Rest With A Rich Man: Where To Go And How Interesting It Is To Relax

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Rest With A Rich Man: Where To Go And How Interesting It Is To Relax
Rest With A Rich Man: Where To Go And How Interesting It Is To Relax

Video: Rest With A Rich Man: Where To Go And How Interesting It Is To Relax

Video: Rest With A Rich Man: Where To Go And How Interesting It Is To Relax
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on a swing in the sea
on a swing in the sea

Everyone, without exception, needs rest. Every person, working almost without days off, dreams of a vacation and already in the first months of work begins to draw up a plan for his future and long-awaited vacation.

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  • 1 Rest without frills
  • 2 Fashion shows
  • 3 Islands and resorts
  • 4 Egypt
  • 5 Winter resorts
  • 6 Non-standard rest
  • 7 "Homeless Tour"
  • 8 Mission to rescue local residents
  • 9 Unusual type of holiday in the resorts
  • 10 Holidays within the home country
  • 11 Go to the carnival

A real hard worker who sees the sea only once a year, of course, dreams of warm countries, beaches, hot sand and blue sea. In this case, the choice of vacation spot is obvious - the sea. But what if you are a rich man and the islands, and resorts no longer surprise you? It is a little more difficult here, since you have to contrive and come up with something worthwhile that can interest a person who has everything. Although, of course, there are those who do not mind resting according to the standard.

The following will list the various types and options for how you can spend your vacation for a wealthy person. And those who are going to go on vacation with the rich together should be prepared for what to expect, just in case, since most of the rich love active and unusual vacations.

Rest without frills

It's worth starting with standard places where you can go and relax alone or with your whole family or even with friends. Such a vacation with the rich is very popular with the girls, since this is the kind of life they imagined.

Fashion shows2

You can go for fashion week to Milan, Paris, or wherever your heart desires, within the cities where the shows will be held. In addition to watching the show itself, you can visit various boutiques, buy new clothes, shoes and accessories. Of course, it's hard to call it a vacation, but if fashion is what interests you, then why not?

rest with the rich
rest with the rich

Islands and resorts3

Everyone wants to lie quietly under the sun, drink a couple of cocktails and swim in the azure, transparent and warm sea. If such a vacation is just the ultimate dream for you, and you really want to just relax and do nothing, then feel free to choose this option.

You can go to the Maldives or some practically uninhabited island, where there will be only you and incredibly beautiful nature.


An excellent choice for those who want to lazily lie on the seashore, and later go into the desert and have a buggy race.

Here you can also rent a car or even hire a driver to take you to various attractions and tell interesting stories related to the place. He can also give you advice on where to go to have fun.

Winter resorts5

If you are tired of the beaches, then you can visit various resorts where you can have no less fun and relax your body and soul.

where to relax with daddy
where to relax with daddy

Go wherever you want and where it is full of snow. There you can go skiing, snowboarding, take part in a snowball fight or even make a snowman for speed. You can also go fishing with the locals, asking them to teach you this simple business. Simply put, have fun and get away from boring beaches.

Unusual rest6

In addition to those rich people who are used to relaxing on the islands, just basking in the sun on the seashore, there are those who like a slightly extreme and more varied vacation. Girls who are ready to go on such a vacation with the rich should understand that in some cases it will be really hard and even scary, but the emotions that you get are worth it. The following are the types of extreme recreation that you can try if you are tired of the usual.

"Bum-tour" 7

Such a vacation was invented back in 1999. From the name, it may already become clear what such a tour is. Usually such an “event” is given no more than two days, since not everyone is able to withstand longer, and there is no need. Emotions received during the first day of rest are enough for you!

Imagine that all your life that you have lived in luxury, prosperity and comfort, they decided to cut off and deprive you of all the comforts. Now you are forced to ask for money from passers-by in order to buy food for yourself, look for places to sleep and even steal. In general, with all your might you have to try to survive.

non-standard vacation with a rich
non-standard vacation with a rich

For girls, businessmen, such a "tour" may seem wild and she will never agree to this vacation with the rich. But, if a girl loves adventure and a little deviate from the generally accepted standards of vacation, then this is just what you need.

Mission to Rescue Locals8

This type of non-standard recreation has also existed for a relatively long time, since 1998. Here the rich are invited to go to any corner of the planet where there is a problem with wild animals and they are hunted. The rich feel like superheroes and without hesitation go to any of the proposed places and do what is required of him.

So, for example, they can propose to eliminate the shark, which has been terrorizing local residents for several months and does not even allow them to just go to the water, as it is on duty around the clock and waiting for its victim. Of course, not everyone likes to kill, even for the good, so this type of recreation is less popular, but it still exists today.

Unusual type of recreation in resorts9

A more standard holiday in an ordinary place, but the events in which you are invited to participate are quite different from the generally accepted ones.

Do you want to have a good rest and have fun, but do not want to go far from the standards? Then this rest is exactly what you need. Here you will be offered the country you want to go to and will list all kinds of activities that will be held there throughout the time you plan to spend on vacation in this place. But the events are quite unusual, and it can be golf on the roofs of skyscrapers, various quests, dog sledding and much more.

best resorts
best resorts

Relaxation is casual and breathtaking at the same time. It is perfect for those who do not want to go to some practically uninhabited places and do something incredible, but do not want a simple “lazy” rest either.

Rest within the home country10

If you don't want to go far, then you can relax just as well within your own country. So, for example, you can go to those places where they honor traditions and live, as in ancient times. There, the rich will be offered to join their lives, give up all their gadgets and other things of "modernity", and just start living and working together with the local people. Such a vacation is very interesting and in great demand.

But if you cannot imagine your life without the technologies of the present time, then you can rest a little differently. You can realize your childhood dream, which for some reason did not come true. For example, ride in tanks, submarines, ships, and so on. You can also go to something that looks like a pioneer camp, but for adults. Quite interesting and unusual, and you won't have to travel far.

to the carnival with daddy
to the carnival with daddy

Go to the carnival11

Everyone knows that various carnivals and processions are held annually in different countries. You can become one of the participants in such an event and get a lot of pleasant emotions. But the important thing is that you need to become a part of the crowd that celebrates and have fun, and not become a simple spectator. Then the emotions received from such a rest will pleasantly remind of themselves for a long time.

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