it is better to find another. Therefore, one should not hide excitement under feigned indifference. Be yourself so that you can be put # without filters.

quickly fall in love with a guy
quickly fall in love with a guy

It takes a little time10

If it seems that a man should admit his feelings in return for a long time, then you may be wrong. Guys tend to be reflective. They constantly analyze everything, take into account all the pros and cons. Much for them is mathematics, love is no exception to the rule. Therefore, you cannot rush the man. This can put him off, since no one likes sharpness.

Don't be afraid to screw up11

Often the first date turns out to be a failure. All out of awkwardness and stiffness. Therefore, girls need to be relaxed enough to be remembered.

However, don't be afraid to screw up. Men are patient creatures, therefore, regardless of the outcome, they gladly go on a second / date. Now you know the answer to the question "how to get a guy."

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