How Do Men Relate To Mistresses? The Psychology Of Such Relationships

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How Do Men Relate To Mistresses? The Psychology Of Such Relationships
How Do Men Relate To Mistresses? The Psychology Of Such Relationships
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man's mistress
man's mistress

Conversations about mistresses always find two camps in society: men and women, supporters of extramarital affairs and ardent opponents, from whom husbands flee to ill-fated mistresses. In general, it is clear how the wife's mistresses are treated, not one will say that she is happy with her rival and wishes him and her husband good health. But how do men themselves relate to those whom they hide from their wife, do they make plans or ignore them and use them only for sex?

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  • 1 Who are you, homeless woman?
  • 2 Where does it go?
  • 3 Difficulties of the relationship
  • 4 Frightening changes
  • 5 Instead of a conclusion

Who are you, homeless woman? I

Wives are always presented with a woman from the cover of magazines in lace underwear, high heels and stockings, with long hair and sharp claws, looking greedily at a simple worker from the factory. Reality breaks all stereotypes. Often this is an ordinary woman with a neat hairstyle, an ordinary figure and sad eyes without shine. Why sad? Because there is no happiness. There is no one who will warm you even for an hour, there is no man in the house and not even a hint of his presence.

Of course, there is always the described category with greedy eyes, but they are one step higher and do not look at the simple guy and family man with 20 years of experience. The moral side of the relationship with a married man should be omitted right away and not raised, arguing "how she could have done this insidiously."

There is a connection, it happened and you need to figure out how the culprits of the love triangle themselves relate to the mistresses and who has more chances to continue the relationship. The mistress herself can be even more unhappy than the wife who finds out about the betrayal. She has no happiness in life, only work and children can, and it happens that they are not, only a cat. And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, He appears.

The one she dreamed about at night, well, or someone simpler, willing to have sex and relationships, no, this is important if there is no one. He comes to her, caresses and hugs her, spends time in bed, discusses exciting topics and goes back. Often he does not say anything, does not promise anything, is silent and looks guilty, because he goes to the lawful one. A beautiful story about how "we lived happily ever after" falls apart every time the door slams and loneliness reigns in the room again.

A man's mistress
A man's mistress

Where does it go? 2

If you ask women from 20 years old to 70 what qualities they value in men and which prince they would like to see next, then each will note the classic qualities:

  • rich;
  • not stupid;
  • "Rukasty", that is, he knows how to do everything around the house;
  • a good father to children;
  • generous;
  • caring.

The idea of ​​an ideal prince does not change, he is a dashing fellow with whom, even to the mountains, even to the end of the world. Absolute harmony occurs when partners share all responsibilities among themselves, try to alleviate the fate of the other and do not throw off their share on their spouse. At some point, everything shifts, the wife becomes the head of the family, giving instructions, throwing off everyday life on her husband, leaving herself only pleasant and easy things.

She is tired, she feels bad, she has no strength, her head always hurts. The second variant of women is simply spoiled by a man and disbands, being sure that he will not go anywhere. Life pulls along like a quagmire, and in this swamp, a strong and independent man begins to lose nerves. A star appears, a light in the window, joy and lightness in the form of a mistress.

Should I have a mistress
Should I have a mistress

How is a man's mistress treated? As for a holiday, a small, cozy, light holiday, where he is not rude or rude, glad, greeted with a smile, and seen off with sincere sadness. Wives partly guess about the state of affairs, only it is not always possible to awaken in themselves lightness, liveliness, the desire to be a star for him.

He runs away to the best place. They wait and hope that it will come. And here they know what will come. And the difference in feelings of self-importance fuels interest in relationships. How long everything will last - no one knows, but as long as the attitude of the new passion does not change, the man will hold his hands and feet for a breath of fresh air in the face of his mistress.

Relationship Difficulties3

Relationships with a mistress are not always built away from common interests and lovers meet at work. If two are not lucky and colleagues know about the relationship, then it will not work to avoid sarcastic comments. A woman is always followed by dismissive glances of a woman and, at the first opportunity, cast an appraising glance.

If the mistress is not a fury, ready to tear anyone apart, but modest, quiet, timid, then doubts begin to torment her. The man at this moment also feels the pressure of the collective, and the constant jokes from colleagues do not allow him to forget about adultery. Thoughts swarm in my head, the first reproaches of conscience settle, and if at this time everything is fine, the wife does not nag and tries to devote all the time to him, then conflicting feelings arise.

Do I need a mistress
Do I need a mistress

Only a man should break the web, because he is alone, and next to him are two women. Each of them is waiting to become the one and only, but this does not happen and the whole thing drags on for years. If one does not lose nerves and she gains the strength to erase herself from a vicious relationship.

Frightening changes4

A man, as a rule, is happy with everything, he does not want to break off the relationship and understands that today is a holiday with his mistress, and tomorrow life will begin with her and a new swamp will form. The wife will not be so bad, and there is a reason to go to her. To the question: how do their married halves treat their mistresses, there is no single answer.

This is a form of love, affection, friendship, and at another moment, a mistress is an eternal alternate airfield from family and problems. Quiet corner, hotel and sex with a set menu. Everything drags on perfectly for him until the wife finds out about the presence of a rival or until the mistress begins to create problems with questions about relationships, joint children and his choice. Good sex, the absence of stupid questions and a clear certainty that she will not go anywhere, she feels good next to him adds self-confidence to him.

How to treat a mistress
How to treat a mistress

Most ideally married women are suitable for the role of permanent mistress. There is a common goal for partners, there are no feelings, only occasionally the passion and piquancy of the relationship warms up interest in love games. At the same time, there is a risk and a chance that the husband will break all bones in the body, and at the same time, there are no questions about a joint future and common children.

This is absurd and stupid, two lives are parallel and will never intersect, provided that this is not the husband of a friend or relative. A clever mistress does not put the question bluntly, but plays along with her partner, attracting him and driving him crazy with her dissimilarity to her legal spouse. You won't be able to do it all the time. Hiding real intentions and secretly dreaming that she will leave his wife for years is a waste of time and youth.

Instead of a conclusion5

A man's ideal idea of ​​the perfect mistress is probably somewhere in between the relationship at home with his wife and ease of communication with the second. Sometimes he does not think at all about the pain that he causes to the other halves, but tries to level and keep on the thin edge of the blade so as not to ruin the advantageous position for him.

How to treat a man to his mistress
How to treat a man to his mistress

Whatever mistress is and no matter how others, acquaintances, colleagues, the wife herself treat her, first of all, one should not forget that this is a person. A living person with hopes, plans, dreams and her female role may not have been played yet, she passionately dreams of a child. It is convenient to be in the position of a dog in the manger, and if at the same time everyone is forgiven, then it is absolutely great. It is worth asking a man a question at least once: what will happen if both women leave?

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