Should I Apologize To A Girl And How To Do It If Offended?

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Should I Apologize To A Girl And How To Do It If Offended?
Should I Apologize To A Girl And How To Do It If Offended?

Video: Should I Apologize To A Girl And How To Do It If Offended?

Video: Should I Apologize To A Girl And How To Do It If Offended?
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How to apologize to a girl
How to apologize to a girl

In the relationship of each couple, there is one moment of quarrel. Words flow in a stream, reproaches and mutual claims overwhelm the head and there is no strength to listen to the arguments of the opposite side. I especially don't want to hear an apology from the culprit. At such moments, even the strongest relationships are under threat, and if you do not admit guilt in time, it will be impossible to return everything. The article is devoted to the topic: how to apologize to a girl in order to save a relationship.

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  • 1 Does a man have to apologize to a girl?
  • 2 When you can't live without forgiveness
  • 3 How to apologize to a girl: strategy
  • 4 How to have a conversation with an offended girl
  • 5 Ways to apologize to a girl for minor offenses and disagreements
  • 6 Get creative
  • 7 How to apologize to a girl for grave offenses
  • 8 Traveling together as a way to apologize to a girl
  • 9 Romantic surprises
  • 10 How you don't need to apologize

Does a man have to apologize to a girl? I

When relationships are expensive, there is no need to explain the importance of an apology. If after the quarrel the guy sighed with relief and finally felt free again - there is no point in reading the article further. Men, especially young and ambitious ones, believe that apologies are humiliating and will make a man less strong and courageous in the eyes of his partner.

Of course, you can do nothing. Only then do not be surprised why she added everything to emergency situations and does not answer calls. It is easy to cross out relationships that have been built for more than one month. Wrong words that touched a heart, betrayal, endless drunken spree with friends are unlikely to please at least one girl.

An even greater aggravating circumstance is assault. Perhaps an apology is not a panacea in all cases, and you should first think with your head before committing flaws. Because a man will ask for forgiveness and sincerely repent of his deed, he certainly will not become insignificant in the eyes of a woman. The ability to admit guilt is a strong character trait.

When you can't live without forgiveness2

Life situations are different, and sometimes you really have to act against conscience and principles. This is an extreme that 2/3 of ordinary people do not face during their life. Most of the "shoals" happen under the influence of alcohol.

The excuse that alcohol influenced actions and there was no control over the body is ineffectual. There is always a chance to fix everything, and if the girl is compliant, and there is hope for the restoration of the relationship, it is simply stupid not to take advantage of her. When it's 100% worth asking for forgiveness:

  • There was treason. Is there any man who does not consider this a significant reason for resentment? There is nothing to comment on, it is worth apologizing and promising that there will be no repetition. Although, to be honest, the girls then leave in half of the cases anyway, losing trust forever. The fact remains that there was treason, in parallel there were constant relations, which means that the promise of loyalty was violated. And it is worth apologizing for that.
  • Alcoholic quirks. Girls very often complain that guys overdo it with alcohol and begin to arrange peculiar teachings, debriefing, and raising a friend. Only a girl with critically low self-esteem can relate normally to such passages. The normal reaction would be resentment or breakup.
How to apologize to a girl
How to apologize to a girl
  1. Critics and resentment. A large proportion of men are not sensitive, emotional natures. They consider it a sacred duty to tell what the girlfriend, her relatives, friends are wrong about, how bad she is in something and everything happens not in a constructive way, but with rude words that hurt the soul. If you want to continue your relationship with a girl who is willing to endure moral violence, you should apologize.
  2. Ignoring. The guy who always has things to do is more important than the time spent with a loved one, probably guessing that one day he will not be around. Lack of attention and banal communication becomes a stumbling block in the fate of many couples who could live happily ever after.
  3. An apology is unlikely to help fix everything, especially if it sounds like an excuse like "well, I'm sorry I'm working." You need to realize the situation and look at it from the side of the girl, and if now is not the time for her personal life, maybe it is worth letting her go?
  4. Additional reasons for resentment in girls may be a long look at a friend, evaluating a compliment of someone else's appearance, confused facts about relationships, pathological jealousy and lack of freedom, silly jokes or obscenities about people close to her.

