What A Man In Love Feels And How He Shows It

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What A Man In Love Feels And How He Shows It
What A Man In Love Feels And How He Shows It

Video: What A Man In Love Feels And How He Shows It

Video: What A Man In Love Feels And How He Shows It
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feelings of a man in love
feelings of a man in love

Strange, isn't it? And in fact, the feelings of a man in love are like that - under the hard shell there is no less tough pulp, but behind it is an excellent and healthy juice. So in the post-Soviet space, everything turns out the same - men brought up in a patriarchal society are not used to gushing with emotions, distributing radiant smiles to the right and to the left and shine with kindness and affection. Like a coconut peel - hard, elastic and not given to everyone.

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  • 2 He said the word - so at least we put our luggage on it
  • 3 When the butterflies in the stomach wake up
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And even having struck up an acquaintance with a girl, the man is in no hurry to open up. He observes, analyzes and draws conclusions. It opens slowly and with difficulty, like dense coconut pulp. But when falling in love captures him - he bursts like a coconut caught between a rock and a hard place, splashing out the most tender and warm feelings on his companion, surrounds her with care and protection from all adversity, such behavior of a man in love is an absolute norm.

And now the reader will be able to learn more about such a unique phenomenon.

Severity as the norm i

Men in the territories of the CIS and the former union, raised by their fathers, who had never heard of any gender equality there, when the war for the rights of minorities overseas was already ending with a convincing victory for the latter, from childhood they learned and absorbed masculinity. Many of them, having had a fight at school for the first time and having come with a complaint to their father, instead of consolation, received a slap on the head for sneering and the first important lesson - be able to stand up for yourself, be a wall yourself, and do not seek protection behind their father's back or mother's skirt.

It would seem that they were rather uneducated methods of education, but they allowed the child to learn to be a man from an early age. And later, going through school, district, village fights, the young man became tempered and more and more understood the value of his words and actions. It is not surprising that, having gone through an army school before adulthood, not a young man, but a husband acquired such a characteristic severity inherent in Russian men.

It is this severity of views, observation and attentiveness, along with a bit of isolation and even some rigidity that forms the coconut peel mentioned at the beginning of the article. Despite the outer shell, a man is not at all a stone idol, not a robot and not a psychopath, incapable of experiencing emotions - he is the same person who is not alien to sentimentality, sensual passion, tenderness and kindness. He just keeps them much deeper in himself and releases them only when he knows for sure that there are loyal comrades or reliable relatives around him.

Feelings of a man in love
Feelings of a man in love

Thus, if a woman wants to attract this follower of Mars to herself, she will have to make sure that he can prove himself exactly as a man, slightly (but only just a little) condescending to the weaker sex, just as slightly indulging his pride. And here the most interesting thing begins - after all, the coconut peel cannot be broken with your hands, not cut with a knife, and if you hit too hard, you can split everything so that the juice splashes in all directions, and the pieces of pulp will have to be collected on the floor.

A woman needs to interest a man, play very carefully with him in "prey" and "hunter", to reveal his weaknesses, even if only conditional, as a point of attachment to a stalk on a coconut. Then you need to melt the first, still very weak shoots of feelings in it. But without haste - just as carefully as you need to push through the found slack in the impenetrable crust of a palm fruit.

And when a crack passes through the crust and the pulp opens, the woman will begin to recognize the man from a slightly different side.

He said the word - so at least we put our luggage on it_8212

A woman should not expect a quick recognition of sympathy from a man, and even more so in love. He was not used to throwing words into the wind, he was not used to speaking without understanding. If he has already let the woman in, the man will begin to open up in front of her more and more, but retaining a feigned severity, so as not to get into an opportunity himself, and not to put the girl in an awkward position. His head is still clear, his actions are careful, his manners and feelings are neutral - but they are getting warmer.

What can be the feelings of a man in love
What can be the feelings of a man in love

Generally speaking, a man at this stage is like a frog in a vat on a fire - he will jump out of hot water immediately, and if he warms up gradually, he will sit in it until the end. Only, unlike the frog, the end will not be so sad - simply, waking up one day, he suddenly realizes with frightening clarity that everything is trapped, the one, the only one, has taken possession of her heart and thoughts, and I want to see her more, than white light.

A woman at this time should also be careful. Men love, but they are also afraid of smart women, so a lady will need to walk a tightrope over an abyss, where, on the one hand, she needs to be able not to push him away with her feigned stupidity, and on the other, not to show herself as a clever, intelligent woman, which ones to look for. Actually, it will be required of her, by all possible female tricks, to make it happen as in the saying “A man is a head, and a woman is a neck! He turns wherever he wants to”. In other words, to begin with, you will need to carefully fool your chosen one so that he is firmly convinced that the choice of this lady is entirely his merit.

And when the last pieces of pulp fall down and the inside of the coconut appears, then the most wonderful time in a relationship will come.

When the butterflies in the stomach wake up2

The feelings of a man in love roll over him at once, like a tub of ice water pouring over his entire consciousness. He simply turns into another person when all dryness and severity subsides, when at the sight of her, or rather, Her, his heart begins to beat faster, his eyes shine with a shine carefully hidden before, a whirlpool of thoughts and ideas revolves in his head, the only task which - to help him please his chosen one.

