Signs The Relationship With This Person Is Better Off

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Signs The Relationship With This Person Is Better Off
Signs The Relationship With This Person Is Better Off
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end a relationship
end a relationship

In one of the previous articles, we already wrote on what grounds we can conclude that with this girl you are not on the way. Now it's the guys' turn. In this article, we'll look at the signs that your relationship is better off before it gets too far. If your boyfriend is just using you, you shouldn't be wasting time on him. But how is this to be determined? Let's try to figure it out.

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  • 1 He is not interested in your life
  • 2 He does not take the initiative
  • 3 He keeps you out of his life
  • 4 He appears and disappears
  • 5 He says bluntly that he is not ready for a relationship.

He is not interested in your life

Yes, the first sign is the same as that of girls! But this is unlikely to surprise anyone. If you are indifferent to a person, what is the point of wasting time and energy on a relationship with him? If he is not interested in your opinion, he is not interested in your tastes, preferences, and desires, he does not know how your day is going, and he never asks questions, this is a reason to think. If all your boyfriend is interested in is how far your evening will go, it is best to look elsewhere. After all, the stereotype that all men need only one thing from women is not true, even if you are “lucky” to meet one of these.

He does not show initiative2

It often accompanies the previous point, and the point is not at all that the guy has a gentle character. He will never offer plans for a joint weekend, he will never share interesting ideas, but if you take the initiative, he immediately agrees to it. It either looks like he doesn't give a damn about you, or he just has no idea what to do with you. Or the only activity that interests him begins and ends in bed. Unfortunately, you cannot build a serious relationship on this alone, and if you are counting on something more than constant meetings on your initiative, it is better to think about changing your partner.

reasons to leave a guy
reasons to leave a guy

He keeps you out of his life3

He does not introduce you to friends or relatives, does not tell you anything about his hobbies and interests, you do not know anything about his childhood, his favorite book and film, the music he listens to, and he does not try to tell you all this. Of course, the matter may be in some kind of personal problems associated with a previous relationship, but it is much more likely that the guy simply does not have any plans for the future related to you. If you are just a temporary haven for him, and the relationship will not continue, is it worth continuing it? Without showing any attempts to get closer and open up with you, he will not achieve anything good.

And yet, in this case, it makes sense not to burn the bridges, but to take a pause. Perhaps, quite recently, he was brutally abandoned by an insidious traitor, and it is too hard for a guy to trust a new girl. Try to be the first to make contact and talk with him, you will surely feel the signs of mental trauma. If you only feel empty, think about breaking up.

It appears and disappears4

Perhaps your boyfriend has read some nonsense from the "seduction masters" and is following their ridiculous advice. To give himself weight in your eyes and feigned mystery, such behavior is really advised by various short-sighted "pickup gurus", and the very fact that he is interested in such sources does not paint him any more. But it is quite possible that he simply has no luck with girls, so he tries to build something unnatural out of himself in order to please you. It will not be difficult for you to calculate this problem and convince him.

reasons for parting
reasons for parting

It's another matter if a guy just communicates with you only when he needs it and is convenient, and the rest of the time he is somewhere outside the access zone. And even if you do not get in touch for days, he does not show interest in this. What can this behavior say? Most likely, you are not the only girl in his life. But even if it isn't, think about this. What happens if every time you need his help and support, he is busy with something else, fishing with friends, or on an important business trip? Relationships with one goal do not last long, and there is simply no sense in continuing them.

He bluntly says that he is not ready for a relationship5

The phrases “you are too good for me”, “I'm not ready for a relationship right now” or “I'm sorry, but I don't believe in love”, said by a man, should not be taken as a form of flirting. In such cases, men say exactly what they think, and do not try to force you to challenge him and convince him that true love exists and he really needs your relationship.

reasons to leave a man
reasons to leave a man

Not needed. And he said it in plain text. Do not create illusions, your boyfriend can be respected at least for the fact that he is honest with you on such an important topic. And he honestly said that nothing will work out for you so that you rush to convince him otherwise. Having parted now, you are most likely to find a good friend in his person. Or at least just a friend to talk to other guys with. But it is unlikely that something worthwhile will come out of your relationship.

For details on how guys fit and what to expect from a relationship with a girl, read the next article.

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