How to apologize to a girl: strategy3

The success of the event lies in thinking through a strategy. Thoughtlessly approach at an opportunity and say “no, well, what are you, sorry” will not work. Firstly, it can cause aggression in a girl if she is not cool enough and anger continues to boil in her. Secondly, after a serious offense, five or six words are not enough to tell about sincere remorse.

How to ask a girl for forgiveness
How to ask a girl for forgiveness

You need to think over a strategy step by step:

  1. First you need to realize the degree of guilt towards the girl. If you can't immediately understand what caused the offense this time, you can simply prepare general words. In the case when the cause of the insult was treason, drunken revelry or offensive words addressed to her, you need to understand and admit that you should not do this anymore.
  2. Words should be convincing, clear and to the point. It may not be possible to speak in person for a long time. The speech should be reasoned, full of words of apology and requests to forgive over time.
  3. The girl wants to hear that the guy is wrong and that he will no longer repeat mistakes. Whether she will immediately forgive or not is a matter of chance and depends on the severity of the situation.
  4. You need to wait for the moment when she is ready to meet. To meet her on the way to work or study, watch her at the entrance or shout under the windows of the apartment is a losing option. She must answer by phone, in messengers, in VK and agree to meet for a conversation.

How to have a conversation with an offended girl4

When a guy knows how to communicate with a girl, it's just great, but not everyone is so insightful and feels the mood of the other half well. The girl always follows two strategies. The first is aimed at reconciliation, and she is looking for a way to stay with the guy and is ready to listen to him, and the second is aimed at breaking up and listening to his apology, she came to say about the loss of trust and the inability to build further relationships.

How to talk to an offended girl
How to talk to an offended girl

If a girl makes contact, you need to act according to the situation. The conversation may not work out right away, and the other half will start crying or start hysteria. You don't need to interrupt her if you listen to everything without nerves and at the same time listen with interest - it will be easier to understand why she wants to hear an apology. After the reason for the resentment is clear, you need to immediately move on to apologizing with the right words.

Ways to apologize to a girl for minor offenses and disagreements5

If the reason for her resentment is light or she is constantly offended and this is one of the ways to manipulate the guy, the apology should be no less sincere and impressive. What if this is a veiled way to attract attention and a good chance to receive a new gift? Yes, sometimes girls do that.

Words on the pavement

Girls love the actions of a guy who will show everyone that she is important and loved. Words of forgiveness with her name on the asphalt, technical building, lined with candles, will impress even the stingiest of emotions. A costly but incredibly impressive way would be an admission of guilt on a banner outside her house with a beautiful photo of her. It's a great way to apologize and talk about your feelings. As a beautiful addition, a bouquet of flowers for work or home, a teddy bear or a special gift that she dreamed of will do.

Nice explanation in a letter

A budget option for a guy with a rich vocabulary. You can always get inspiration from Internet resources and from yourself convey the importance of your relationship, love for her, remember key moments, admit your own guilt and promise not to repeat this again. The light option will be an SMS about forgiveness. The text can be just plain banal "Sorry, I was wrong! How can I make amends? " This will be enough to provoke her into a dialogue and bribe with pleasant gifts and attention.

Creative approach6

A talent or special skill can play into the hands of an apology. A beautiful verse, an author's song, a flash mob with the help of friends or creative acquaintances will melt the heart and impress the girl. Social media is also a modern way to ask for forgiveness.

How to ask a girl's forgiveness correctly
How to ask a girl's forgiveness correctly

A video fragment with a fiery speech or song, a collage, a video with photos important for your couple, a poster with an apology in the hands of a repentant guy with sad music in pursuit will help the girl to believe in feelings and its significance. The main thing is not to overdo it with emotions and not to apologize too florid and abstract. It is important for the girl to hear that she was understood and accepted as a sign of disagreement with the behavior model. Everything is elementary!

If a girl receives less communication and attracts the guy's attention with resentment, both are used to playing apology and they know for sure that this will not bring discord to their couple. The situation with drunken revelry, beatings, betrayal is more complicated.

