How Does A Female Bitch Behave And What Types Are They Divided Into?

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How Does A Female Bitch Behave And What Types Are They Divided Into?
How Does A Female Bitch Behave And What Types Are They Divided Into?

Video: How Does A Female Bitch Behave And What Types Are They Divided Into?

Video: How Does A Female Bitch Behave And What Types Are They Divided Into?
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Bitch girl
Bitch girl

Bitch … this word can be heard quite often. What does this mean? First, the bitch is definitely a female person. A narcissistic selfish person who absolutely does not care about the point of view of others.

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  • 2 How do real bitches behave?
  • 3 How to beat bitchiness
  • 4 Classification of bitches

Moreover, she not only gets great pleasure from causing material and moral damage to the people around her, but also does it quite purposefully. So what should those who have a bitch girl do. How to identify this female breed and how to defeat the bitch?

Who is a bitch? I

Probably no one will ever be able to combine the concept of female bitchiness. Even the fact that it is generally accepted in society that this word is abusive does not exclude the fact that the status of a woman, who is so called, is greatly elevated in male perception. This is what sometimes makes many still lovely ladies go to special courses that teach how to become a bitch.

How do real bitches behave? 2

This woman daily, around the clock, takes out the brain to her partner. She is proud and arrogant. She is always accompanied by backbiting, swearing and eccentric, moreover, the numbers thrown out by him.

Demonstrative behavior is accompanied by a sharp disregard for the "unwanted" personalities. Also, ignore can be caused, quite common for a bitch, the desire to offend or anger a person. Many of them are quite self-centered individuals.

The main task of these single-minded, strong and independent women is the constant need to endure someone's brain. At the same time, she looks after herself very carefully, is well-groomed, dresses beautifully and considers herself the master of life. Knowing her worth, she, oddly enough, knows how to win over the people she needs.


All, without exception, bitches are unusually narcissistic personalities. In their opinion, the whole world was created only to please them. First of all, this, of course, applies to males.

The bitch can handle any “feats” that will lead to the desired goal. Without the slightest remorse, she will take her husband away from her best friend and even from her beloved sister. In order to get the man she needs, she is ready for any actions, no matter how disgusting they may seem to others.

Cynicism, selfishness and prudence

These three qualities are essential components of the character of any real bitch. So she is a pretty dangerous thing for society. Her whole life proceeds according to only those rules that she has established for herself.

bitch girl
bitch girl

How to beat bitchiness3

Of course, you cannot envy the guys living with the bitch. They are constantly at the very top of the volcano. And we are not talking about a sleeping monster, but about a giant capable of turning out a huge amount of deadly hot lava on him at any moment.

The bitchiness of the ladies is usually not fatal. If you do not take into account the death of a million nerve cells that are simply not able to live long in the society of a bitch. But, no matter how angelic patience a man possesses, temporary breaks and “brain” rest are necessary for him from time to time. Read more about who a female bitch is in our article at the link.

Classification of bitches4

There are several types of bitch girls in nature:

  • Bitch of perfect wealth
  • Feminist
  • Nervous bitch

By the way, in some cases, the bitchiness of a lady can be controlled, and sometimes even given some correction. It depends on what type of bitches the chosen one belongs to.

real bitch
real bitch

Luxury bitches

In the first case, all the bitchiness of the lady is aimed solely at getting all the best - clothes, a car, a yacht, a house. Her reference book is a glamorous glossy magazine. Here, the truth is to admit that she herself is ready to fully match the image.

She is always well-groomed, elegant and luxurious. If a man can provide her with all the desired entourage, she will calm down a little. True, no one can guarantee that after a failed selfie a fashionable phone of the latest model will not fly into the wall.

Often, only a wealthy man can become a companion of this type. In most cases, he himself is a lover of all this luxurious exclusive.

Feminist bitches

These two concepts can not always be combined together. But, it should be said that in some cases this is very correct. If a man is really dear to a relationship with this lady, he will have to become a feminist in some way too.

bitch woman
bitch woman

In order for it not to look faked, it is best to resort to the help of specialized literature. The works of Barbara Ehrenreich and Simone de Beauvoir are perfect. Using the result of unthinkable work (after all, in order to read all this you will have to make incredible efforts), you need to start supporting the bitch in her judgments. Unshaven armpits are normal, a manifestation of sexism - fuuu, what a horror.

Such support of views will eventually bear fruit, and she will cease to perceive a partner as a rival or enemy.

Nervous bitch

This type of female bitchiness is the hardest to deal with. The external mask of the bitch is designed to hide behind her a little girl "disliked" by her parents. She rarely heard words of praise addressed to her, more often she was called insignificant, compared with smarter or more beautiful peers.

Having grown up, they try to prove their exclusivity to everyone around them. To prove that it is she who is the best and most beautiful. But she hides her kindness deep inside, without showing it to strangers.

girl with hat
girl with hat

Re-educating such a bitch is the easiest way. Compliments at every turn. Beliefs that she is the most. Yes, at first it will not be easy, however, if the man's words are sincere and he does not get tired of repeating them again and again, the ice will certainly melt and the companion will turn from a pronounced bitch into an ordinary and quite lovely lady.

So, if a bitch girl met on the life of a man, and he managed to fall in love with her, you should not despair. Even if you are eaten, there are still two ways out. And even the most inveterate bitches are not able to swallow their victims whole.

What to do when a guy fell in love with a bitch and is there a cure for such love?