Getting To Know The Girl's Parents For The First Time: Tips On How To Impress

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Getting To Know The Girl's Parents For The First Time: Tips On How To Impress
Getting To Know The Girl's Parents For The First Time: Tips On How To Impress

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meeting parents
meeting parents

Acquaintance with the girl's parents … It seems to be a safe event in general, but heavy thoughts begin to spin in my head. "What if they don't like me?" phone numbers and names after spending the night together? " When, how and why to get acquainted with her parents? Read, print, memorize.

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When? I

You probably understand this yourself, but we will remind you: this is not an area of ​​relations where you can rush. It is better to prove that you have serious intentions and passionate feelings in your bedroom or in a jewelry store, if you really want to. Meeting the girl's parents is a very serious step, the girl will definitely appreciate it. But what is the threat of such an early infusion into the family circle?

Seriousness. Introducing yourself to her parents and officially calling herself her boyfriend, you show that you are determined, if not for a wedding and a joint old age with five children and a mortgage, then at least for a long-term relationship

If, after the initial, turbulent stage of the romance, your feelings fade away, you will no longer be able to part quietly, without attracting attention. The burden of responsibility for the feelings of her parents will rest on your shoulders.

Perhaps her friends were madly in love with you and they doted on you, but they will somehow survive parting with you. And if it turns out that you turned out to be that bastard, then they will drink, and dress, and introduce you to a new man. Because they will know your entire unsightly side.

She probably won't tell her parents the whole truth. Therefore, they will torment your friend (and you when they meet, by the way, too) with questions, interspersed with sympathetic oohs. Whether you like it or not, you will already be perceived as a potential son-in-law. Jokes about the wedding and the kids are included.

K / f
K / f

Obligations. Even if according to your documents you are not yet part of this family, you have already been enrolled there. How long have you been digging / planting potatoes and hilling tomatoes? If her parents or grandmother have a summer cottage, do not expect that they will seat you at the table and bring a shish kebab on a silver platter under the brandy

Of course, everything here already depends on the specific family. Some parents adhere to the rule "Don't go where you should not" and completely withdraw from participation in their daughter's personal life until she asks. Deal with you, wipe your daughter's tears? No problem!

Crawling with advice and questions about the wedding, manipulating and demanding your presence at the birthday of the second cousin of Uncle Sasha's mistress - no way. Actually, it is not a sin to meet such parents. This is the dream of any son-in-law. But such families are rather the exception to the rule. Therefore, do not be surprised if your girlfriend, under the onslaught of mom and dad, begins to demand your appearance at all family gatherings. Going to a bar with friends? What the hell are friends when a second cousin gets married!

How to meet your parents
How to meet your parents

So when should you meet her parents? The ideal option is when you have been together for a long time, passions have subsided, but feelings are just as strong, and confidence in each other is strong. Anything can happen, of course, but it's better to wait for the time - a couple of months will be enough for someone, half a year or a year for someone.

Delaying an acquaintance is also not a good idea. It's like fishing - do not overexpose, seize the moment and hook. Otherwise, the fish will fall off the hook. He will consider that your intentions are not serious and will arrange for you a couple (dozen) tantrums. In the same way, girls don't like it when you put off meeting your friends in every possible way: “Is he shy of me? Am I worse than his ex? Or is he waiting for us to disperse?"

Parents, by the way, will also be twice as suspicious if you have avoided meeting them for a long time and have come up with excuses: “Sorry, I can’t come to dinner, my cat is giving birth, and I was just watching the birth of a lion on National Geographic and I think it's time to put knowledge into practice."

After six months of long-term relationship, such espionage is suspicious. After a year of secrecy, you will have to work hard to earn their trust.

meeting parents
meeting parents

Life hacks when meeting a guy's parents were carefully collected for you in the article at the link.

How? 2

  • First of all, you need to calm down. Her parents, of course, will understand the reason for your concern and will not laugh loudly (but this is not certain), but if you sit on their beloved cat and break the service that they cherish for a special occasion, their sympathy for you will plummet.
  • Do not cover your face with your hands or sit with your arms crossed. Clean body language. A confident posture, but without excessive pretentiousness (you don't need to put your feet on the table), a calm look and a cup of tea in your hands. Don't drink alcohol. If you give it up altogether, it will be good. Needless to say, drunkenness won't play into your hands?

Look at their beloved daughter with tenderness, but don't go overboard. There is no need to lick it and squeeze unnecessarily. Don't throw your hand at her when marking territory, or her father might mark your face

How to behave when meeting your parents
How to behave when meeting your parents
  • Answer questions openly, but keep dubious details to yourself.
  • If the girl's seductive girlfriends / sisters are spinning nearby, do not try to undress them with your eyes. If you think that no one can see how you drool over her sister with the figure of Kate Upton, then you are grossly mistaken. Now you mentally calculate her breast size, and then you will face calculating the steps in the entrance. Not mentally. The only girl you should be looking at is yours.

Why? 3

Then, your girlfriend would say. We will be a little more verbose: to prove the seriousness of our intentions. And your courage, of course.

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