The Girl Threw: What Should You Do And Why Did She Do It

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The Girl Threw: What Should You Do And Why Did She Do It
The Girl Threw: What Should You Do And Why Did She Do It

Video: The Girl Threw: What Should You Do And Why Did She Do It

Video: The Girl Threw: What Should You Do And Why Did She Do It
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What to do if a girl leaves
What to do if a girl leaves

What to do if a girl dumped? The question is as old as the world: millions of people at different times have been looking for an answer to it. And hardly anyone could immediately boast of a successful decision. The first feelings after the departure of a loved one - resentment, indignation, despair, and often anger - cloud the mind, prevent one from drawing the right conclusions. Only over time, when feelings are somewhat dulled, does it become possible to think adequately.

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  • 2 If meetings are inevitable
  • 3 Possible reasons for leaving and options for their correction
  • 4 What psychologists advise

So what to do if a girl dumped?

Tips for the Desperatei

Calm down

To do this is not only difficult, but very difficult, but necessary. For without this first step, it will be impossible to make the next. Under no circumstances should alcohol be used to calm down. This well-known "sedative" will aggravate the problem faster than it will solve it. Alcohol contributes to the loss of self-control, and this is calls, showdowns, fights. It is unlikely that the former lover will like it, rather the opposite.

No thoughts of suicide. There is not a single, most beautiful girl in the world for whom it would be worth parting with life.

Don't lose your dignity

To do this, ignore the fugitive. In no case should you be annoying with calls, “random” meetings. Delete her data from social networks, remove her phone number. Propitiation with expensive gifts borders on humiliation.

At the same time, you should not show negative feelings: insult when you meet, talk badly about her in front of mutual acquaintances. Her belongings remaining in the apartment should be collected, packed and removed from sight, but not taken to her personally. If she calls herself, it is better to politely refuse the conversation, citing busyness. At least the first time.

if the girl left
if the girl left

Change the setting

This is the best you can think of. Go on vacation urgently, go on a trip abroad, go to the village to see your grandmother, go on a hike. If it doesn't work out, you can apply for the minimum program. Make a general cleaning of the apartment, preferably with rearrangement of furniture.

It's a good idea to buy something new, such as new curtains or a carpet on the floor. Remove all things and objects that remind you of the traitor. Photos should not be torn and thrown away, it is enough to remove them away. The time will come when their contemplation will not tear the heart, but will cause other feelings and thoughts, because this is part of life.

Get down to business

Load your head with something else so that negative thoughts have as little space as possible. To be in public, to fill yourself up with work, to do your favorite hobby or come up with a new one. Sports is a great way to distract yourself. In especially difficult moments, you can practice until exhaustion. It's good to set a rule for yourself: as I remembered the departed - 50 push-ups from the floor. But in a new life it will turn out to be a handsome athlete.

Revenge is ignoble

Starting an affair with her friend or another girl for the sake of revenge is stupid and shortsighted. Such behavior will alienate the beloved even more, and also dishonorable in relation to other girls.

There is no need to be angry at the whole world in general and at women in particular, considering them all traitors - no one is to blame for anything.

how to get the girl back
how to get the girl back

Idealizing a girl is wrong

Memories of happy days, pleasant moments will open up the wound even deeper. It's better to remember, and even exaggerate, the negative traits of her character, disagreements, serious disagreements. It's easier to get over the breakup this way.

It would be nice to talk about painful

But you can open your soul only to a close, trusted friend. There is no need to consult with women, they look at this problem with different eyes. It's a good idea to read the stories of breakup survivors on the internet. This is a kind of moral support.

Be among people

Grieving grief behind a closed door is much harder, it is better to communicate with friends, visit cafes and clubs, gyms.

No need to rush into a new relationship

Do not open a new door until the old one is closed. The beloved can return, and if she does not return, she still takes a place in the heart.

how to behave if a girl leaves you
how to behave if a girl leaves you

If meetings are inevitable2

What if you have to see your ex-girlfriend often? Such situations are possible when two recently happy lovers work or study together. Contacts should be kept to a minimum, talk with restraint, laconic. Not interested in her life, avoid talking about her.

What to do if a girl left, but you really want to return her? In order to do the right thing, you need to know the reasons that pushed her to such a step. In most cases, with good thought, you can understand the motives of her behavior and try to correct your mistakes. In addition, we recommend reading our article with the most proven ways to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Possible reasons for leaving and options for their correction3

The girl suffered from a lack of attention. Time could dull the feelings somewhat, and the guy relaxed and stopped paying his beloved as much attention as she was used to receiving before

What to do: after waiting some time for the first passions to subside, meet and seriously discuss the current situation. In most cases, it turns out to revive the relationship.

The girl suffered from an excess of attention. Control over every step, a full report on the time spent is also not good. A person has the right to personal freedom

Jealousy is often the cause of this behavior. Living with a jealous person is very difficult; in this pair, both one partner and the other suffer. There is a chance to renew the relationship, but often it is the only one.

girl left what to do
girl left what to do

Too much austerity can also trigger exits. Especially if the savings were not due to good enough reasons. Or it was carried out only in relation to the girl, while the guy could afford a lot

In this case, an expensive gift at a meeting will be very useful, as a symbol of the beginning of a new life. A loving heart will definitely appreciate such an act.

Cheating on the part of a guy. A very serious reason for a girl, not everyone can forgive this

In this situation, the girl should be given time to calm down and come to her senses, and only then a meeting is possible, which can have a result.

Cheating on the part of the girl. You need to think carefully: is it worth returning it?

If she went to another, then the guy should be patient and wait. Over time, the relationship of a new couple may go wrong, and she will return. Maybe.

The relationship has reached a dead end. Women tend to make plans for the future, strive for marriage, want to have their own home, family. Not always and not all men support them in this endeavor. The girl could leave if she did not see prospects in further relationships

What to do if a girl leaves
What to do if a girl leaves

It makes sense to try to revive the past only if the man is ready to change his status from single to married.

Disappointed in a man. When living together, a person opens up from the other side, and not always pleasant. Here it is easier to consider the flaws, shortcomings of education, mismatch of interests, differences in intelligence. Domestic difficulties are also a good test of the strength of a relationship. If a man does not take on some of the worries, the girl can draw appropriate conclusions and leave

It is worthwhile to calmly discuss pressing problems, ways to solve them, and a compromise can be reached.

I fell out of love. The most hopeless option

It remains to recognize that the ex-girlfriend is a free person and has the right to do as she sees fit.

What psychologists advise4

The abandoned man suffers because he has lost his meaning to his ex-girlfriend. He feels bad, but he is not at all worried about what feelings she is experiencing. Such an attitude cannot be called love.

Love is self-sacrifice, the desire to give the adored person what he wants, to create a comfort zone for him, to bestow happiness even at the expense of himself. So, we must let go of the former lover, wish her happiness and good luck. This must be done from the heart and absolutely not expecting anything in return. And then the chances are very high that the girl will return.

advice if the girl left
advice if the girl left

What if you failed to return your mistress? Definitely live. And live in the present. No matter how hard it is to admit it, what was - has become the past. And no matter how much you look back, nothing will change there.

You need to thank your ex-girlfriend for the experience gained through the relationship with her. Experience is an invaluable gift that will help you avoid such mistakes in the future, teach patience and wisdom. And then the re-kindled hearth will not go out and will burn clearly and exactly for many years.

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