How To Remove A Mistress From A Husband's Life. And Is It Worth It?

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How To Remove A Mistress From A Husband's Life. And Is It Worth It?
How To Remove A Mistress From A Husband's Life. And Is It Worth It?

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How to lime a mistress
How to lime a mistress

The husband's mistress is grief in the family. When a loving spouse finds out about the infidelity of the second half, despair, disappointment and pain come into her measured life. The family nest is bursting at the seams, the husband cheats and deceives, female pride, and the loving heart of an offended woman is looking for a way out in confusion.

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  • 1 Love passed, tomatoes wilted
  • 2 Treason crept
  • 3 He cheats
  • 4 Female revenge plan
  • 5 Do not commit a sin
  • 6 Multiple lines
  • 7 Fist fight
  • 8 Twist - lapel
  • 9 Cold dish
  • 10 Main weapon
  • 11 Fighting the mistress
  • 12 Secret Admirer
  • 13 Make friends with the enemy
  • 14 Know the enemy by sight

How to lime a mistress and return a loved one to the family is the first thought that comes to a wife's mind after family pictures are torn, hair is tousled, cups are broken, and eyes are crying out. In such a desperate situation, a woman needs to calm down and think carefully about everything.

Love is gone, tomatoes are wilted

Loving, legalized relationships in most scenarios smoothly flow into a boring measured life. A couple, passionately in love with people, turns into two kindred creatures for whom unearthly passions and tremulous sensations quietly subside. Feelings of love and romance pass into the stage of attachment and habit, when a man and a woman cease to be embarrassed by each other and experience exciting emotions.

A woman, instead of seductive clothes, most often puts on a comfortable and practical dressing gown, instead of cooing phrases, uses the appropriate matrimonial grumble. Men are fragile and highly sensitive. When they watch the transformation of Vasilisa the Beautiful from a princess into a hatched, grumpy "croaking" frog, they are intuitively drawn to "another swamp" to relive the quivering moments of solitude with the new princess.

Unfortunately, the spouses forget the main thing: the crown of the "princess" cannot be removed, so that one "fine moment" does not gallop away "family happiness" from their hands.

Treason crept2

Lived - there was a family, in joys and troubles. One evening my wife stuck dumplings with potatoes. They are having supper with the faithful, they smile, and suddenly, the family idyll is interrupted by a phone call. And something incredible is happening. The husband turns pale, blushes, does not know what to do with himself. He hastily drops the call, hides the phone, tries to sneak out of the house … the spouse freezes in misunderstanding and stinging, inexorable, guess … Cheats!

A woman, whose "little horns" began to cut through, should observe the behavior of a sweetheart in order to draw appropriate conclusions: he is a traitor or not.


He cheats3

When a man walks the crooked path of adultery, the following details appear in his behavior:

  • The social network password, like the phone password, is contained in a deep mystery. A man will not leave the phone unattended under any pretext and will take it with him everywhere. Even if there is a fire, a flood, or Hurricane San Calixto bursts through the window.
  • Recently, my husband's work will begin to hatch urgent matters, overtime work, business trips and important meetings on weekends.
  • The spouse may show up with second cousins, aunts and other relatives who are eager to invite their nephew to visit, but for unknown reasons, ask to come without family and children. Probably to tell a great ancient secret.
  • A peasant in shabby sweatpants and a sweaty T-shirt suddenly remembers the presence of fashionable jeans and fresh shirts. A fragrant perfume is reborn on its shelf, and from the shower, the sound of water and a satisfied bass singing are heard every day.
  • Behavior with his wife has several variations: from dry and irritable tone, to guilty and fawning. A man either ignores his wife in every possible way, or makes unexpected gifts and surprises. Thus, the unfaithful subject tries to make amends to her.

