What Is Platonic Love And How Does It Arise?

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What Is Platonic Love And How Does It Arise?
What Is Platonic Love And How Does It Arise?

Video: What Is Platonic Love And How Does It Arise?

Video: What Is Platonic Love And How Does It Arise?
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Platonic relationships
Platonic relationships

Platonic love is the aerobatics of the relationship between a man and a woman. The concept itself came from the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. He was the first to single out different directions in love. In his mind, the intimacy between a man and a woman can be spiritual and physical. With the bodily, everything is clear: physical closeness, hugs, kisses. The platonic one is somewhat more complicated.

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  • 1 The physical component of love
  • 2 The concept and reasons for platonic love
  • 3 Friendship
  • 4 Love in one gate
  • 5 "I love you when you are far away"
  • 6 Religion and traditions
  • 7 "One meter apart"
  • 8 Old age and old age
  • 9 Day after day, year after year
  • 10 A spark will ignite a flame
  • 11 The advantage of platonic love

Intimate closeness is too voluminous and multifaceted. It can mix concepts of friendship, mentoring and kinship. It is very easy to get confused in these concepts and mistake one for the other. But you can still figure it out: it is enough to think over your feelings for another and evaluate them from different angles.

The physical component of love

Physical love is understandable to everyone. This is a manifestation of your relationship to a person, through expression through touch. This is hugs, kisses, sex. You should distinguish between intimate relationships with love. A drunken "grind" in a club toilet stall has nothing to do with love. These are banal carnal pleasures, the animal instinct of a drunken body, disengagement of brakes and morality. For most, this thing is not even a reason for dating. Of course, there is no question of any love here.

Making love to people in love has a completely different meaning. Here is the degree of higher trust, the desire to prolong the clan, the expression of one's attitude towards a partner. Perhaps the physical manifestation of love can be called the only felt way. And for most people, this is true. It is pointless to argue with this, because it is so.

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The concept and reasons for platonic love2

Platonic love does not arise out of the blue. She always has prerequisites, but she can easily be confused with such a concept as friendship. Nevertheless, there is still a difference. What are the directions and reasons for the occurrence of platonic love?

Speaking about platonic love, in general, we can say that this is the unity of souls as such. The carnal becomes something unacceptable, unnecessary, second-rate. How to distinguish friendship from platonic love? Friendship is easy. It does not change a person's life, does not break fate, does not leave a broken trough. Friendship can do a lot, but personal space is always primary. Friendship does not interfere with having your own family and does not force you to change your usual way. She does not shoot surprises and is absolutely not demanding. Simply put, friendship does not force you to break up at 3 am and break into the other side of the city to comfort a suffering friend.

types of love
types of love

Platonic love works exactly the opposite. A person in her bonds is capable of incredible deeds. This is expressed in hyper-care, and in family asceticism, and in idolizing a partner, and in an obsessive desire to be constantly there, in silent adoration and worship. Sometimes platonic love takes on hypertrophied outlines and simply gets in the way. But this happens only in the case of irresponsibility.

Over time, as people approach or reach old age, platonic love flourishes in a raging color. This is exactly the time that modern topics and posts in social networks describe with such tenderness. This is the feeling that is experienced in spite of everything and in spite of everything. It is shown incredibly vividly in the movie "Titanic", a scene in which an elderly husband and wife lie embracing and prepare to die. There can be nothing fleshly between them, but their love is stronger than death. Is it given to experience? Given … Not to everyone and not to everyone, but given.

We will tell you about a simple and understandable definition of the word "love" in our special article below the link.


Can a man and a woman be friends? This question torments almost all people. It does not arise in childhood or adolescence, it is not asked during the student days, it is not tried to be solved in old age. Friendship eats the brain only for adults, physically mature and active people. And most of them do not believe in it, because the ghost of sex is added. It is possible that it is.

platonic love
platonic love

And people are right about something. But it is enough to look at the huge mass of examples when friendship really took place and was never mixed with carnal desires. Moreover, the wisdom of such a relationship was the denial of the intimate side in general. And here there is a pitfall that many friendships break on. The border of friendship and platonic love is too shaky, which leads to illogical requirements.

Love in one gate4

Many are familiar with the feeling of unrequited love. It breaks, mangles and does not allow normal life. Unrequited love is one of the manifestations of platonic love. It has a rather negative connotation, because not many are able to love quietly and silently, just like that, without psychological abysses.

This attitude falls under the definition of platonic love only because it excludes the possibility of carnal manifestation. It is extremely difficult to cope with this feeling, but it is still possible if you clearly distinguish what is happening. You can bring love in your heart to a certain person in a year, but at the same time have a family or other relationship.

real love
real love

But this rarely happens. As a rule, unrequited love is short-lived and passes as soon as the opportunity for replacement appears. Often, unrequited love happens in adolescence, and ends with the beginning of a new, full-fledged relationship. But, nevertheless, many carry the tender memory of their first love to their deepest years.

"I love you when you are far away" 5

This is a well-known form of love for people forced to live at a distance from each other. There are many reasons for this: work, study and even imprisonment, and someone surrenders to such love for a long time, having a strong and real relationship. People take this step because they are unable to resist the overwhelmed emotions, and someone is just waiting for the situation to change and the partner becomes accessible and tangible.

