What Are The Disadvantages Of Men: 12 Popular Disadvantages

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Men: 12 Popular Disadvantages
What Are The Disadvantages Of Men: 12 Popular Disadvantages
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disadvantages of men
disadvantages of men

Men tell each other every day during smoke breaks how imperfect women are, that there is no standard in this world that every sexually mature guy dreams of. They are annoyed by every point of female behavior and everyone can always add something of their own, individual from which the degree of irritation rises in seconds. Well, it turns out that there are no ideal people except men?

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  • 1 So, the TOP 12 disadvantages of men according to women:
  • 2 Love of order / disorder
  • 3 Bad habits
  • 4 Modern "tankers"
  • 5 Male humor
  • 6 Untidiness
  • 7 Unwillingness to take responsibility
  • 8 Lack of interest and selfishness
  • 9 Greed
  • 10 "Scabies"
  • 11 Hypochondria
  • 12 Insecurity and failure to keep promises
  • 13 Pathological jealousy of all living things

But no! They have a lot of flaws and character traits, from which any woman will go berserk. What shortcomings of men irritate women the most and can they be dealt with? More on this later in the article.

So, the TOP 12 disadvantages of men according to women: _12

Love of order / disorder

On the one hand, it is strange to combine such dissimilar things into one category, but on the other hand, a man who jealously watches every speck of dust and who finds the right things among a mountain of bits, plates and dirty socks equally annoy beautiful ladies.

Most men sin with scattered things after work, fragrant gifts in the form of socks and an absolute unwillingness to contribute to the cleanliness of the house. The solution to the problem will be the proposal to provide the spouse with funds to buy a dishwasher and regular visits by a housekeeper, if she also works no less than her husband and comes home late in the evening.

Bad habits 2

The main disadvantages of men, which not only kill health, but also annoy women. The addiction to relaxation with a couple of glasses of good cognac with a cigarette in hand for most women is a problem bordering on lung cancer and alcoholism at an early stage. It is pointless to fight the habit of drinking a couple of glasses after lunch or dinner if this has been happening for a long time on an ongoing basis.

Smoking is also a deliberate step and the partner knows and has seen more than once what the lungs of a smoker look like and how terrible concomitant diseases look. It is pointless to scare him, especially if the work is associated with a risk to life or in the team everyone smokes for a long time and a lot. If you constantly saw through the brain on the topic of harm to both, you can only achieve a change in the place of taking a dose of "sedative" in the form of a garage or bar.

men's flaws ruin life
men's flaws ruin life

Modern "tankers" 3

Men who fight for a long time in front of computer monitors and shout tactical instructions to the whole house in headphones bring to white heat both young girls and adult women, whose soulmate has discovered the wonderful world of modern online games. The state of affairs can be innocent and be an alternative to alcohol and cigarettes, or be a daily ritual of the disappearance of the father and husband from the monitor until late at night.

You can try to negotiate about resolving the issue and highlight certain days or conditions, fulfilling which the man plays his favorite strategies. Taking away forcibly loved toys is tantamount to taking sweet candy from a two-year-old child. Only in the case of the husband will the screaming be longer and louder.

Male humor4

A separate point that every girl who went through a relationship faced. The specific understanding of jokes and ironic situations by men differs from the perception of the world by women. Cases and stories from which the powerful of this world are filled with hysterical laughter are unlikely to cause a smile from a partner.

about male flaws
about male flaws

If the partner sins with stories of vulgar jokes and dirty jokes mixed with unprintable words, ignoring will help solve the problem. First, you need to smoothly protect relatives and friends from the manifestation of humorous talent, then do not react at home to humor jokes and everything is ready, the man will somehow begin to apply sparkling in his usual team.


The problem is that these shortcomings of men can be seen at the first acquaintance and during the common life. The inability to take care of oneself and the unwillingness to try minimally for the sake of attractiveness to the partner causes disgust and disgust. Stretched sweatpants, a head of fluffy nose hair, a long nail on the little finger, dirty hair, the scent of stale armpits and light stubble are not unique to the marginal. A disorderly attitude to appearance is instilled by parents and if they could not instill it, then what can a girl or wife do? To endure a little and force to correct as a little one.

Reluctance to take responsibility 6

This quality generates in the hearts of women a persistent hatred of men and a desire to shoulder the solution of all problems on themselves. Caution should not be confused with the infantile partner.

about male flaws
about male flaws

Perhaps he is used to consulting and receiving additional incentives to show decisiveness and it is difficult for him to make fateful decisions alone.

Wives and girlfriends who want to tell how everything should be and make a man do everything as they want can imagine for a couple of minutes what a tyrant an indecisive quiet man will look like after the sole decision of absolutely all issues in the family. Is this better than consulting and discussing everything together?

Lack of interest and selfishness7

When a guy stops paying attention to a woman and is ready to discuss everything with friends, spend time with them, but does not pay attention to his beloved woman, it damn it pisses her off. The egoist, as a rule, is not interested in other aspects of the life of the second half, her tastes in bed and the girl eventually becomes a person who is nearby.


Where without this vice thrifty, as they call themselves, men. At first, everything was great, and little cute gifts made the girl happy, and one rose with a ribbon evoked memories of school love and the first attempts at courtship.

how men's flaws spoil life
how men's flaws spoil life

After a wedding or during a long-term relationship, it becomes clear that he is not a romantic, but a curmudgeon from whom it is impossible to beg every penny. It is easy to solve an issue with a super economical partner if you have your own budget and do not even allow it to be a step towards its distribution.

"Scabies" 9

Yes men will forgive all women, but the habit of scratching the causal place with rapture explodes the level of anger to heaven and a split second. A disgusting habit, which none of you is surprised at even at the first twitching in public, looks bewildered and tries to argue everything with words about the inconvenience after a sitting position. If you don't surprise your wife with such a trick, the girl may permanently lose her appetite and desire to be together after such a trick.


There is no sight sadder than a dying man from a temperature of 36.9 to whom the souls of ancestors have already come to say goodbye, and the woman he loves ironically looks and does not believe in his groans and suffering. A manic tendency to look for illnesses, sick leave after every accidental sneeze and taking pills by handfuls of everything just in case repels girls.

what flaws of men spoil life
what flaws of men spoil life

Insecurity and failure to keep promises 11

gives the partner a chance to understand that everything in life together will fall on her shoulders. The masculine said - did it should clearly go all his life side by side, and forget about the promised, not be a support for a loved one, but just be there and according to the passport - annoys and does not inspire hope for a bright future.

Pathological jealousy of all living things 12

It doesn't matter who is next to a woman and how well she knows him, any man and even a girl is an object for jealousy and scenes. The desire to tolerate this behavior should overpower the desire to run away from this type.

Whatever shortcomings haunt the soul mate, it is important not to forget why he was loved and accepted so strange and a little annoying. Marital life is replaced by periods and stages when a loved one becomes an unbearable presence and every trait that was loved before enrages in him. Love and tact will help you endure this and close your eyes to the peculiarities.

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