Female Revenge Plan4

When a woman finds out about her husband's infidelity, she becomes very painful. She cries, suffers and blames all the troubles: herself, a shabby robe, cellulite on her thighs, salted soup, and him, a scoundrel. After the first stage of despair, the spouse becomes angry and aggressive towards the husband's secret passion. She is jarred by one thought: who is she, the better, how she looks, how to lime her mistress.

partner cheats
partner cheats

After the first reaction to the betrayal, the woman needs to calm down and think about her situation well. Many wives are cheated on by their husbands, but at the same time they return to the family and leave their mistresses. The offended spouse comes to unexpectedly salutary thoughts of revenge. Like Mexican heroines, a woman is inspired by the exploits of serial heroines and invents a plan of retaliation in her head. You can understand the upset lady, because the pain of resentment and betrayal mercilessly burns the soul, but at the same time she needs to remember about some warnings.

The following tips will tell you how to kill your husband's young mistress without making big mistakes.

Do not commit sin5

The image of a homeless woman, burning in a fire, for an offended wife, like honey for a fly. What hellish torments did the temptress mentally predict, with whose husband she tumbles in bed! Mistresses are beaten, shaved, shot with a gun, thrown into a well - mentally … and this fact is not unimportant. Imagination has no boundaries and in the fantasy world any justice can be done with the girl of adultery.

But not in any way, not in practice! Every wife who has gone through a similar situation needs to be hacked to death in her nose: you cannot commit illegal actions against a person! Even if it was a smug young shameless woman who took the holy blinded husband out of the family.

Multiple lines6

There are several ways how to lime a mistress and annoy her, but unfortunately, the first thing that desperate wives grab onto is a crayon, a pen, a pencil, and they start all the hard writing. They write up whole volumes, being sophisticated in insults and curses, after which they throw the manuscripts under the doors of their rivals, in the mailbox, on the bench with neighbors' gossips. The most daring housewives write down the entrances and the path under the balcony, complementing colorful adjectives and nouns with drawings, verbs and epithets.

what to do with your mistress
what to do with your mistress

Such behavior is absurd for a confident adult woman. He will complement the image of an unhappy and abandoned young lady with pathetic and stupid notes, finally destroying relations with her husband and with her own self-esteem.

Fist fight7

For some wives, the question of how to lime a mistress is decided at the first opportunity. Having learned about the infidelity of the second half, desperate spouses roll up their sleeves and rush to a certain address with the goal of breaking, crushing and tearing him, her, everyone into pieces. Usually such young ladies achieve their goals and for some time the mistress flaunts with a huge bruise on her face and an uneven hairstyle. In some situations, the forces are equal and both ladies meet with signs of female aggression.

Twist - lapel8

The next category of women, dreaming of how to lime their mistress, under cover of night, go to the representatives of black and white magic. These usually include: grandmothers - witches, gypsies - fortune-tellers, and other "otherworldly personalities". Offended wives are ready to give their souls to the devil and the head of a toad for cutting off in order to whisper some kind of curse to their rival.

In addition, the arsenal of modern "magicians" is large enough: to catch up with damage, arrange other witchcraft rituals. Getting involved with such evil spirits is not the best option. You don't have to let the devilry into your own life to harm the lover.

Cold dish9

There is a proverb: "Revenge is a dish served cold." This expression speaks of the need for a cold-blooded decision and a clearly worked out plan, in which the wife can not only harm the homeless woman, but also return the unfaithful spouse to the family.

To begin with, the wife should calm down, pull herself together and draw up an action strategy: "How to exterminate your mistress."

how to lime a mistress
how to lime a mistress

Main weapon10

First of all, in the fight for her beloved husband, a woman needs to pay attention to herself: to analyze her behavior; think about what could have pushed her husband to commit adultery; pay attention to your appearance. Even if a desperate lady decided not to forgive the traitor and just take revenge, improving her appearance will only benefit her. Playing sports, updating your wardrobe, hairstyles, nice makeup - will noticeably transform your spouse and draw the attention of your soulmate to her.

