13 Secrets: How To Build Strong Relationships

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13 Secrets: How To Build Strong Relationships
13 Secrets: How To Build Strong Relationships

Video: 13 Secrets: How To Build Strong Relationships

Video: 13 Secrets: How To Build Strong Relationships
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Strong relationships
Strong relationships

How to build and maintain strong relationships in such a sophisticated world. Millions of tips, recipes, teaching coaches who have three divorces behind them. But there are things that are unshakable, indestructible, undeniable, the observance of which will serve not only as a solid foundation for relations, but also as a guarantee of a long-lasting and strong union.

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  • 1 Energy aspects
  • 2 Honoring and accepting the past
  • 3 Psychological tricks
  • 4 New - forgotten old
  • 5 Strong relationships = mutual trust

Energy aspects i

Feminine energy

Cultivating the feminine principle, cultivating wisdom and patience, will bear fruit already in the initial stages of communication, not to mention the value of such important things when the relationship lasts several years. Feminine touch, affection, tenderness, all this charges a man with the energy of creation, pushes him to strong-willed decisions, and stimulates to feats. How to awaken female energy and what psychologist Larisa Raner says about it, read the article at the link.

Male energy

Strength training, housework, elementary repair of furniture or a lopsided porch in the country, germinate his natural energy in a man. Which, in turn, spreading to others gives them a sense of security, reliability, and faith in the strength of the owner of the house.

Honoring and accepting the past2

Without knowing the past, there can be no future, just as it is impossible to establish strong relationships without accepting the person's environment that existed long before the meeting.


Before meeting with their partner, everyone had a certain social circle. Friends and company have different influences on everyone, but if it is great, then going against communication with old acquaintances is a big mistake. And it is better to accept a person with all his baggage, without trying to radically alter. And after talking with each other's friends, you can find new acquaintances for yourself, and learn more about each other.

A family

Aunts, uncles, nephews and brothers, numerous or, on the contrary, single relatives are also an integral part of partners. It is important, if not to love them, then at least to respect them.


The most precious thing a person has is his parents, and even if they are not oligarchs, but mere mortals, or even dysfunctional comrades, there is no need to remind your soul mate about this. In no case, in any of the quarrels, should one blame a person with his parents, no matter what they are.


The only thing a person has is that which cannot be measured and seen. And we are not talking about the same religion, but about the tolerant perception of each other's attitude to religion. Of course, going to a temple or a mosque together is wonderful. But if the views of the halves on this matter differ, then each should show respect for the opinion of the other, and not try to change it.

Psychological tricks3

We get what we continually encourage

If you constantly tell your partner that he is inattentive or incorrect, sooner or later, he will begin to behave like that. And shrugging his shoulders, he will justify himself by the fact that this has long been known, and he constantly hears it. But positive phrases, about how caring and loving he is, will push the half to match what was said.

Strong relationships
Strong relationships

Lack of emotion makes negative ones positive

There is a very interesting psychological trick when a negative emotion becomes positive attention. This happens when a person lacks kind and positive emotions. In their absence, bad feelings become the only source of emotional distress. And if you don't regularly feed each other with affection, care, attention, sympathy and support, then sooner or later even a scandal in a relationship will be for happiness. Pursuing the motto "Well, at least there is someone to quarrel with."

Trite but true

Mutual attention, care, and support are integral parts of healthy communication, without which you cannot build strong relationships. This can also include friendship. It is important to maintain a friendly, trusting relationship in a relationship. To be interested in each other's affairs, and if the professions and occupations are so different that the partners cannot even understand two words, then it is worth starting a common hobby. So that there was room to grow, but together. There will always be a topic of conversation and things to do at your leisure.

The new is the forgotten old4

Respect and fight foul language

Respect for each other's personality, acceptance of personality traits and habits, is an integral part of a healthy relationship. However, more and more often you can hear how couples communicate with each other in comic, but still offensive words. A harmless "fool", a word spoken in a quiet time, as a joke, having entered into a habit, easily turns into a "fool" in unpleasant circumstances. During quarrels and conflicts, a person does not follow his speech much, and even in his hearts expressing what is boiling, it is important to save face and not offend his partner.

Strong relationship what is it
Strong relationship what is it


In the union of two people, there is always one leading, the other driven, and if even walking hand in hand, it seems to someone that the rights are equal, then it is still not so. It's just that in this pair, the first and second violins are so harmoniously played that it is not noticeable how they complement each other. And the established priority of one of the couple, regardless of the duration of the relationship, should not be questioned. And if you really want to convey your idea to your partner, then using the phrase "you are infinitely right, however …", you can achieve much more than the banal "no, I want it differently."

Strong relationships = mutual trust5


Mutual trust implies not only confidence in the loyalty of partners to each other, but also the confidence that each of them accepts each other. In order to fully understand and support each other, it is important to know what partners are thinking and feeling. Frank heart-to-heart conversations will help to avoid many misunderstandings, conjectures and suspicions, and to take preventive measures against quarrels and mutual reproaches.


Trust in itself is an impermissible luxury, but mistrust is the worst enemy, it provokes suspicion, jealousy, speculation even where it cannot be. The trust shown in a partner can seem like weakness. Mistrust is more likely to serve as a catalyst for betrayal and rupture of relations.

how to build strong relationships
how to build strong relationships

Thus, paying attention to elementary things, accepting a person as he is, not condemning him, but praising him on the contrary, partners acquire the opportunity to build strong relationships, and make them an example of wisdom and patience, an example of mutual respect and love.