Someone is lucky, and his platonic love takes on other forms and moves to a new level, someone just cools down, and someone, reaching the object, is disappointed. In any case, it is not necessary to count on the longevity of such relationships, because both time and distance play an important role in the relationship.

love and friendship
love and friendship

Religion and traditions6

This is a stumbling block for believers. This also includes the category of people who live in a narrow society, that is, in a community, and are subject to constant restrictions according to the rules.

Such couples live in a state of platonic love only until the marriage is concluded. Of course, it is not necessary to be a true believer or live with Old Believers, it is enough just to follow personal beliefs and deny intimate relationships before they are legalized. But in any case, such a relationship has an end, with the onset of resolving events.

Sometimes platonic love arises as a denial of carnal relationships, in general. The ministers of the church are subject to this. Sympathy can arise from monks, priests, and other representatives of various cults. In this case, the usual feelings are replaced with higher ones. The carnal component is denied as sinfulness.

"One meter apart" 7

A vivid indicator of the emergence and development of platonic love is the state of health. The sensational film "One Meter Away" fully reveals this situation. It shows the relationship between two young people suffering from the rare genetic disease cystic fibrosis. The disease is fatal and does not allow any physical contact. But young people fell in love with each other and are developing their relationships.

sex and platonic love
sex and platonic love

Yes, people cannot always express their feelings through affection, but they can always give each other joy while being at arm's length. Emotions in this case are experienced most powerfully, the brilliance of feelings is off scale. Only those who are forced to live in such a regime can understand such people.

Old age and old age8

This is the time when platonic love takes its true shape. Due to age, physical contact is impossible. But the closeness of the soul does not pass, but even intensifies, because at this age the transience of time and the value of each moment are known. Reaching this period, people begin to feel gratitude for the long years of life together, comprehend the whole essence and meaning. “Wisdom comes over the years,” and the power of love is the permanent companion of wisdom.

Day after day, year after year9

The duration of platonic love depends on the desires of the people themselves. Someone is so immersed in this addiction that they are able to live in this state all their lives. Such monogamy usually does not lead to anything good. Indeed, in this case, a person is threatened with loneliness in all its glory. No child, no kitten … And for what?

love until old age
love until old age

For a ghostly object of adoration that will never be there? What's the point? Although … everything has a meaning, and each has its own principles. And about the meaning of a relationship, you can read further in our article!

For the most part, platonic love, caused by friendship or distance, that is, not the most significant reasons, ends as soon as the situation comes to naught: either the object is replaced by a more tangible one, or the friendship develops into something more. After all, it is not for nothing that they say that friendship between a man and a woman is possible provided that they are either former or future lovers. As a matter of fact, it is.

A spark will ignite a flame10

Platonic love can be sustained and cultivated. To do this, it is enough to follow a few rules:


You shouldn't be afraid of them. After all, everyone is sexually attracted. And if suddenly it came, then it is not a fault or vice. It is enough just to discuss the situation. And if one of the partners does not agree to continue the relationship in a sexual direction, then it would be better to stop the relationship at this stage than to break each other or live in conflict and stress. In any case, as soon as there is a desire for something more, there is nothing to save. In this case, it is easier to find a true partner, and transfer the object of the Platonists to the friend zone, until the relationship is completely ruined.


borders in platonic love
borders in platonic love

Relationship boundaries are best set before the partner can begin to feel attracted. Many do not agree to be in the friend zone, but in this case, again, it is better to discuss everything and, in case of disagreement, end the friendship. If both are satisfied with the conditions, then only one can rejoice at finding a real rear, an assistant and friend with a capital letter.

You can't put a scarf on every mouth

We must learn not to pay attention to other people's opinions. But only if this is not the opinion of a spouse. Yes, their demand is much more important than some kind of Platonist. All the rest can go boldly in the forest with their "5 kopecks", they were not given the right to speak. And do not be afraid of whispers behind your back, let them wash your bones: there will be no arthrosis.

The advantage of platonic love11

No matter how strange and uncomfortable this feeling may seem, it has undeniable advantages.

  • First, it allows you to get to know the other sex better. The point is that close relationships are built on trust. A lot of situations are discussed, you can see the attitude towards something, you can see how a person gets out of certain situations. All this allows you to competently build your own, personal relationship with another partner.
  • Secondly, communication takes place on a relaxed note. After all, you do not need to break yourself, torture and ingratiate yourself. There is no need to play a role. Common interests bring people closer together.
relationships and platonic love
relationships and platonic love
  • Thirdly, there is no ground for jealousy and doubt. Even the friendship between a man and a woman can be frantically jealous, but there is no point in Platonism. The idea of another person's freedom is the leitmotif of this relationship.
  • Fourthly, there is always a personal psychologist at hand. After all, no one can give clear explanations or a vision of the situation from the opposite side of the opposite sex. In addition, a person has no benefit, because he is just a loyal and reliable friend.
  • Fifthly, platonic love can teach selflessness and loyalty. To teach to appreciate every moment and the transience of time. Understand the essence of emotions from the depths of human consciousness. The ability to tightly control not only emotions, but also actions aimed at others appears.