You should not make tantrums and scandals after learning that a person dear to his heart from time to time has fun with a rival. It is better to work out a certain action plan, fill the house with coziness, warmth, and make communication with your husband more interesting and rich. Unexpected improvements in sex life will help strengthen the relationship with the husband and turn him away from secret meetings with a "certain madam."

Read what to do for a mistress, so as not to provoke either husband or wife, read in our article.

Lover Fight11

Having taken care of herself, her career and self-esteem, a woman can decide to leave her unfaithful spouse and find another “normal man” for herself. But if the heart is drawn to him, dear, then together with the actions to "return the prodigal parrot", the thought comes to mind: how to kill the mistress.

There are several options to annoy and take revenge on a rival for her interference in the life of the family.

The first step is to collect as much information as possible about the one who took her husband away from the true path: address, phone number, place of work. It is possible to spoil the homeless woman by different means:

fight with mistress
fight with mistress
  • throw raw eggs around a personal car every day;
  • often catch your eye;
  • flirt with a person who is directly related to her: husband, brother, relative, boss, neighbor;
  • place an ad on the Internet, or post it around the city, with the provision of intimate services with a rival's phone;
  • calculate the meeting place for the cooing doves, order expensive meals to this address, having previously agreed on payment on the spot; secretly inform the husband of the mistress about the appointment;
  • if the rival is a common acquaintance, then in the presence of her husband, make her a "sincere" and "generous compliment": "- Wow, how you recovered!", "- What a good foundation you have! It hides all your wrinkles on your face! "

Secret Admirer12

An interesting revenge will turn out if you find out the exact address of a rival and fill her with flowers through a courier, during those hours of a romantic date that she spends with her husband. It will not be superfluous to reinforce the "bullet" with a meaningful message: "Thank you, for a wonderful night", "I will never forget your lips." Such maneuvers can cause jealous outbursts in the unfaithful spouse and sow discord and suspicion in a love couple."

Make friends with the enemy13

Beautiful revenge in the style of a serial drama is possible with significant efforts on the part of a woman, the husband betrayed.

First you need to make friends with the homeowner: gain confidence, spend a lot of free time with her, evoke sympathy and friendly participation. In such a situation, there are several positive points and options:

make friends with a mistress
make friends with a mistress
  1. The new "friend" can turn out to be a real friend: kind, honest, sincere. As a result, having lost her husband, the spouse will acquire a good friend. Having burst into a roar, having clarified the relationship, women can come to a mutual decision and quit the gulien together.
  2. Having approached the “new friend”, the woman “decides” to introduce her to her “beloved husband”. The lovers meet and remain in a state of shock from the scene. Remorse will not allow the lover to continue the secret relationship.

Know the enemy by sight14

How to lime the mistress who took the loved one away from the family? This is a solvable task. With a wise approach, female intuition and a certain cunning, the fair sex does an excellent job with this task, arrange retribution for the mistress, return the spouse and sit on the family throne, celebrating victory.

To cope with a mistress and teach her a lesson, you need to understand her essence, goals, pros and cons. The range of mistresses is quite multifaceted:

revenge on his mistress
revenge on his mistress
  1. Lady - fireworks saturate the life of a spouse with bright emotions, parties, laughter and dancing. To fight her, the wife needs to reconsider the internal relations and the situation in the house.
  2. Miss Naivety may not suggest that her significant other has another lady. And on legal grounds. To get rid of the homeless woman, it is enough only to saturate her mind with truth.
  3. The gray mouse fills a partner's soul with admiration, self-esteem, respect and recognition. The wife should adopt the behavior that the plain girl “preaches”.
  4. Huntresses are the most unpleasant person among mistresses. They know for what purpose they are in a relationship and are not going to back down. Overcoming them is difficult, but possible. In order to attract a man to her, a woman must show her partner their kinship of souls, closeness, be affectionate and “dear” with him.

How to lime a mistress - every wife decides for herself. There are plenty of ways, the main thing is to decide on the goal. Maybe it's better to leave a couple of cooing doves and find a new, normal man?

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