I must say that romanticism is not at all alien to Russian men. They are capable of composing beautiful poems, making luxurious gifts, and enveloping a companion in an atmosphere of care and tenderness. In the role of lovers, Russian men are not inferior to anyone else - they are gentle and neat, courteous and courteous towards a lady.

When a man feels in love
When a man feels in love

What is especially remarkable, being in love, a man is able to give a woman a lot of pleasant moments, since he can turn even a simple walk into a romantic trip. Affected by straightforwardness and openness, which was formed simultaneously with the external severity. It will not be difficult for him to grab the darling in his arms and rush with her along the evening alley, pick a flower and present it, kneeling down - a little old-fashioned and conservative, but sincere and from the bottom of his heart.

It is no less interesting that during the period of falling in love - not sympathy and not love, but falling in love, a man does not notice shortcomings, problems and any obstacles to his feelings. This is very important for a woman to take into account, because when this stage passes, her boyfriend can look at her and their relationship with a more sober look. And therefore it does not hurt at this time to carefully weigh and think everything over. It is necessary to remember and adhere to one rule - you should not break up with a man at the stage of falling in love - at least out of respect for him as a person, because …

You can find out more about what butterflies in the stomach are in our article on the link below!

Love is gone, tomatoes withered3

A break with a woman with whom a man is in love, especially on her initiative, works like a firecracker thrown into the notorious coconut. That is, it leads to catastrophic destruction. Yes, he is not a muslin girl, he will not faint. Yes, he will manage and survive this gap. But at what cost? A man whose pink world of a man in love is crumbling at one moment is looking for reassurance in different ways.

Someone starts looking for answers at the bottom of the bottle in a nearby bar. Someone goes headlong into work, forgetting about sleep, food and rest. Someone is hardened to the limit and is looking for adventure to their fifth point. Someone is trying to drown out the tormenting pain inside in the heat of venal love. Someone almost spits the Olympians in sports.

When a man in love has lost his feelings
When a man in love has lost his feelings

As a rule, it is not the fact of the rupture itself that hurts the most, but its suddenness. It has already been mentioned that a man in love does not see any problems, his head is occupied during this period by others, his eyes see only the beauty of his chosen one, his heart feels exclusively tenderness towards her. Therefore, if a break occurs at this time, the brain simply does not have time to understand what happened. There were no prerequisites for him, nothing foreshadowed such an outcome - and here again! - and that's it, finish.

By the way, faithful friends play an important role in such cases. They are well aware of everything, because sharing with a friend is like saying to a wall - all conversations will remain only among their own. And it is they who bring the broken heart of an abandoned comrade back to life, giving him much-needed food for analysis. Friends point to obvious prerequisites, provide support, help to understand what happened.

And, as soon as the consequences are eliminated, the man returns to the usual rails of being, having hacked himself on his nose (often once again), to be more attentive next time.

Stoicism and Forgiveness4

As it is not difficult to guess, the experiences described above often teach a man far from the first time. The notorious masculinity breeds stoicism - and all adversity is perceived not as something terrible, but as another test that must be passed with honor.

After a quarrel with a man in love
After a quarrel with a man in love

The same inner optimism and stubbornness after some, most often, a short time, push the man to forgive the offender. And he is even able to maintain communication with her without much difficulty, but he will no longer be able to offer his trust. Simply because he himself is accustomed to earning the trust of others by long and painstaking work and to cherish it later almost more than the apple of his eye.

Generally speaking, unlike the coconut, with which the comparison began, a man is able to build up his usual crust back, but this time his feelings are likened to a patched fortress wall - in a once destroyed place the masonry is weaker. And if one day he meets a woman who reminds him of the one that got to the heart, then she will be able to get to the latter much faster than her predecessor. What is interesting - in the overwhelming majority of cases, a man does not pay special attention to the fact that the previous passion broke his heart, because what happened has passed and the past has grown.

A few words in the end5


You should not shy away from your feelings. There is no point in resenting women who have dealt you such a sensitive blow, even if not intentionally. Undoubtedly, not all men are the same as the conventional hero of this article. But this does not mean that they are bad or wrong. No, not at all.

Rather, on the contrary, a man, more open and sensual even from the outside, will be able to more easily survive the breakup, surrender to the feeling of falling in love earlier and more fully, but he will also pass it much faster, reaching the crossroads, where he will be able to choose whether to stay friends with a girl or plunge with head into ordinary life no longer in love, but people who appreciate each other, who, however, still do not love each other. No, it will take a little longer to find true love. In the meantime, it will remain to be content with mutual respect and care for each other.

The feelings of a man in love should not be afraid
The feelings of a man in love should not be afraid


Amiable ladies should remember that the feelings of a man in love are a very bright, stormy and full of unexpected discoveries of new sides of the gentleman they like.

A girl who, from surprise and surprise, was frightened of those feelings that fountain from the heart and soul of her companion, should pull herself together. Falling in love - it is like a handful of gunpowder - burns violently, brightly, beautifully - but quickly. And when she leaves, then her partner will appear before the lady - a calm, judicious person, keeping loyalty and tenderness for the chosen one in his heart, ready to become for her both a stone wall and a feather bed.

To all

It is enough to be honest, sincere and open to each other in moments when the feeling of falling in love covers the soul and turns off the brain. You just have to accept the genuine joy and happiness that the other half, drunk with an explosion of hormones, gives!