Tips For A Free Relationship With A Married Man And Fortune Telling

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Tips For A Free Relationship With A Married Man And Fortune Telling
Tips For A Free Relationship With A Married Man And Fortune Telling

Video: Tips For A Free Relationship With A Married Man And Fortune Telling

Video: Tips For A Free Relationship With A Married Man And Fortune Telling
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An affair with a married man
An affair with a married man

The situation is not all that alone in the modern world of emancipation. But what are the consequences inherent in such a relationship and for what reasons do girls and men themselves go to the left? Let's talk further.

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  • 1 Why do girls have an affair with married people?
  • 2 Why do married men have an affair on the side?
  • 3 What are the privileges of such a relationship for him and for her?
  • 4 And what is the disadvantage of such a connection?
  • 5 And what are the consequences of such a relationship?
  • 6 What men most often make connections on the side?
  • 7 Why doesn't he leave his wife?
  • 8 Notable mistresses in history
  • 9 Notable celebrity mistresses
  • 10 Interesting facts about cheating, cheating statistics.

Why do girls have an affair with married people? I

Psychologists identify several main reasons why beauties and clever women are starting romances not with free and promising men, but with already ringed men.

  • Self-esteem. Women, like men, are inherent in raising and satisfying their own ego in this way - a relationship with a married person. And even free, self-confident and independent are simply afraid of being alone.
  • A sense of power. Such a connection gives a woman a serious trump card against a man - I will tell my wife everything, and this is already something.
  • The woman herself desires just such a relationship. Such a relationship simply suits them - there is no need to have children, wash and cook, because there is a legal wife for this. And she has an eternal holiday.
  • Adrenaline rush. And strange as it may seem, it is the adrenaline rush that pushes a woman to commit adultery. And this is already akin to addiction, like addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • The financial side of the coin. A mature man is already financially successful, he feeds his family and everything else, and by these criteria he is attractive to girls.

Of course, this is not a complete list of reasons why girls have romances with married men - love has not yet been canceled.

Why do married men have an affair? 2

There are also reasons here, and experienced psychologists can talk about the following, the most common.

  • First of all, this is psychology - by their nature they are polygamous and to have such a harem is inherent in them by mother nature itself. And self-affirmation, counting trophies - the instinct of the hunter and the male works.
  • Gone are the feelings. If a spouse lives with his wife under the same roof for many years, feelings gradually fade away, even if everything is fine in the family. They become a habit.
An affair with a married
An affair with a married
  • Alcohol. A relationship with a married man often begins with him. He dulls the feeling of responsibility and restraint, because as a result of a fun party or corporate event, betrayal can become. And then it will go …..
  • Revenge. Strange as it may sound, but it is this feeling that pushes them to betrayal - regardless of what reason and for what reason a man takes revenge, the main thing with this betrayal is he proves his superiority to his wife.
  • Not enough sex. Most often this happens in the postpartum period, when the spouse physically gives him less attention and sex. And in this case, the physiology of the man is triggered rather than another factor.
  • So a man strives to embody his sexual fantasies on the side. What a wife won't do, a young mistress can do.

In principle, these are the main reasons for a married man's campaigns on the side, and all the rest can flow from them, transform into one form or another.

An affair with a married man
An affair with a married man

What are the privileges of this relationship for him and her? 3

Why do many agree to such a relationship and what they see as a privilege for themselves. Privileges for men and women are practically indistinguishable, so to speak, by gender, and psychologists single out such points.

  1. Fear of getting closer. Such meetings from time to time, like a holiday, do not oblige you to anything, there is no need to solve everyday problems, take care, and so on. And relationships on a physical level, without moral obligations, are beneficial and interesting.
  2. Many women and men believe that they do not deserve better, therefore they choose someone who will pay attention to them as their partners.
  3. So convenient. A man does not need to think about the everyday life of his mistress, and she does not think what to cook for dinner or whether his shirt has been washed or not.
  4. And one more privilege, which is more repentant for men - such a relationship supports his own marriage. They do not destroy, but precisely support - the family is such a scale for itself, and if one scale outweighs in them, then the union can fall apart.
Relationship psychology, an affair with a married
Relationship psychology, an affair with a married

There can be many privileges - only the main ones were announced above.

And what is the disadvantage of such a connection? 4

If we talk about the minus of such a love triangle, psychologists and extras talk about the following.

  1. Such relationships always have to be hidden. You cannot appear together in the theater or go to the cinema, visit mutual friends, because there is a legal wife, from whom they hide the connection.
  2. You will spend many holidays and celebrations without him - your beloved and unique, most often in the company of the same single girlfriends or couples.
  3. Jealousy. Even if a man swears his love to you, you are sure of his feelings - all the same, jealousy for his wife remains.
  4. Just forget about the prospect of developing a relationship - he already has a wife and a legitimate one, and you just ……. Think for yourself who you are to him.
  5. Such a man is quantum in a woman's life - that is, he is not, and in difficult times you cannot count on his shoulder.