How to apologize to a girl for serious misconduct7

Before you go to your wife or girlfriend and ask for an apology for treason or drunken showdown, you need to eliminate the reason or not come at all. There is no point in repenting and in a couple of days again to go all out? A woman should know that she is the only one, special, and not a fallback and refuge after spree.

Eliminating the cause of the behavior can help prepare for forgiveness. If this is a mistress or a girl with whom there was a flirtation, the complete exclusion of her from life, a change in job, and the removal of a profile from social networks will help to maintain a relationship or family. This is the only way to show a serious attitude in her and return at least a small part of trust.

When drunkenness and constant going to bars have become the cause of discord and constant quarrels, you need to deal with addiction systematically. If you need medical help, do not hesitate to admit that you are an alcoholic and start treatment.

How to apologize to a woman
How to apologize to a woman

Money that used to be spent on spending time with friends will now be better invested in a soul mate. It is possible to make amends after the beatings or inappropriate behavior in general, it will gradually turn out to return trust, if you do not break down and do not repeat everything over and over again.

Traveling together as a way to apologize to a girl8

Ignoring, and even more so cheating or comparing a girl with another, painfully hits pride. When the reason is eliminated, and she entered into a dialogue, everyone will like to offer to fill the gap in the relationship with joint emotions. Yes, while traveling, she will now and then follow the behavior, looks, half-hints and look reproachfully.

A sincere apology and general impressions will help you escape from problems, everyday worries, children and work. Let it be her favorite place or her dream trip if the budget allows. Interest in architecture, new impressions, joint photos, gifts will make you feel welcome again.

Romantic surprises9

If in the house the girl constantly felt unnecessary and unnecessary, and in addition, the loved one changed or led a riotous lifestyle, it's time to remember romance. The tension and expectation of a catch, betrayal must change. A subscription to SPA, bouquets, gifts, surprises and surprises available in the city will help you remember how it all began. It should be unusual or recreate a first date or even a wedding.

How to ask a woman for forgiveness
How to ask a woman for forgiveness

A great solution is to re-order a painting ceremony or even a wedding. The important step is to be sincere, an act of atonement, not a way to make amends and bribe her. Anything that allows the budget and imagination will be appropriate. Even the fulfillment of old promises will delight and help you to look at your partner in a different way. Even if he stumbled, but repented of his wrongdoing.

How not to apologize10

  1. If there is no remorse and the situation is guaranteed to happen again, apologizing for the hundredth time is pointless. Why say words if you do not eliminate the cause of the behavior and stubbornly do it your way.
  2. Crumple up all the florid words into one monologue, or just write "I'm sorry" with the hope that this will be enough. An incomprehensible conversation, slurred words and a short monologue, as a result of which she realizes that she is being made guilty, will help to break off the relationship even faster.
  3. Overwhelm with gifts instead of words. You should send your favorite box of flowers, a bouquet, or a bear only after the main apology in the text or in words. And do not forget that not everyone will appreciate the plush giant or the desire to feed her with candy. Especially if she is allergic to dust, chocolate, pollen.
  4. Screaming about love under the windows and tracking it down with the desire to talk. Half of the girls have it in nightmares, as a compulsive guy pursues her. Time will help to cool down and come to the desire to conduct a dialogue.
  5. Instead of an apology, ask to get married. Isn't it "romantic"? So she imagined in her girlish dreams a proposal to start a family? Not! Don't do that. First you need to solve all the issues, and then think about the future.
  6. Tearfully beg for forgiveness, winding snot on your fist. Touching on the one hand, but disgusting on the other. A strong man is always open to communication, accepts criticism and admits mistakes, and does not cry like a toddler offended in a manger. So do not touch the girl. She wants to see an adult man next to whom in the future it will be possible to build a dialogue and find solutions that suit everyone.
A man apologizes to a woman
A man apologizes to a woman

Ways to apologize to a girl and a detailed scheme for preparing for communication are ready. It remains only to save it until an emergency, and it is better to think a hundred times so that later you do not torture yourself and not make your loved one regret choosing a partner.

Therefore, we recommend reading our article on how to conduct a relationship with a girl, then follow the link.