Why Love Leaves And How To Get It Back. Reasons For The Gap

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Why Love Leaves And How To Get It Back. Reasons For The Gap
Why Love Leaves And How To Get It Back. Reasons For The Gap

Video: Why Love Leaves And How To Get It Back. Reasons For The Gap

Video: Why Love Leaves And How To Get It Back. Reasons For The Gap
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love goes away
love goes away

Most lovers, even those who have already experienced separation, want to believe that their relationship will last for a long time, possibly a lifetime. Unfortunately, feelings often fade away quickly, and former lovers are left with broken hearts and in bewilderment ask the eternal question: why does love go away?

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  • 1 If he loves, he will be the way I want.
  • 2 When a relationship starts with a lie
  • 3 When bored to nausea
  • 4 If you quarrel, then to the last drop of blood

Psychologists and family therapists have compiled a short list of reasons that can destroy both nascent and fairly strong relationships.

If he loves, he will be the way I want

Some people, communicating with a loved one, notice moments that they do not like or are unpleasant. These can be gaps in upbringing, the use of harsh or swear words, too emotional or cold reactions to events. Instead of accepting this fact or immediately agreeing to change behavior, or even ending the relationship, the lover decides to re-educate in the future.

Of course, there are undeniably bad habits, such as smoking or craving fast food, the rejection of which will have a beneficial effect on health. And therefore, a reasonable person is likely to voluntarily change gradually, wanting to be healthy and live with his beloved for as many years as possible. Only support and understanding is required from the lover.

But if the irritation is caused by those traits that are impossible or pointless to change, then the relationship can quickly come to a standstill. For example, it is almost impossible to change your laughter, tone of voice or emotionality.

At first you will feel discomfort, you will have to restrain yourself, and then irritation will inevitably grow and love will go away. The most common example of such a mistake is when a woman falls in love with a man who is the ringleader and the soul of the company.

How to get love back
How to get love back

She likes his expressiveness, a large circle of friends and the constant fuss around him. He is always ready to help even unfamiliar people, friends and acquaintances constantly spend the night and day in his apartment, and he is full of ideas on how to spend time interestingly. If she does not differ in the same character, then gradually begins to get tired and demand a "normal" life. She begins to lack attention, she is annoyed by strangers in the apartment and her husband, who is again not at home, because someone needed help.

One day she will set conditions, demanding to choose between her and her friends. Perhaps a man will choose her, sit at home and turn into a grump, a gambling addict or just a boring person. But one fine morning the woman will pack her things and leave, because next to her is not at all the one she loved.

When a relationship starts with a lie2

When meeting a loved one or someone they like for the first time, many people want to look better than they really are. Outwardly, this is expressed in the desire to put on makeup, have a haircut and just dress more beautifully. Sometimes a whole image is created that has little to do with a real person.

Men try to look stronger, wealthier and more active. Women prefer to wear masks that are modest, economical and peaceful. But it is impossible to hide your true character all the time. In moments of emotional stress or fatigue, real habits and traits begin to emerge. These changes can shock the person in love with the image, he may feel deceived or betrayed.

Where does love go
Where does love go

Also, the one who creates the image may sooner or later feel tired, because he constantly has to make efforts to restrain himself. He begins to distance himself, feeling emotionally drained.

Such love has only one result - it will die either from revealing its true face, or excessive stress.

When boring to nausea3

Why is it boring in a relationship? Few people are able to live in a constant holiday, the intensity of emotions is tiring and sooner or later you want peace. And yet more often relationships fall apart due to dullness and boredom. Initial bright emotions, novelty of impressions and strong sensations lose their sharpness. People get used to it, everything becomes familiar and ordinary. The boat of love crashes against everyday life, perishes in the quagmire of everyday life.

If you quarrel, then to the last drop of blood4

Everyone knows the saying - cute scold, only amuse themselves. It hides a frivolous attitude towards scandals that justifies them. But even more harmful are the myths that truly loving people never swear and always easily find a common language. Truth as usual in the middle.

All people, even the closest ones and relatives, sometimes swear, do not understand each other. Simply because everyone is different and sometimes unable to understand each other. Love can perish if such misunderstanding turns into regular scandals, wild quarrels that develop into a feeling of irritation and even hatred.

How to restore a relationship
How to restore a relationship

So, as the name suggests, there are enough reasons why love is leaving. To save enough:

  • Be honest with yourself and your loved one.
  • Learns to accept a person as he is. And to change only what is really harmful to health.
  • Engage in self-development in order to remain an interesting person.
  • Learn to find compromises.