The disadvantages are very obvious and it's up to you whether or not to continue such a relationship.

Cons of an affair with a married man
Cons of an affair with a married man

What are the consequences of such a relationship? 5

It is easy to acquire the status of a mistress, but on condition that you are financially and socially, psychologically sufficient person who simply does not have enough adventures, attention and sex. But a relationship with a married person is the inability to love fully, to start a family, which weighs on many women. Often, men are not ready to leave their family and go to their mistress, and in this case, the following options for the development of relationships are possible.

  1. A man leaves his legal spouse and goes to you - the likelihood of such a scenario developing is negligible and is about 10%.
  2. The man will leave his mistress and return to the family. An affair with a married man has a high probability of such a development, and in percentage terms is 65%,
  3. A man will simply drag the relationship to the last, until his legal spouse finds out about them - and here the probability is 25%.

And then everything depends on what a man feels about his passion on the side.

What kind of men most often make connections on the side? 6

Psychologists identify several types of men who are most often prone to cheating on the side.

  1. The eternal teenager. Dance games and fun parties with a company of friends, extreme and sports, and of course girls - all this will stand over him more than his family and legal wife.
  2. Lovelace in years. Thus, by the presence on the side of his mistress, he tries to assert himself, the desire to assert himself and even return the forgotten sensations of his former youth.
  3. The extreme will break the hearts of women, collect them - about such we can say that a girl is waiting for them in every port. For them, family life is boring and dull, but betrayal is akin to spy action.
  4. Male, strong and independent - confident and independent, sufficient and independent from the spouse. And at the expense of his mistress he asserts his ego. It is rather a pure alpha male.
How to build a relationship with a married man
How to build a relationship with a married man
  1. Seeker of the joys of life. The passion is gone, the spouse is bored, everyday life and children are the dubious joys of family life. And therefore, in connection on the side, he will look for a beautiful life, having a beautiful mistress - this is more likely compensation, but not true feelings.
  2. Collector. And this term says it all - for him, his wife is more likely the main prize, and his mistresses are medals and certificates, which he collects with a generous hand on his life path. He can powder his head, dizzy and captivate, but no more - a married man uses a girl and you should not expect a serious relationship from him.
  3. An unlucky walker - he will be tormented by doubts, looking for an answer to the question, to be or not to be, to look for a mistress or not. And if this appears, he is tormented by doubts, and not whether to leave his wife for his mistress. But most often his wife suits him and he is not going to leave.
  4. A victim of basic instinct. But most often it is not even the physiology of a man that lies here, but the fault of the wives themselves - their severity, manipulation and the fact that they make sex such a control tool.

These are the main types of men who most often walk to the left.

Why doesn't he leave his wife? 7

A logical question - if it's good with his mistress, and the wife is disgusted, so to speak, then why not make the appropriate choice in favor of the first? There are many reasons for this, and psychologists identify the following, the most basic.

Why does a guy have an affair on the side
Why does a guy have an affair on the side

1. A man is simply not ready to radically change his life.

He is afraid of changes, not ready for them internally, and often financially. And often he wonders if he loves so much to leave his legal wife for his mistress. Yes, and again you will have to build a life, solve her problems, but at home everything is so familiar.

2. Banal convenience.

A man has a wife who cooks, washes and cleans the house, and a mistress who makes him happy in bed. And therefore the question naturally arises - why change everything, after all, everything is fine anyway?

3. The opinion of his entourage.

Even if the question arises of going to his mistress, the man raises the question, what will they say to this ….. Relatives, colleagues, people around. And if he does not spoil relations with them, oh at least - many will turn away from him.

4. A sense of duty.

He sees a calling to protect his family, children and wife, and therefore, leaving them - he leaves them without a man's shoulder and protection. Often, a conservative upbringing takes over feelings and it is easier for a man to keep a connection in secret than to sort things out with his wife.

5. Uncertainty in the mistress herself.

Will she accept him for who he is, will she love and care for him like a wife, cook and wash. After all, it's one thing to have fun at night, and another question is to live during the day? Doubts like grain give their shoots, and therefore everything remains in place.

6. Material problems.

And even if a man intends to go to his mistress, it is often material difficulties that stop him - he needs to think about where to live with a new family, what to feed. And if the mistress is used to living in luxury, not every man will be able to buy her fur coats every year, carry her abroad, and so on.

Why do guys go to their mistresses
Why do guys go to their mistresses

7. And the last answer - he is just used to changing and is not going to change his own habits. He remained a ladies' man before his marriage, and will remain so after the wedding.

