Swan Loyalty Is Good For Your Health: The Pros Of Monogamy

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Swan Loyalty Is Good For Your Health: The Pros Of Monogamy
Swan Loyalty Is Good For Your Health: The Pros Of Monogamy

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The pros of monogamy
The pros of monogamy

Can monogamy be good for your health? The very phrase "and until death do you part …" causes mortal boredom in many. It is very rare for a person to remain faithful to a single partner throughout their lives. Worldwide, about 95% of mammalian species and 85% of human cultures are polygamous. However, for those people who are in the remaining 15%, their monogamy may be more useful than any sexual liberties.

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Statistics i

Monogamy is defined as having sexual intercourse with strictly one partner over a long period of time; of course, sometimes monogamy occurs in marriage. The opposite of monogamy is polygamy - it is having more than one partner at the same time. The number of monogamous couples has been increasing over the past few decades. For example, in the United States, the number of registered marriages is significantly decreasing.

In 2001, 2.1 million Americans tied the knot; this is the same as in 1970 - despite the fact that the population has increased by about 100 million people over the past 40 years. By some estimates, about three-quarters of all married people today remain faithful to their spouses.

What can motivate humanity to monogamy? 2

There are many theories that explain this phenomenon. The reasons considered by the researchers include both economic factors and various conditions of human maturation. Some believe that natural selection pushes a person to closer and more reliable ties.

Several researchers have examined the potential health benefits of monogamous people. Of course, studies comparing monogamous versus polygamous couples are rare. However, the scientific research that is already available shows that monogamy has many advantages.

Fidelity and its health benefits 3

In particular, closeness with one person was significantly associated with lower rates of depression, stronger immunity, and good heart health. Family people have a much lower risk of developing cancer than free singles. Moreover, the researchers took into account not only newly formed couples, but also those who had been married for many years.

The pros of monogamy
The pros of monogamy

In one survey, subjects were shown photographs of their lovers. People who were in long-term partnerships produced more attachment hormones (such as oxytocin) when looking at the picture; which was not observed in the case of viewing the photo by those people who have been together for less than 2-3 months.

It is not yet clear whether a monogamous relationship will benefit everyone. Some people suggest more modern versions of it (for example, the classic rule of "cheating on vacation does not count"); others tend to introduce their own more complex rules into the relationship.

"Mono" or "Poly"? 4

Genetically speaking, some people may be more monogamous than others. For example, researchers have discovered a male gene associated with polygamy. It is not yet clear if it can be an excuse for multiple sex - after all, the human psyche is extremely complex and complex to blame the genes for everything.

On the other hand, a monogamous partnership does not automatically make people healthier and happier. A particularly unsatisfactory sex life is bad for women. The fair sex can develop depression, hypertension, obesity - few people think about all these things, standing at the wedding altar.

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