How To Understand That A Husband Has A Mistress? TOP 8 Signs

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How To Understand That A Husband Has A Mistress? TOP 8 Signs
How To Understand That A Husband Has A Mistress? TOP 8 Signs

Video: How To Understand That A Husband Has A Mistress? TOP 8 Signs

Video: How To Understand That A Husband Has A Mistress? TOP 8 Signs
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How a married man in love behaves
How a married man in love behaves

Is it possible to recognize that a married man has another woman with whom he is in love? The answer is unequivocal, yes. Just like understanding that a man is married! If he is cheating on his wife with another woman, then he will certainly change. There are several red flags that should not be underestimated. They can indicate that the man has become different. From now on, he begins to act as a married man in love behaves.

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  • 1 Deterioration of sex life
  • 2 Don't spend time together
  • 3 Drastic changes
  • 4 Mood swings
  • 5 he started to take care of his appearance
  • 6 He's running out of money
  • 7 Doesn't part with the phone
  • 8 He is aggressive or compliant

How do you know if he has another woman? You need to carefully observe his behavior and pay attention to certain signals. If a man allows them, it is likely that a new woman and a new love have appeared in his life.

Deterioration of sex life

Sex is not the most accurate measure of a man's love, but the most important signals come from this area. If your sex life has worsened lately, this could be a bad sign. Has sex become rare? Does a man avoid intimate relationships? Is there no fire and emotion in bed anymore?

Of course, not everyone has to be Casanova and want sex all the time. It is likely that the man is sick, or, perhaps, he is tired from work or worried about some important business. However, problems in the bedroom most often indicate that another woman has appeared on the horizon.

Don't spend time together2

If suddenly comes the realization that a man has ceased to devote time to his wife, as it was before, this situation does not bode well. Is the man constantly busy with something? Does it work more? Too tired to talk to your wife or invite her to go or go somewhere together? Does he seem to be oblivious to his wife or even avoiding her? Doesn't offer more joint exits like it did before?

Refuses all your suggestions? Something is wrong here, and most likely another woman is the cause of this change. He probably just stopped loving his wife. One way or another, it is not possible to ignore these signals and wait for this to pass and everything will return to normal. It is not difficult to understand the behavior of a man in love.

A man avoids intimacy
A man avoids intimacy

Drastic changes3

People change throughout their lives, but this is usually a very slow process. If he suddenly begins to behave differently, this is a sign that something extraordinary has happened in his life. And it is quite possible that this is a new love. Every wife knows her husband well, and it is not at all difficult for her to notice that he has changed. Using new words that weren't there before?

Interested in something that he used to be completely indifferent to? Or, on the contrary, has he given up his favorite hobby or passion? Has he made new friends with whom he is not even going to introduce?

Mood swings4

A man who has a relationship with another woman usually has mood swings. He, suddenly, becomes too excited and as if happy, because new love gives him wings. In other cases, on the contrary, he falls into melancholy, because he experiences remorse and is afraid that the truth will come out.

Sometimes a man can feel lost, unable to decide who he really wants to be with. Long-term stress and stress can lead to indifference. It's okay for people to have different moods, but this kind of emotional instability should certainly not escape the wife's attention.

Mood swings as a signal
Mood swings as a signal

He started to take care of his appearance5

If a man suddenly begins to over-monitor his appearance, he is probably doing it for someone else. This is one of the most obvious signals that gives a wife almost 100% confidence that a man has a woman. And how does a married man in love behave at the same time? That's right, he wants her to like it.

He's running out of money6

The man can't afford to travel together, or did you only get a bar of chocolate on Valentine's Day when it was usually more generous and sophisticated? It is possible that it may be problems with gambling or debt at work, but more likely he does not have enough money for another reason - he spends it on another woman.

Does not part with the phone7

If a man began to constantly monitor his phone, therefore, he has something to hide. As a rule, the reason is another woman. The wife should be alarmed by the fact that the husband has set up a screen lock, which he has never done before.

It's even worse if he doesn't part with his phone and takes it with him even to the toilet and bath. And if he goes to another room to talk or write a text message, and does not allow his wife to use the phone, there is something wrong, he is clearly hiding his new relationship.

Secret phone conversations
Secret phone conversations

He is aggressive or compliant8

The wife should be alert when the husband often becomes angry and unpleasant. He is offended and constantly provokes quarrels. Something is bothering him greatly. Surely he is annoyed by his thoughts that his wife is not the woman he needs, and that he should not be here.

On the other hand, if he gets too cute, that doesn't bode well either. Why did the cosmetics all over the tub suddenly stop bothering him? Previously, he was always annoyed that his wife was watching the series, but now he didn't care, and he doesn't say anything? There is only one answer, he just has other more important things in mind. And his wife is now indifferent to him.

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