As you can see, each decision and connection on the side has its own explanations and reasons, and which one applied in your case is up to you. Therefore, it is worth considering - is it worth it to have an affair with a married man?

Famous mistresses in history8

History is rich in femme fatale, but if we talk about famous mistresses, the list can be endless. But you can say a lot, and in order not to be unfounded, consider the most famous personalities.

Valeria Messalina. History attributes her to the most dissolute women in history and for all her high status - the wife of the Emperor Claudius, she was called the first harlot of Rome.

Cleopatra is wise and beautiful, but with all this, the most dissolute ruler of Egypt. The night cost her a man's life, but many of her lovers perceived her differently. For example, she touched Caesar with the most modesty, and Antony considered her a hunter for carnal pleasures.

Thais of Athens is a daring hetaira who became famous for centuries for seducing the great commander Alexander the Great. And even though she was a prostitute, she was famous for her own pride and inaccessibility. And even all the treasures of the world from the commander could not seduce her. But later she became the legal wife of the king of Egypt - Ptolemy 1.

The famous Marquise de Pompadour is the favorite and mistress of King Louis XV, who was not only skillful in love, but also played an essential role in European politics.

Marquis de Pompadour
Marquis de Pompadour

Of modern women, passionate beauties and fatal seductresses, Mata Hari can be distinguished with special attention. The courtesan at the very beginning earned her living by performing exotic dances, conquering Paris - her lovers were many celebrities and famous people of France, as well as Germany. But the story ended with a double recruitment of spies and … …

Famous celebrity mistresses9

From the world of celebrities and world celebrities, special attention can be paid to many, but this is a separate topic for conversation. Next, just select the brightest.

Love Triangle - Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. It was Vanessa who could curb Depp's cool temper - love and relationships were complex and vibrant, lasted for 14 years. But soon she appeared in their relationship - Amber Heard. She did take Depp away from the family, but this family did not last long either.

Zhigunov Sergey, Zavorotnyuk Nastya and Vera Novikova. Zhigunov was always considered an exemplary husband, and he lived with his wife Vera for more than one decade. But when they began to shoot the series "My Fair Nanny" - Zavorotnyuk burst into his life. Although family life did not work out even with her and Nastya went to her young lover.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Duchess Camila. First, it is worth saying that the duchess was the first to get to know the prince, but Charles's uncle Lord Mountbatten considered her no match for the royal couple. And then the duchess married another, and the prince himself proposed to Lady Dee. Although after her tragic death, the relationship between Charles and Camila resumed again.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles
Princess Diana, Prince Charles

Interesting facts about cheating, cheating-statistics.10

Everyone suffered treason: common people and kings, but what is the statistics of such a sinful act? And what interesting can you say about treason, based on history and traditions, even dry statistics? For example, King Henry VIII executed two of his wives for treason, although if it happened in North Vietnam, they would have been trampled by elephants.

If this happened in Siam, the woman was placed in some kind of model of an elephant and taken to the "gentleman" elephant, and he, already taking her for a female, mated with the victim. As many understand, very few people managed to survive after that. In Britain, a woman was flogged to her death, and the Gauls smeared her in mud and dragged her down the street.

In the Middle Ages, men made it easier - they just put on a chastity belt, closing it with a lock. But what is most interesting is that the wife's betrayal was the basis for divorce, but the man's was not. And in countries professing Islam, a woman who cheated could be executed, but this is a radical decision - most often she was threatened with corporal punishment.

But these are facts, and what do the statistics say? Next, consider what the extras are saying, not history and tradition.

An affair with a married man can last not only one night. Do not indulge yourself in the hope that this is only for one night - according to statistics, only 12% of wives and 15% of spouses really limit themselves to one-day love, so to speak. And for 60% it is more than one night

Why does a guy have an affair on the side
Why does a guy have an affair on the side
  • Cheating is almost always a continuation story. If we take the figures as a basis - 12% of men have changed it twice, 22% change it repeatedly.
  • The reason for going to the left is the realization of sexual desires. It is boredom, dullness and monotony in the family that pushes men and women to treason. According to statistics, 31% of women and 25% of men share their sexual fantasies with their partner on the side, realizing them not with their legal spouse, but with their mistress.
  • "Well-wishers" will tell you about the betrayal. And as statistics show - 44% of men and 46% of spouses learn about the infidelity themselves, but 30% of spouses and 24% of wives learn about this fact from “well-wishers”.
  • And betrayal itself is not forgotten. So 43% of men, and 61% of women, even forgiving their spouse, do not forget about his sin and going to the left. But the worst thing is that 11% of deceived men and 20% of women say after a while that love has grown into hatred.
Romance on the side
Romance on the side

Summing up, it is worth saying one thing - is such stolen love needed? Maybe it is worth building relationships in the family together?

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