Difficult Relationship: It's Hard To Drag, And You Don't Want To Leave

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Difficult Relationship: It's Hard To Drag, And You Don't Want To Leave
Difficult Relationship: It's Hard To Drag, And You Don't Want To Leave
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Many may recall relationships that were more like hard work than a fun hobby. It happens so: a person feels that something is wrong, but cannot understand. But there are several symptoms that make it possible to accurately determine that the relationship is a burden.

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  • 3 Secrets with seven seals
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"Burlak's syndrome" i

This is the most common symptom, but also the most subtle. Most often men are exposed to it. Well, yes, they were brought up the same way: a man should … And further down the list. And the men pull the "burlak" strap, turn gray, catch heart attacks at the age of 40, someone gets drunk, someone has a mistress, and someone lives like in a bad dream. And it's hard to show: the wife is a clever woman, the hostess, the children have grown up, they have been educated, and the house is full.

But something is wrong. But everything is simple: everyone sat on it, legs dangled and drove. Moreover, from time to time they are dissatisfied with something. Wives often sin by the fact that, having saddled their spouse, they come up with an endless decree, require an annual vacation on the seas-oceans, and they themselves attend a bunch of courses on nail, eyelash and other crap, not always working by profession. A frequent story.

Girlfriends behave the same way. While the guys are young, this is not particularly noticeable. But it is worth starting to live together, then such moments emerge very quickly. “Come, take it, pay, I want it, give it…”, capriciously pouting lips, dried pasta and sleeping on the couch. And the boy doesn’t know what could be different. But he readily harnesses and starts to drag.

Design inclinations2

As soon as there is a desire to change something in a partner, we can safely say that the relationship is beginning to weigh on.

There is an opinion that at the very beginning the partners wear rose-colored glasses. They do not notice bald spots, fullness, protruding ears, birthmarks and crooked teeth. And indeed it is. Over time, people get used to each other, and do not notice age-related changes in appearance. Moreover, loving couples find them quite cute and attractive. It is quite acceptable if one of the partners begins to worry about their appearance and try to improve it.

what is a difficult relationship
what is a difficult relationship

This feature is especially inherent in women. And that's all great! But it's not ice at all if you want to change not yourself, but your partner. Wow, an ambush! This is a direct hint that love does not just fade away. She was completely blown away. It's one thing to agree to a circular facelift that your spouse raves about, and another thing to poke her nose into saggy breasts after feeding or into a network of wrinkles on her face. Well, this applies to couples who have been living together for a long time. As for the young, it is quite natural to nitpick in style, in the same appearance and other things that can change in a short time.

Secrets with seven seals3

There is a lot of talk about trust within the couple. Young people pathetically trumpet about this at every corner. But it's only natural that everyone has their own skeletons in the closet. At the same time, everyone has the right to immunity. Problems begin when you don't want to talk about simple things: where you went, what you bought, who called. The emergence of little secrets, more like a lie, a wake-up call for lovers.

A small liar always turns into a big one. It grows like a snowball. It is sad to watch people who have duplicate accounts, second SIM cards and other "gadgets" of another life. In this case, the presence of betrayal is not at all necessary, a person simply does not want to let someone into his life. And if this someone becomes a partner - it's sad.

what are the difficult relationships
what are the difficult relationships

It's no less sad when endless surveillance begins. Anyone can imagine themselves to be Sherlock Holmes. And no one is immune from this. The question is, why does the desire for total control arise? Did your partner give you a reason? Do you have a stigma in the gun, which means there is no trust in your beloved? There are many factors, and all of them are not groundless. That's just the reason - a fading relationship.

"When you come home, there you sit …" 4

The desire to be alone is quite natural. Especially if the person himself is an introvert, then questions usually do not arise. In a loving couple, there are periods when everyone can do their job in complete silence, but being close. And it doesn't bother them in any way. It's good. The spouse watches football, the wife enthusiastically knits another napkin, and both are silent.

So, a couple of phrases will spread, and again silence. Why not? Worse, when the presence of a person begins to strain, annoy, tire and just enrage. Moreover, he begins to "feel sick" at the actions of a person: he chomps, then he stomps, then his voice suddenly became disgusting, and even from the smell of the body turns out altogether. This is already completely overstepping all boundaries, and it makes no sense to continue such a relationship.

As familiar as house slippers5

Many people say that they do not want to leave just because they are used to a partner. They can name +100,500 reasons why it seems that everything is quite normal.

Complex relationships
Complex relationships

That's just an awesome illusion. Why experience negative emotions and constantly try to balance the scales of a relationship? This is "Sisyphean labor." Moreover, the partner is not sweet too!

You have to be very thick-skinned so as not to feel the changes in the relationship. What to do in such cases? There is certainly no need to force each other with empty rapprochement attempts. Stanislavsky will not believe … We must let the partner become another story and just go into the sunset. Without hysterics and in a civilized manner.

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